The South Bank Show to return with Melyvn Bragg

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Two years after it was dropped by ITV, The South Bank Show is staging a comeback.

The arts show, which featured an array of well-known and cult figures during more than 30 years on the air, has been rescued by Sky Arts, with a new series to be edited and presented by its original presenter Melvyn Bragg.

Yesterday, Lord Bragg said that the show's familiar theme tune, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, might also make a reappearance.

"It's a great signature tune. It's as recognisable as anything around. It would have to be something bloody good to beat it," he said.

He said that subjects for the new six-part series are still to be discussed, but they were likely to be "living artists in their prime". The show was dropped in 2009 when Lord Bragg stepped down as ITV's arts editor.