YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: Shakira and Maradona

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The BP oil spill, the soccer World Cup and a US congressman's inappropriate behavior are dominating the YouTube charts this week. And 'Bieber Fever' just never dies.

1) BP Spills Coffee - This is what happens when BP has a spillage at its own office. 5,279,619 views.

2) Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) - The World Cup title song still ranks high in this week's top ten. 4,384,824 views.

3) Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk - YouTubers are outraged about the treatment a student receives from US Democrat representative Bob Etheridge. 2,421,637 views.

4) Dude vs. Wild - The Desert - Vlogger Nigahiga tries to survive out in the wild. 2,337,578 views.

5) Sudafrica - Maradona preso a pallonate in allenamento - Argentinean soccer 'coach' Maradona joins half his team in getting balled after a training match. 2,134,148 views.

6) Annoying Orange: Back to the Fruiture - Vlogger Orange goes back in time to protect himself from an evil future space warlord. 1,789,717 views.

7) Young Girl Drops C-word on National TV...Twice! - Kayla Manson, the 13-year-old charged as an accomplice in the beating of Florida teen Josie Ratley that shocked the US in March, is told to watch her language on the Today show. 1,787,538 views.

8) Behind the Scenes of SOMEBODY TO LOVE feat USHER - Justin Bieber is trying to rival Usher's dance skills in his upcoming music video. 1,651,139 views.

9) MY JUSTIN BIEBER GUITAR *FAIL* - Vlogger Shane Dawson is making his show more interactive by answering fans' questions in a separate video each week. 1,553,882 views.

10) THE BABY IS HERE!!! - YouTube fixture The Shaytards are developing into a phenomenon not unlike reality TV, documenting the family's every move. 1,527,695 views.

Data collected on on Friday, June 18, 2010