Men’s Health Magazine angers sports fans with 'sexist talking about sports with women' tweet

The magazine has now apologised over the incident

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The US magazine Men’s Health has issued a full apology over an article and series of tweets that explained to readers how they should talk to women about sport.

The article the tweets linked to, “The secret to talking sports with any woman”, claimed that “the things that interest you are unlikely to interest her, but you can still make a connection".

Men's Health suggested men should help women access the world of sports using back stories and context, which they would like.

The article was accompanied by a number of pictures of men enjoying sports and women doing what was "expected" - looking bored or confused.

The comments sparked an immediate response on Twitter with a series of responses from outraged sports fans, sportswomen and commentators

The Men's Health Twitter feed saw the backlash it created and later retracted the tweets and apologised.