Pray for the BBC: Corporation staff offered sanctuary in church next to New Broadcasting House


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The BBC will receive help from a higher power when a prayer is said for the restoration of the corporation’s news values at a special church service.

Browbeaten staff will gather at All Souls Church, in Langham Place, the historic landmark adjacent to New Broadcasting House, tomorrow night, for the service, which will be led by Andrew Graystone, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Daily Service and Director of the Church and Media Network.

“At a turbulent time, BBC staff and members of the public are invited to join in prayer for the BBC, its people and its future,” Mr Graystone said.

The presenter has composed a topical prayer, which posits God as the ultimate “editor-in-chief”, who, in stark contrast to recent Newsnight reports, “brought the Good News, declared himself as the Truth, and gave Himself for a world in need.” The “prayer for the BBC” gives thanks to the “high production values” of the BBC news department. “We acknowledge that sometimes standards can slip, and we pray for a speedy resolution and a striving after truth.

“We ask that all who work for the BBC may have wisdom, integrity, insight and judgement in their work.

“May they continue to be a voice for the powerless, a challenge to the powerful; bringers of knowledge and clarity to an uncertain and confused world.”

The corporation’s bean-counters are gently chided. “Help them to reach for the highest professional standards, especially when budgets are stretched, time is tight, and competition increasing.

“May they resist the temptation to follow the consensus, jump to easy conclusions, pander to prejudice or cut corners.”