<i>IoS</i> Apprentice: 'I don't know if the right one was fired'

One of The Independent on Sunday's apprentices, 20-year-old Dario Batzella from Rome, a sword-making apprentice at Macdonald Armouries in Edinburgh, gives his verdict on Sir Alan Sugar's reality TV show. The teams were given one day to sell 10 bits of bric-a-brac, some of which was junk and some antique. Sir Alan fired 33-year-old science teacher Noorul Choudhury from Rochdale, whose underselling of crucial items and low-key performances on past episodes caught up with him.

"This was the first time I have watched the show, but I think I will be watching it again next week, I really liked the format. I don't know if the right person was fired – Debra was very rude and she disrupted the whole team with her attitude, so I think that maybe she should have gone.

"I would think Ben will be next to go as he looked very weak as team leader, and Philip, who led the other team, might win it because I thought he looked very strong and in charge.

"Ben's team lost because they did not target the right places to sell and they did not do any accurate valuations.

"Had I been on the task I would have taken the carpet to a proper carpet shop instead of trying to sell it door to door."

Jack Sidders