StumbleUpon top 5 rated websites: video game statistics, weapons, natural cupcake liners

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A look at this week's top-rated websites from StumbleUpon, recorded on January 15.

This week's selection includes a visual look at videogame player statistics, an image that helps you pick the right weapon for every emergency cliché, a news article about a family dog saving a boy from a cougar, a blog post about how to make cupcakes using orange skins as cupcake liners, and ten common faults in human thought processes.

1. Video Game Statistics

2. Pete - Cliche Emergencies

3. Canadian family's dog saves 11-year-old boy from cougar

4. BeyondAGarden: How To Make Cupcakes In Orange Peels

5. Top 10 Common Faults In Human Thought - Listverse