This week's most popular Diggs: the Muppets go viral, 'At first I was like...'

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The most popular news, videos and images as picked by Digg users during the last seven days, recorded on February 16.

1. Muppets Meet the Internet- Amazing new video full of win! - a video of the Muppets hosted on YouTube that makes fun of popularized internet viral video conventions and online video commentary.

2. We Can Quote the Bible Too! - a photo hosted on of a quote from the bible that states a woman should be executed if she is not a virgin when she marries.

3. That'll freak somebody out someday - a cartoon hosted on of an artisan standing with his Mayan Calendar saying, "I only had enough room to go up to 2012."

4. At first I was like... - two photos hosted on that show an angry, gun-holding O'Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube juxtaposed with a much happier picture of the American rapper smiling whilst fishing. 

5. How DC deals with a snowstorm - a screenshot of a Facebook post hosted on that explains why the American government takes its time when cleaning up a snowstorm.