Public have to split 'Big Brother' lovers

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The closest thing to a sizzling romance seen on Channel 4's Big Brother faces a sudden end because the couple are both nominated for eviction.

Helen Adams and Paul Clarke have been flirting overtly in the Big Brother house and speculation has mountedas to where their relationship will lead. Yesterday's announcement that one of them will be forced to leave this weekend gives a clear deadline for action.

The couple have already shared a romantic dinner and a number of heart-to-hearts about Ms Adams' relationship with her boyfriend, but these late-night musings have failed to result in physical passion.

What Helen Adams does not know is that her boyfriend, Gavin Cox, has ditched her during her time locked inside the house in Bow, east London.

This is the third time Ms Adams has been nominated for eviction and the fifth time for Mr Clarke, already the most nominated house member.

Coral Eurobet, the bookmakers, have made Mr Clarke favourite to leave after the public vote lines close on Friday.

Viewers have seen Ms Adams and Mr Clarke in each others' arms many times. Yesterday, he said: "You fancy me don't you? And yeah, it's obvious that I fancy you too."

Brian Dowling, an air steward, is still favourite to win.