Learn the trackside slang of HBO's new hit


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This weekend sees the UK premiere of HBO's latest gritty drama, Luck, which chronicles the shady world of a Sixties racecourse in Los Angeles and stars Dustin Hoffman. The show's dialogue has been noted for its tough-to-comprehend racetrack lingo. Here's a quick jargon-busting primer:

Bug Boy An apprentice jockey, so named for the asterisk, or "bug", that follows the jockey's name in the racing guide.

Flak Jacket Required protective jacket worn by jockeys during a race.

Hot Walk Walking a horse after a race to cool them down.

Railbird A horseracing enthusiast. A term derived from habit of someone who watches the races from the outer rail of the track.

"Leche" Spanish slang for Milk of Magnesia; medicine given to horses to ease colic or other gastro-intestinal distress.

Pick Six A wager where a punter picks winning horses in a series of six consecutive races. The bet must be placed before the start of the first race in the series.

The whole glossary: ind.pn/luckglos

'Luck', starts on Sky Atlantic tomorrow at 9pm