Media lunch: Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Newsreader, Channel 4 News

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The venue: Roka. It has great Japanese food which feels light and it's just enticing enough to ensure a guest turns up.

The company: A senior public servant.

The conversation: I'm starting a new blog soon – Gurublog – where I hope to write a lot about ideas, so we talked about how things are changing under the coalition.

On the menu: Miso, sushi, sashimi and some grilled sea bass.

And to drink? Sparkling water and an espresso.

Come here often? No. I have a small number of haunts, from a greasy spoon near the newsroom to the Ivy Club, depending on the lunch date. I have very few long, boozy lunches – perhaps two or three a year, always with fellow media tarts and always on my day off!

Roka, 37 Charlotte Street, London W1