Cookery show swearing 'breached guidelines'

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An episode of Saturday Kitchen in which Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli swore while preparing his idea of "food hell" breached language guidelines, the BBC's Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) found.

Tonioli used the word "f******", while making an oxtail dish which viewers had voted for him to eat on the live daytime show, rather than his idea of "food heaven".

The show's host, celebrity chef James Martin, immediately apologised in the programme, which was broadcast on BBC1 on December 15 last year.

Tonioli also apologised, saying: "Sorry, sorry it's passion."

A viewer complained to the BBC and later to the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU).

The ECU acknowledged the use of strong language was not appropriate and breached standards - and mitigating factors were also outlined such as the show being live and "the guest's disappointment at having to eat an oxtail dish".

The ECU regarded the complaint as resolved "on the grounds that the programme's response to the incident was sufficient".

The complainant did not agree and an appeal was made to the ESC.

The ESC upheld the complaint about bad language, saying it was "serious" and "should not have occurred".

But it was satisfied that the actions of the programme team meant no further action was needed.

The ESC found that guests had been given a sufficient pre-broadcast warning about conduct and language and that the programme had been prompt to apologise.

It noted Martin's comment at the end of the show, in which he said: "...and Bruno, while you are tasting that, you deserve to get hell for your potty mouth.

"Everybody at home, I can only apologise for the language of my guest.

"Of course, it's his Italian passion."