ITV's awkward away fixture is still one up on the BBC


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Football tragics have now had five days of post-5pm football saturation. And, while Andriy Shevchenko's rebirth and Spain's lack of a striker are to the fore, those with an eye for interior design have been focused on one other thing – namely ITV's studio set, currently floating David Blaine-like above Castle Square in central Warsaw.

It features a kidney bean-shaped walnut floor, a glass-covered circle of pebbles and – a glass backdrop which exposes – early Daybreak-style – Adrian Chiles et al to grim clouds (and passing brass bands).

In short, it offers the approximate vibe of a Magnet showroom circa 1998. On the bright side for ITV, its competition is – thanks to budget wariness – stuck in a Salford basement until the knockout stages. Which, notwithstanding the pebbles, makes it 1-0 to Chilesy.