The Top Ten: Recurring news stories


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Thanks to Is Clutton for the idea. She suggested, 'Last pit pony retires' and 'Previously unheard Nick Drake songs found'. You, dear reader (although possibly not you personally), did the rest. Thank you all. A book of collected Top 10s is to be published by Elliott & Thompson this autumn

1. 'Leaked details of new "Star Wars" film anger fans' Hopi Sen

2. 'American celebrity rumoured to be house-hunting in England' Jemima Lewis

3. '"Panther" spotted in Devon' Judith Williamson, followed by 'Exotic animal not real' Mark Wallacey

4. 'Head teachers call for staggered term times to stop family holiday rip-offs'

5. 'Cat found safe after 700-mile journey in engine compartment of vehicle' Stuart Crawford

6. 'World's oldest person dies' Robert Kaye

7. 'Why can't this country cope with a bit of snow?' Ms Person

8. 'Fifty-five-year library loan returned: library staff amused and no fine levied' Brian Spanner, Andrew Heard

9. 'Ed Miliband calls for full independent public inquiry' Rob Marchant

10. 'Putin says soldiers are not Russian' Dominique Stewart

Next week: Yiddish Words (shlep, kvetch)

Coming soon: Great unremarked changes of our lifetime (such as duvets replacing sheets and blankets in 1970s). Send ideas for future Top 10s, to