The Word on the Street: Bonnie Greer, upping sticks, Radio 3, Jonathan Ross, copytaking errors

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* Veronica Wadley's hiring of the ubiquitous cultural commentator Bonnie Greer as a second-string theatre critic has run into trouble. The Mail on Sunday, for which Greer writes a column, has decided her ubiquity should not stretch as far as its Associated stablemate and has vetoed the appointment.

* On a foul day in the newsroom, the idle thought of upping sticks for somewhere exotic occurs to many. Proving it's not an idle dream, the long-standing Guardian hack Mike Ellison, former home news editor, arts correspondent and New York correspondent, is doing exactly that. Having taken the Guardian redundo, he has decamped to run a bar in Puerto Rico.

* The management guru Charles Handy is warning businessmen of the destabilising effect of the internet. In the process, he is providing a plug for Radio 3. Apparently Handy's daughter declined his offer of a sound system for her halls of residence at university in New York because she keeps her laptop logged on to the net to listen to Radio 3.

* Odd news reaches us about Jonathan Ross's BBC 1 television show. Apparently, Ross's off-camera warm-up jokes were distinctly off colour, including one about the Queen Mother. One audience member says Ross's performance could overshadow the row about Peter Sissons's tie.

* The book on journalism waiting to be written is one on copytaking errors. The Guardian last week had one that should be included. A snooker report read: "Hawkins capped O'Sullivan's score list two frames later to progress to the last 16." The writer dictated: "Hawkins kept O'Sullivan scoreless..." E-mail your favourite copytaking errors to