<i>IoS</i> Apprentice: 'Didn't they realise 'pants' means bad?'

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One of The Independent on Sunday's apprentices, 38-year-old Michelle Taylor, a painter-and-decorator apprentice from Edinburgh, gives her verdict on Sir Alan Sugar's reality TV show. The candidates were tasked with marketing a new breakfast cereal: creating an advert and cartoon character to pitch to an ad agency. Sir Alan fired 33-year-old marketing consultant Kimberly Davis from New York, whose team logo "Pants Man" failed to impress the judges.

"Pants Man was absolutely rubbish so I am not surprised they lost: didn't they realise that pants means bad?

"I would have fired Philip because it was his idea and he forced it on them, so they didn't have a choice.

"The most annoying definitely has to be Ben, though; he is so cocky and absolutely loves himself, and his pirate voice for the other team's character was awful.

"I thought Kate did a great job leading the other team. Their idea was fantastic, coming up with the pirate-parrot character and treasure theme for the cereal really worked.

"I think Kate might win it and Noorul should be next to leave: yet again he did nothing except stand there with his pants on over his trousers looking stupid."

Jack Sidders