YouTube's most watched videos of the week: Good-bye Twitter by Miley Cyrus, The Fun Theory, Halloween tutorials

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Is the big Twitter craze already starting to end? More and more celebrities are beginning to get tired of the micro-blogging site that they once (over)used to keep fans up-to-date, and Miley Cyrus has even posted an anti-Twitter rap on YouTube after closing her account.

1) ' Good-bye Twitter' -- In a gangster rap spoof, Miley Cyrus tells fans why she deleted her Twitter account: "I stopped living for moments and started living for people," she raps, and: "I'm done with pleasing people." 3 870 994 views.

2) ' Piano stairs - -' -- A group of Swedes have, together with Volkswagen, started the initiative The Fun Theory, proving in several experiments that you can get people to do bothersome things -- such as taking the stairs instead of the escalator -- if you make them more fun. 2 693 239 views.

3) ' Seductive Vampire' -- Michelle Phan's make-up tutorial comes just in time for Halloween. 1 791 779 views.

4) ' Barbie Transformation Tutorial' -- A completely different proposal for the holiday created by Phan, who has also posted videos on how to create looks that ressemble Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga. 1 273 712 views.

5) ' A little sympathy here' -- How to get attention if people don't believe you're sick. 1 147 611 views.

6) ' The X Factor / The X Factor 2009 - Danyl Johnson - Live Show 1 (' -- The UK talent show has a new star. 1 109 956 views.

7) ' Fred Gives Advice' -- The Teen Choice Award Winner makes dubious suggestions on how to change your life. 1 070 325 views.

8) ' Girl FIGHTS A Donkey?! (10.9.09 - Day 162)' -- A couple is documenting their trips around the world for a year -- this is the first time one of their clips has entered the top ten. 931 412 views.

9) ' Jayde Nicole Hit and Quit on Camera' -- Philly D, who is currently travelling in Spain with the couple above, on the beating of playmate Jayde Nicole. 911 370 views.

10) ' Smosh / Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes' -- Movie spoofers Smosh parody Robert Pattinson and other characters in the vampire saga. 895 067 views.