New resident for Big Brother house this weekend

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Big Brother's camera-filled house will gain a new contestant sometime this weekend, it was confirmed today.

Big Brother's camera-filled house will gain a new contestant sometime this weekend, it was confirmed today.

The identity of the man or woman replacing the disqualified Nick Bateman will be disclosed as soon as he or she enters the purpose-built studio compound.

A Channel 4 spokesman said the new housemate would be banned from discussing events in the outside world with the existing participants.

Similarly, surviving residents will be banned from questioning the new arrival about any happenings over the past few weeks.

The new housemate will not be allowed to nominate anyone for eviction, or be eligible to be kicked out, for a full week.

Today's announcement came less than 18 hours after the producers of the hit surveillance show decided to disqualify 32-year-old Nick for "persistent infringement" of the Big Brother rules.

He was kicked out after being quizzed by his six fellow housemates in a kangaroo court-style showdown after it emerged that he had plotted against several contestants.

The confrontation happened after father-of-three Darren and Liverpudlian builder Craig found scraps of paper on which Nick had written fellow contestants' names as part of his nomination strategy.

Channel 4 said in its statement: "Following the decision to replace Nick Bateman, a new housemate will join the Big Brother house at some point over the coming weekend.

"The rules of Big Brother, that were published three weeks prior to the start of the series, state that if someone leaves voluntarily, or if they have broken the rules, they will be replaced.

"The replacement is eligible to win the prize money. However, they will be at a significant disadvantage for two reasons.

"First, because they have to break into an extremely cosy group with very strong bonds. Secondly, the public will not be as sympathetic to an outsider who has joined the project 35 days in.

"The replacement will not be allowed to have a vote, or be eligible for eviction, for a whole week.

"The replacement will have to sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to discuss with the other participants any events from the outside world.

"Similarly, the existing housemates will be asked not to question them on the events of the last few weeks.

"Big Brother will be watching and listening at all times."

The spokesman also confirmed that tonight's eviction of either Craig or artist Nichola would go ahead as planned.