YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: World Cup moments

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Soccer's winners (Landon Donovan) and losers (Raymond Domenech) have been keeping YouTube viewers busy this week.

1) TROLL ME AND THUMBS DOWN!! :D - Ray William Johnson makes the number one spot thanks to manic street preachers and Brazilian samba-dancing babies. 2,951,602 views.

2) The World's Reaction to Landon Donovan's Game Winning Goal - The popularity of this video of US soccer fans' reactions to the goal has led to Donovan posting it on his own Facebook and Twitter profiles. 2,499,099 views.

3) Nekkid Mom!! - And it's Ray William Johnson again, bringing you a naked mom playing the drums (and no, it's no Guitar Hero ad). 2,479,874 views.

4) Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!! - Leprechaun returns to get revenge with a secret weapon. 2,174,530

5) THE TALKING TOILET?!?! - Shane Dawson shares his vision of hell. 1,822,679 views.

6) Skitzo - Despicable Me - And another one bites the dust: Nigahiga sells himself to product endorsement. 1,566,671 views.

7) Will It Blend? - iPhone 4 - Another instalment of the popular YouTube series turns the gadget du jour into dust. 1,552,129 views.

8) Sexion d'Assaut - Parodie Raymond Domenech - Désolé - Le 6/9 NRJ - It is not often that France makes it into the top ten, but the country's World Cup demise has disappointed soccer fans spreading the love for this parody of disgraced coach, Raymond Domenech. 1,551,111 views.

9) Vuvuzela Symphony - Who knew the nerve-wrecking vuvuzela could sound this good? 1,551,066 views.

10) R. Kelly - Sign of a Victory - The R'n'B singer has the World Cup to thank for his comeback.
viewers outside the US can listen to the song here: