Trending: How do you clean your YouTube trail?

While George Galloway, Respect Party MP, basked in the glory of his big win at the Bradford West by-election last week, the online community slowly undermined his achievement by dredging up his less glorious moments: namely, clips of the infamous Celebrity Big Brother incident where, posing as a cat, he drank milk from the hands of actress Rula Lenska.

A Google search brings up the YouTube clip, along with some less light-hearted memories of the politician's chequered past – including a recording of the moment in 1994 when he told Saddam Hussein that he admired his "indefatigability".

So, is there any way for George to ever be free of his past blunders? Well, he could try to bury them further down the Google search with the help of some dastardly PR, but as long as they still exist in people's memories (in GG's case – vividly, in a haunting, nightmarish I-need-to-wash-out my-brain-way), there's little way to escape YouTube infamy, unless you have a legal reason. Cat's entertainment, George.