Trying to keep your internet browsing anonymous? Sign up with the world’s first Pirate ISP

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Anti-copyright lobbying organization The Swedish Pirate Party has decided to thwart the current trend of "big brother society" internet policing by setting up the world's first pirate internet service provider (ISP).

The broadband service will "offer anonymity to customers and provide financial support to the Party," reported BitTorrent blog TorrentFreak on July 20.

The Swedish Pirate Party will collaborate with additional technology partners to set up the Pirate ISP, a service that hopes to "maximize privacy for all its customers" and to keep users' identities anonymous.

Pirate Party member and CEO of Pirate ISP, Gustav Nipe, told TorrentFreak, "The Pirate ISP is needed in different ways. One is to compete with other ISPs, let them fight more for our internet. If they don't behave there will always be someone else taking their share."

The service began beta testing in the Swedish city of Lund on July 19 and will eventually begin rolling out to further locations around Sweden, said TorrentFreak.