Military Life: `Snob' snub lands officer in court

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An army officer who publicly attacked snobbery among his colleagues is likely to face a court martial. Major Eric Joyce, a staff officer in the Adjutant General's Corps, was initially suspended after he wrote an article for the Fabian Society accusing the officer corps of "Victorian- style attitudes" .

The article also called for the setting up of a independent professional association for services personnel and an end to the recruitment division between officers and lower ranks. He then further provoked anger among the top brass by speaking publicly again, when specifically told not to - regarded by fellow officers as disobeying orders..

The Ministry of Defence said yesterday that his case was being considered by the Army Prosecution Authority, their equivalent of the Crown Prosecution Service. A spokeswoman said: "The case is still being considered, and no decision has been reached."

However, it is felt that for such an apparent snub to the Army, a court martial is the likely outcome and will take place later this year. Last night it was equally clear that Major Joyce, who is determined to stay in the military, would appeal any adverse outcome to the European Court of Human Rights.