YouTube's most-watched videos of the week

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The release of the official trailer for the new Twilight sequel, Eclipse, has YouTubers talking this week. Plus: the plus-size lingerie commercial that caused heated debate in the US, a giant African fish, and a real-life optical illusion that will make your jaw drop.

1) New Eclipse Trailer - The Twilight saga's new installment, focusing on the vampire/werewolf war, is due out June 30. 3,774,838 views.

2) Lane Bryant thanks women everywhere with 40% off Cacique lingerie at - The commercial, which features plus-size model Ashley Graham in Lane Bryant's underwear, was initially refused by broadcasters FOX and ABC, causing great controversy in the US. 2,486,260 views.

3) Wasted guy at Coachella 2010 - FRIDAY - This is another reason why you shouldn't wear flip-flops at festivals. 2,463,927 views.

4) ROBOT MOUTH!! - The poor flip-flopped fellow also makes it onto Ray William Johnson's vlog together with alternative horn uses, robot mouths, and other freaky outgrowths of viral videos. 1,958,710 views.

5) Ciara featuring Ludacris - Ride - The R'n'B star's new video with rapper Ludacris features some familiar suggestive dance moves, causing some commenters to predict that "soon, music videos will just be porn." 1,861,821 views.

Note: The Vevo version of the clip cannot be accessed in many countries due to copyright issues, but the music video is also available at

6) A first generation Apple iPhone running the Linux kernel and Google's Android mobile operating system. - Exactly what the title promises. Details and source codes are available at 1,738,292 views.

7) River Monsters: 80 lb. Piranha - The Demon Fish, better known as the goliath tigerfish, is Africa's equivalent of the piranha, only much, much bigger. Its double-hinged jaw full of crocodile teeth is truly the stuff of nightmares. 1,651,062 views.

8) THE SPORTING BLOG - Brian Kownacki Leaps The Catcher - Fordham baseball player, Brian Kownacki makes a comeback thanks to his acrobatic flip over the the catcher. 1,645,739 views.

9) Amazing Fire Illusion! - With the help of countless candles, this YouTuber is wowing viewers with his optical illusion. 1,542,483 views.

10) Final Eclipse Movie Trailer - Official #2 (HD) - Another link to the official (and reportedly final) trailer. 1,359,441 views.

Ranking from YouTube, Friday, April 30.