Media Diary: Cure found for wild claims

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A fascinating spat has broken out between Ben Goldacre, The Guardian's self-appointed judge of "Bad Science", and some of his fellow science specialists on the paper.

Goldacre had previously claimed that a shocking 72 per cent of health claims made in UK national newspapers were based on "the weakest possible forms of evidence". But a Guardian science editor, James Randerson, examines the claim and finds it "unreliable". A tetchy Goldacre then posts on this online story that he is "sorry to say" that Randerson has misrepresented his research and hasn't allowed him a full blog in response. Then Guardian science writer Ian Sample weighs in on the side of Randerson. Great stuff!

Going round in legal circles: Phone hacking

Among the myriad facts that make the phone hacking story so extraordinary is that Mark Lewis, the brilliant lawyer representing many of the claimants, works for the London law firm Taylor Hampton, set up by Daniel Taylor, who previously spent years in-house at News International.

Rights group gets big names: Amnesty TV

Amnesty International has secured Ralph Fiennes, Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales and Vanessa Redgrave for the first episodes of its new online channel, Amnesty TV.