John Rentoul

John Rentoul is Chief Political Commentator for The Independent, and visiting professor at King's College, London. Author of The Banned List, Questions To Which The Answer Is No, Listellany and a biography of Tony Blair, whom he admired more at the end of his time in office than he did at the beginning. Sign up here to receive his daily "Catch-Up Service" email.

Why Chuka Umunna and Nick Clegg are wrong on electoral reform

It's odd for a Labour politician to suggest that what was wrong with the government formed after the 2015 election, in which the Conservatives and Ukip won 50.6 per cent of the Great British vote, was that it didn't have Nigel Farage as a minister in it

Top 10 invented languages

From Esperanto via Quenya to Unwinese: languages that have been created rather than having evolved

Brexit means Brexit - and that means no freedom of movement

It has been suggested, even by some Brexit supporters, that EEA might be an “off-the-shelf” status that Britain could adopt as a transitional way out of the EU. The significance of the Chequers Cabinet was that this has now been ruled out

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From Childeric III via the Carnation Revolution to recent events in British politics

After Brexit, should referendums be banned? Part 2

Without the EU referendum, we would be living under a Miliband government. In the second of two articles our Chief Political Commentator examines the argument against deciding complex questions by referendums by trying to imagine what would have happened if our constitution ruled them out