Peter York on Ads: Don't be a flat-head, girl. Get some air in your hair

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Dame Vivienne Westwood seems to have looked a lot like Kate Moss as a young thing - long before bondage trousers let alone pirates, buffalos or nostalgie de la boue (all essentially rich people's preoccupations, as in "I think your pirates are just darling"). There's an unmistakable strand of "where did you get that sou'wester?" in her mid-period work). Anyway, she said that you live a better life if you wear impressive clothes.

Young people, in my observation, don't really go along with this now. They think it's more important that clothes should be easy to take off. You don't see many girls in knock-offs of the Westwood platform-soled, six-inch heels.

They do, however, fuss about their hair. For the past seven years the dominant mode has been Atomic Kitten hair - streaky-blonde, longish, jagged edges and chemically ironed straight. Every TV presenter and second-rank pop star has had it. But now Sunsilk says that no one will notice a woman withflat hair - poker-straight blondes are so 1999.

Here's this good-looking girl with dirty blonde, flat hair trying to hold her own with some competing opinion-heads. She's getting nowhere. There they are in an interesting exposed brick-walled space trying to think of clever themes for a party. They're all saying damp things in big confident voices and she's stuck in the corner, just your shy £10,000-a-day model with absolutely regular bone structure but criminally flat hair. "Brazil," she says, unheard. You know that inside she's screaming: "What about Brazil?"

People treat her as a coat stand and dump their clothes on her. But Sunsilk Anti-flat weightless volumising Cream Shampoo can help. Just one go and her hair's liberated, brown and bouncy. The party's Brazil-themed after all and she's on the dance floor with that tremendously volumised head.

This may just be an important fashion moment. Then again, it could be no more than a Rio Yariba chorus, something for the sink-tidy of history.