Media: Anthropology's loss: Talk of the Trade

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LAST week's International Festival of Ethnographic Film may be the last to be held in Manchester. It had depended on the patronage of Granada Television, which also helps fund Manchester University's Centre for Visual Anthropology. Granada's long interest in anthropology stems from its former deputy chairman Sir Denis Forman, and resulted in ITV's distinguished Disappearing World series. Granada has put pounds 12,000 towards the event, but Jonathan Benthall, director of the Royal Anthropological Institute, suspects the new cost-conscious regime will not be so sympathetic, and the biennial event may move to Kent University. There is also considerable concern about the future of anthropology on commercial television, which has played a large part in actually funding expeditions. Disappearing World is at present making a series on South Africa for ITV, to be shown at 10pm, rather than the traditional 9pm.