David Cameron mistaken for James Cameron by Portuguese TV channel

The error was made by the country's public broadcaster RTP 1

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David Cameron has suffered from a case of mistaken identity after a Portuguese news programme confused him with director James Cameron

RTP 1 were covering the negotiations currently underway between the Prime Minister and the EU, when a graphic of the Oscar-winning filmmaker was used over the flags of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Over the caption 'Avoid the Brexit', the anchor discussed Mr Cameron's terms of renegotiation with the EU. 


The station is considered to be the primary channel of Portugal's public broadcaster.

Other cases of mistaken identity include ITV News accidentally showing footage of Ainsley Harriott in a story on Sir Lenny Henry's knighthood.

ITV package uses Ainsley Harriot instead of Lenny Henry

ITV apologised for the gaffe which they blamed on a production error.

While back in 2004, Guy Goma, a man applying for a job as a Data Analyst, was thrust into the BBC News studio as an IT expert. Almost pulling off an interview regarding a complex legal case that involved Apple, Mr Goma's tale had been touted as the inspiration for a film in 2006


His face at being announced as the editor of a technology website said it all.