Sex, lies... and the curse of 'This Morning' presenters

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It's the curse of sex, lies and daytime TV. Britain's best known psychiatrist, Dr Raj Persaud, became the latest face connected with This Morning to run into trouble when he began a three-month ban on practising on Friday for plagiarism. He joins a list of presenters and guests of the show to find themselves in a pickle; others have faced theft and rape allegations. Former This Morning anchors Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, who helped to make him a household name, have offered Dr Persaud their support; he was told they would welcome his work as "a valued contributor". Presumably as long as it hasn't been swiped from anybody else.

Dr Raj Persaud

Guest psychiatrist Dr Persaud admitted an editing 'cut and paste error' in his defence against plagiarism. He also blamed stress and an inability to say no to media work

Richard Madeley

Was cleared of theft in 1994 after he first wheeled soap powder and champagne, then a trolleyload of wine and gin out of his local Tesco. Madeley simply forgot to pay

Fern Britton

When Britton lost five stone, she put her new look down to hard work and healthy eating. A newspaper reminded her that a gastric band surgically fitted to her stomach also helped

John Leslie

In 2003, Leslie cleared his name after being 'identified' as the 'rapist' in a book by Ulrika Jonsson; but he was fired over photos of him allegedly snorting cocaine