Prize-winning photographer arrested at Washington protest

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A three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer for The Washinton Post was among about 600 people arrested at a protest against international financial policies.

Police arrested Carol Guzy Saturday after escorting her from a cordoned-off area where they had taken into custody demonstrators protesting policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Associated Press photographer Kamenko Pajic said officers took him and Guzy from the protest area, but police released him before arresting Guzy. She is among Post photographers who won this year's Pulitzer for feature photography for their pictures of Kosovo refugees.

Pajic said it was unclear to him what prompted the arrest of Guzy, who was behind him as they were being led away. He turned and photographed her being handcuffed.

Police spokesman Sgt. Joseph Gentile said Guzy was charged with parading without a permit, just like the other protesters. He would not say why a journalist was arrested along with the marchers.

Pajic and Guzy were among several news photographers who had stayed in the cordoned-off area after police began arresting protesters.

Post officials declined comment Saturday night.

More than a dozen reporters, photographers and television crew members were among the hundreds of people trapped between lines of police in riot gear for about 90 minutes after the protesters swarmed into a downtown street a few blocks from the IMF headquarters.

Minutes before the arrests began, S.P. Digan, another spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department, told reporters inside the cordon that they were on the wrong side of a police line and should leave. Gentile then arrived and told journalists, "if you go off to the side, you will not be arrested," though minutes later officers began escorting journalists out of the area and then arrested Guzy.