Bagpuss makes a fat, furry comeback

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He's an old, saggy, cloth cat, baggy and a bit loose at the seams – but who among us isn't after all these years? Bagpuss, who is wearing pretty well for someone who's been around since 1974, is set to make a comeback: it is exactly the news that Britain needs on the weekend that the clocks go back, the world's financial systems continue to crumble and nobody can afford to eat properly any more.

Bagpuss was created 34 years ago by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate, and just 13 episodes of his cult TV show were made. But what a world of magic that was: the yawning pink mog; the wooden woodpecker, Professor Yaffle; singing mice on a pipe organ....

The rights have been purchased by Coolabi, along with those to the Clangers and Ivor the Engine. Bagpuss, they say, is a "classic brand". And, of course, Emily loved him.


Benign dictator in a shop full of strange birds and singing mice. Voted the best TV animal of all time in a poll this year.

Basil Brush

Created in 1963, 'modelled' on actor Terry-Thomas. The posh fox will tour this half-term with his 'High Skool Mania' show.


Noddy moved to Toy Town in Enid Blyton's books in 1949. Times change – so it's goodbye golliwogs, and now Noddy is on Five.

Pinky & Perky

Born in 1957, much later seen in the fringe show 'Sex, Drugs and Bacon Roll', the little pigs are to be rehabilitated by CBBC.