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Love i? Want a chance to be on national television? We're offering you, the readers of the first national newspaper to launch in the UK in 25 years, the chance to tell us and the country why you read The Independent's new sister paper. Your contribution doesn't have to be professionally filmed or rehearsed; we're just keen to get an insight into why you love i.

To submit your entry, just film yourself telling us your opinion on the new paper. You can use anything from a mobile phone or webcam to a Flip or video camera, and contributions shouldn't be more than 20 seconds long. Then email your entry to, and keep an eye on to see if your entry has been added to our collection. Alternatively, upload your submission to YouTube with 'I Love i' as the title and email with the URL of your video, and we may add your video to the page also. The ten best entries will receive a free annual subscription to i.

Because we may want to use your contributions in future TV ads, remember that by submitting your content to us you're also granting us permission to reuse it in promotional materials for i, as well as in other ways. Our full terms and conditions for user-generated content are here.

Thanks, and good luck - and enjoy the videos below of some staff members we persuaded to be our guinea pigs.

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