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Aaronovitch goes the extra mile on M&S choc mousses

Aaronovitch goes the extra mile on M&S choc mousses

Hats off to 'Times' heavyweight David Aaronovitch, one of the least likely competitors in this weekend's London Triathlon. By his own admission, he is "too old, too fat and too scared". But having once weighed 18st, Aaronovitch is now reportedly in good shape, and has been gadding about north London on his bike. So it must have been on an off-day that he was spotted stocking up on luxury foods at his local M&S last week. My mole informs me that among the salads in his basket were energy-enhancing chocolate mousses. Worse still, he availed himself of two plastic bags, instead of buying a "bag for life". Tut tut.

Savoy closed to 'Mirror' 11

After gloomy warnings from chief exec Sly Bailey, news that 11 staffers left the 'Mirror' on Friday should be no surprise. Many were veteran sub-editors, including Alan Livermore and Roy Markland from news, and Steve Castelli from features. In the past, 'Mirror' employees have been given a farewell lunch at the Savoy or Café Royal, but it seems unlikely in the present climate.

Coren's not in the clear

Feathers are still ruffled among 'Times' subs following that angry email from Giles Coren. Some are dismayed that Coren has not been disciplined by editor James Harding. There is a view that, at the very least, a reprimand is required – not just to enforce editorial authority but to avoid any employment law problems should any of the recipients leave in unhappy circumstances.

O'Hagan sent to the Gulag

'Telegraph' readers failed to see the funny side of an article by Andrew O'Hagan, in which he said reading Solzhenitsyn made him "feel sorry for Stalin". The gag has gone down like the proverbial cup of sick. As one reader puts it: "If you thought 'Cancer Ward' was funny, wait until you get a load of Anne Frank's Diary."

Drinks all round for Gaskell

Rather than opt for the customary memorial service, the widow of ex-'Telegraph' reporter and diarist John Gaskell is holding a four-hour knees-up at EV2s, the New Bridge Street branch of El Vino, where Gaskell dedicated much time to "researching stories". The jolly is on 10 September. Please bring your own Alka-Seltzer.

Lewis gets tough with the 'Telegraph' tattlers

Stories about 'Daily Telegraph' editor Will Lewis, left, in 'Private Eye' have sent the sweaty young man into orbit. He has warned underlings that he'll sack anyone leaking to the mag. One of the most enjoyable tales quoted a farewell missive from Ben Rooney, describing the paper as "a once fine lady, now doubly incontinent, seeing out her days in a dirty nursing home". Perhaps Lewis is starting to get the message – last week readers received an email from "head of research" Neil Sharman, asking for feedback on recent changes. A bit late for that.