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All These Years, The Beatles Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn;

The world's only Beatles historian has poured a decade of research into another 'definitive' book about the world's biggest band (he's written six other books on the subject already). Weighing in at a hefty 946 pages, and five cm thick, it only covers the early years of the Fab Four's lives, before they became famous; from birth to becoming involved in the Skiffle craze and forming their first band, the Quarry Men, up until 1962 when Brian Epstein began managing them and they signed a record deal.

Stereophics interview: Kelly Jones on the Britpop heyday: 'People are

Kelly Jones had a low-key upbringing. Coming from a small village in Wales, he grew up with his bandmates and spent his early years doing amateur boxing, selling fruit and veg at the local market, and trailing round with his dad, a musician, to local pubs. It didn’t really prepare him for a life as the frontman of one of the most successful rock bands to come out of the Nineties, and it has taken a while for the 41-year-old to adjust.

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