Questions of faith: Are you a religious ignoramus?

BBC figure in warns that shared understanding of different faiths is now so low the even jokes are losing their meaning

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Q1. Explain why some Roman Catholics use a rosary.

A: It aids concentration during prayer; it has been recommended by several popes; it gives a set format for those who cannot think of prayer to say.

Q2. Why is Maundy Thursday important for Christians?

A: Maundy Thursday is the day Christians remember Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples. It was the night before his crucifixion, when he was betrayed and arrested.

Q3. Give two ways in which a deacon serves his parish community.

A: Any two from the following: supports the priest; presiding at weddings; leading prayer; baptising;  conducting funerals; assisting at Holy Communion.

Q4. Give two possible sources of Mark’s Gospel.

A: Any two from the following:  Peter; the other disciples; eye- witnesses; Mark’s own evidence;  divine inspiration; the oral tradition.

Q5. Explain briefly what is meant by salah prayer in Islam.

A: It is a compulsory prayer comprising a set pattern of actions and words, usually done in the mosque, five times daily.

Q6. Explain briefly what is meant by halal.

A: Any allowed practice in Islam,  but usually relates to what can  and cannot be eaten, and how  it is prepared.

Q7. Explain briefly why the Talmud is important to Jews.

A: It is the written form of the Torah given to Moses, regarded as one of the main features of an Orthodox Jew’s life, containing important legal teachings and discussions.

Q8. Explain briefly what a  yeshiva is.

A: A school in which Orthodox Jews study the Talmud. Boys attend yeshiva at 16 to develop their knowledge and relationship with God.

Questions and answers adapted from the AQA Religious Studies GCSE 2012