My Week: Fashion editor and author Liz Jones

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Last week I read...

A lot about abortion, and this new form of IVF in The Independent. I think it is part of this myth that women can have whatever they want. They can't. The idea of it being available on the NHS is ludicrous. Let's have all the latest breast-cancer drugs on the NHS instead.

I enjoyed reading an interview in The Guardian with Geri Halliwell by Joanna Moorhead. I don't really read celebrity interviews in magazines any more because they're so sycophantic, but this one took Geri to task. She was giving a talk about Third World development and didn't really know what she was talking about.

An interview in Vice magazine made me laugh out loud. It's with the director of a new film coming out called Lagerfeld Confidential. The director says things like, "For the first two days, Karl Lagerfeld was quite normal...", and that he's got 500 pairs of jeans. It's the first time someone has dared to write down how old Karl Lagerfeld is!

Last week I listened to...

The programme I've enjoyed most this week has been Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, on which she has been talking to women with secondary breast cancer. It is the most moving thing I've heard on radio for a long time. She's sanguine and pragmatic, and takes care to talk to ordinary women, not just middle-class media commentators.

Last week I watched...

The documentary about Michael Jackson on Channel 4. I'm a bit of a Michael Jackson freak, and it didn't really tell me anything new but it did have some unseen footage from Ghost, a private film that Jackson made. The programme I watched that I hated the most was The Wild Gourmets. Awful posh people running around the countryside murdering animals. Wildlife that belongs to me and to you. I wish that posh woman Thomasina would drown off the coast of Scotland. I only watch it out of laziness because I love Jamie Oliver, and they're on after him.

Last week I surfed...

Shamefully, I've been on the Horse & Hound website ( because I've just rescued a racehorse and I need things for her like insurance and special stuff for her hooves. It's a good source of horse info. There is a great surplus of racehorses in this country. The other good sites are Greatwood ( – they look after about 70 racehorses that need homes – and Project Horses ( I also love, because the writing is critical and sharp. There is no writing in women's magazines now that makes me laugh, and I find that quite important.

Liz Jones is the fashion editor of the Daily Mail, and author of Fur Babies: Why We Love Cats (Quadrille, £8.99). All proceeds go to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust