My Week In Media: Matt Rawle

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Last week I read...

Fantastic Man magazine, a quarterly style journal which is full of well-written pieces on some unusual or unexpected topics. Tom Ford is on the cover, which might not appeal to everyone, but then there's a piece on a top auctioneer, a travel piece on Sicily and an article on the power of plants to affect your mood and emotions. I also looked at Ken magazine, which is a fashion magazine with lots of great glossy photo shoots but the articles are not as good as in Fantastic Man and i-D.

Last week I listened to...

I usually listen to Classic FM all day, every day, while my neighbour listens to talk radio very loudly. This week I was on the BBC iPlayer listening to a Radio 2 special called Lyrics by Don Black, to celebrate his 70th birthday. I studied music and enjoy listening to all sorts, but Classic FM is great to relax to. Listening to other people's opinions on talk radio is not really for me.

Last week I watched...

Family Guy. I always watch a few episodes when I get home after a performance. If not that, I'll watch a DVD of Lost or The Wire.

Last week I surfed..., which is a website full of fashion and men's toys. The Sartorialist is also one of my favourite websites. I look at it most days both for the photography – it usually has some great shots up there – and the fashion. I've just booked a holiday to Barcelona so I went on the Ryanair site to book some flights and then the Mr & Mrs Smith website to find a groovy hotel, before heading to to book that hotel for half the price! I'm obsessed with the weather so I always check out whether it's going to rain or not on the BBC website. I ride a scooter so I need to know what to wear, and if anyone ever wants to know what the weather is going to be like, they just ask me.

Matt Rawle is starring in the title role of Zorro at the Garrick Theatre, London.