Morgan: 'I will settle scores with betrayers'

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Piers Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror, has warned he will "settle scores" in his pending memoirs with those who have "betrayed him".

Mr Morgan, who was forced to quit the newspaper earlier this year amid a row over photographs which the Army claimed were faked, described how he would not hesitate to expose those who had treated him badly over recent years.

"I am not going to betray any genuine confidences and I am not going to stitch people up who I don't think deserve stitching up," he said. "But lots of people have betrayed my confidences, and lots of people have treated me pretty badly over the years - and I have no compunction at all in settling those scores in terms of revelation."

Speaking in an interview in The Independent's Media Weekly today, Mr Morgan also revealed plans to publish details of a series of private conversation with the Prime Minister, with whom he claims to have held more one-to-one meetings than any other editor. He said he had met the Prime Minister for talks up to 10 times a year and had kept detailed notes of what was said and would publish them.

His talks with Mr Blair, who became head of Labour when Mr Morgan became editor of the Daily Mirror, would provide a new perspective on the Prime Minister's relationship with the Chancellor Gordon Brown, he said. "It would be pompous to say it is historical but it is certainly an interesting insight into how he changed, and Gordon Brown and other cabinet ministers rose and changed."

Other high-profile subjects to appear will include Diana, Princess of Wales, and in particular comments made by her during an "astonishing" lunch also attended by Prince William. Mr Morgan said no subject was off bounds because "she was a sucker for a charming boy from the villages".

Mr Morgan, 39, was dismissed from the Daily Mirror in May after nine years as editor.