Media: It's a right royal knock-up!

The announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant caused huge levels of excitement… among newspaper editors. Luke Blackall rates their Kate levels

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The Sun gave up the first five pages to the story, bouncing its Page Three girl all the way to page seven.

The Daily Mail treated it like the story it had been waiting to publish for years, giving its readers a whopping 14-page royal extravaganza of pictures, comment and speculation.

The Times was nearly as excited, producing nine pages, five in the main paper and a further four in the T2 supplement. The Daily Mirror followed the “drama” with a nervy first seven pages.

The royally-obsessed Daily Express produced first five pages, with the obligatory nod to William’s late mother Princess Diana. Its stablemate The Daily Star, also gave five pages to the story, but with the claim that the couple’s fertility was helped with some coconuts during their Pacific tour.

The Guardian gave half of its front page and all of pages two and three to the couple’s news. Perhaps surprisingly, this was merely matched by The Daily Telegraph, which was only able to add a barely regal two comment pieces and part of its leader column to the story.

The Financial Times, however, decided the story wasn’t worthy of its readers attention, not even giving it a paragraph.