(RED)alert: the creative way to make a difference

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(RED)alert is live - on a computer screen near you. This 24-hour global broadcast uses the personal expressions of artists, designers, film-makers and free thinkers to amplify the stories of those living and dealing with the Aids crisis.

It's a reaction to TV (or, in effect, Reaction TV), and it's made by thousands of people taking part at the same time via MySpace and DazedDigital.com. It's an experiment in constant dialogue. We are all in this conversation together, establishing a reaction through an intense display of mixed feelings. Why? Because through reaction, we hope some kind of action will emerge. (RED)alert allows you to gauge the submissions of others, read the personal stories, witness a creative movement - and make your own contribution.

The emergency of Aids is now - and World Aids Day brings that fact into sharp focus. But (RED)alert is not just about 1 December. All contributions to the project will be archived for a whole year, so you can search, digest and disseminate the information and artworks.

People have the power to incite change. "It's decreed the people rule," sings Patti Smith in her seminal song, "People Have the Power", and it's a doctrine that we have championed in Dazed & Confused magazine from the beginning - empowering people to connect with like-minded souls, to come together and fight for change, and use their creativity to inspire one another. If you've submitted an image or piece of film during the past month, you'll be in good company too. Watch out for your piece alongside Patti Smith's two exclusive films, and the contributions of creative talents such as Mike Figgis, Anton Corbijn, Michael Stipe, Yoko Ono and Mark Titchner.

It's not about separating art from life, compassion from consumption. (RED)alert makes it one and the same thing, and uses technology to bring us closer together on this day of global action. (RED)alert is about a reaction to an emergency and how that turns into action. "People have the power," sang Patti Smith. Now let's prove it.