Defying predictions: daily sales of i newspaper reach record 306,000 in May


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The i paper has enjoyed another surge in sales as it continues to outperform all its rivals in the quality newspaper sector.

Sales of the i reached a record level of 306,578 in May, defying predictions that printed newspapers would suffer inevitable demise in the digital age. It is, however, bucking a trend of overall decline in circulation across the rest of the British press.

The i is the only newspaper to record year-on-year growth, with its circulation up by 11.7 per cent on the same period in 2012.  The combined sale of i and its sister paper The Independent is now at 381,667, which is a 25.2 per cent share of the quality newspaper market (almost in line with The Times, which has 26.1 per cent). The Daily Telegraph (which has suffered a 5.1 per cent annual decline in circulation to 545,579) is the market leader with 36 per cent. The Guardian, which recorded its lowest sale on record at 192,376, has 12.7 per cent market share.

Total print circulation is around 8 million. This is comprised of 1.5m in the quality sector, 2.3m in the daily mid-market and 4.1m in the tabloid sector (which is 10.5 per cent down on the same month last year). The Daily Star was the only title, except for i, to show a month-on-month rise in sales.