Most watched YouTube videos of the week

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While the Muppets' cover of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is spreading just as quickly on YouTube as on Twitter and other sites, political issues are having a comeback on the online video platform this week thanks to New Left Media: users have been busy commenting on the critical report on the lack of political awareness of Sarah Palin's fans who attended the book signing for her Going Rogue bestseller.

1) ' The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody' - The cover version of the Queen hit is on its way to internet cult status. 4 534 020 views.

2) ' Bethel College Football Trick Play' - The team wins against Sterling College on November 14 thanks to a fake pitch and touchdown pass. 2 814 307 views.

3) ' Tila Tequila Strips on Cam and PETA does its thing.' - YouTube vlogger Philip de Franco uses attention-grabbing headlines as usual to lure viewers onto his channel. 2 430 770 views.

4) ' HOT TEENS GONE WILD ON DEGRASSI!' - Shane Dawson's parody of the Canadian high school drama Degrassi did not only attract almost two million hits but also close to 20,000 comments. 1 969 253 views.

5) ' Carmen Electra has a tape too!' - De Franco on the pin-up's new racy video, controversy about a US cop crashing in his car at 94mph, and video game Modern Warfare. 1 616 126 views.

6) ' What is Google Chrome OS?' - An easy explanation of how the new browser-only Google Chrome operating system will be different from others. 1 576 558 views.

7) ' 11-22-2009 - Thunder vs. Lakers - Kobe Circus Shot Over The Backboard From Behind The Basket (SD)' - NBA basketballer Kobe Bryant from the LA Lakers scores a behind-the-basket shot during a game against Oklahoma City Thunder on November 22. 1 194 646 views.

8) ' Closet Door Fail' - The latest post by the Fail Blog, which has previously been criticized by commenters for its tasteless and spiteful videos, shows a little girl being hit by her closet door. It also shows at what young age kids video-blog today. 1 181 239 views.

9) ' Demi Lovato 17th Birthday Party' - US actress Demi Lovato dances at her own birthday party. 1 164 749 views.

10) ' SARAH PALIN BOOK SIGNING - Interviews with Supporters' - New Left Media gets vague answers on Palin's policies from the politician's supporters. 1 062 283 views.