Vice magazine versus i-D: When two (style) tribes go to war


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On Tuesday Vice Media upped its quest for global domination by purchasing British fashion magazine i-D. So, how do the two compare?


Then: Feral upstart – its first UK cover (in 2002) featured a mirror and a line of cocaine

Now: Brand-partnering mini media empire

Where it’s found: In one of the 16,000 carefully selected “lifestyle venues” around the globe

Investors: WPP (advert giant); Tom Freston (MTV founder); Raine Group (private equity firm)

In a line: Read by people who know better than to ever use the word “hipster”.


Then: Hand-stapled fanzine for those too  cool to read Vogue

Now: Glossy tome for those too cool to read Vogue

Where it’s found: Photography studio’s coffee tables; model agency desks

Investors: er, Vice Media (founder Terry Jones and wife Tricia remain shareholders)

In a line: Read by the people who Vice take the piss out of for taking fashion too seriously.