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River Island Straw shopper, pounds 10.99
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When the sun is out, the time seems right for a flippant fashion buy, but frivolous shopping should always be on a low budget. There is no point parting with a fortune for accessories for that two-week holiday or our temperamental British summers.

River Island have a straw shopper for pounds 10.99 that has ample room for a beach towel, mineral water, sun block, and a novel. This can be neatly slotted under the arm, or hand-held for bag-swinging style. Bright pink, it is more interesting than the usual old raffia number and a great excuse to be a bit more daring. It is attractively trimmed with flowers, a perfect match for all those high-summer floral dresses. A bag this good should not be banished to the beach. Be bold and bright - carry it anywhere

Available from selected branches of River Island. Stockist enquires 0181-998 8822

Charlie Harrington