Question Time: Camilla Wright

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For the uninitiated, what is Popbitch?

A free weekly email magazine and website. You subscribe and we send you a newsletter every Thursday which includes everything you want to know about what’s going on in the worlds of celebrity, politics, pop, film, TV, the weird side of the web and cute furry animals.

Which other gossip sites do you rate?

I love Ted Casablanca, from – every missive about Hollywood stars has such subtext, in which he conveys his pro-equality, liberal, sunny outlook on life without scaring the conservative corporate suits above him. I like and’s football gossip.

And why is Popbitch better?

It fits into a busy lifestyle. And we have the best llama photos.

How did it get on its feet?

Two things helped: Madonna namechecking Popbitch at a Brixton Academy concert in 2001, and The Beckhams getting us on News at Ten and the front pages when they found out we were inundated with rumours about him and other women.

Who would you most like to break a story about?

Half our traffic over the last month involved Sarah Palin, though it’s hard to imagine what you could break that would be better than the self-parody she seems to be in real life.

Who has sued you?

Most celebrities don’t sue as they know how much of it is true.

Why are you publishing the Popbitch book, Celebrity Excess and Other Monkey Business?

It was great fun to make an old-fashioned annual for adults, disguised as a coffee table hardback.

Your desert island media?

The Economist, Private Eye, National Enquirer. . Make Me A Supermodel on Living TV, plus right now The Daily Show is totally unmissable.