Model, the tycoon and two suits of armour

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For the second successive day, the young woman who claims she was raped by Owen Oyston broke down in tears under cross-examination and then accused the media tycoon's counsel of bullying her.

She also claimed that Mr Oyston, 62, the chairman of Blackpool Football Club, was probably sleeping with the girls he employed.

The model, who said the alleged attack would leave her with mental scars for the rest of her life, became angry when she was confronted in court with two suits of armour and asked whether she could identify one as being in Oyston's country home when she claims she was driven there and raped on a four-poster bed.

The woman, 25, cried as she asked Anthony Scrivener QC: "Have you brought the four-poster bloody bed as well?

Mr Scrivener told her the jury at Liverpool Crown Court were going to see it. They are due to visit Mr Oyston's country home near Lancaster next week.

The girl went on tearfully: "Well, I hope you remember me in that bed. Bring the drapes, everything, the decor."

She was questioned over the attack, in which she claims Mr Oyston ordered her to remove her underwear before forcing himself on her seven years ago.

Mr Scrivener told her: "You are not the sort of person who is going to take your knickers off for anyone. You would have hit back. You are a forceful personality."

The woman, who has modelled on national television, said: "You like bullying people. Do you know what it's like? You are a bloke for God's sake. You don't know."

Mr Oyston denies raping the girl and raping and indecently assaulting a second model alleged to be 16 at the time.

The first alleged victim agreed she had been left physically unmarked, but said: "The only mark left was the mark on my mind for the rest of my life."

A few minutes earlier she was questioned about an allegation that some time after the rape she was invited to dinner by Mr Oyston and was excited by the prospect. It was suggested that because she was in casual clothing she had borrowed a new suit from one of Mr Oyston's employees, Sharon Denbigh.

She denied it had happened and agreed with Mr Scrivener it would have been "totally inconsistent" with her having been raped by Mr Oyston.

"Probably Sharon slept with him," she said. "Probably all the people that worked for him and got paid by him and all the girls that got promoted by him and stuff. I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't put it past him."

When Mr Scrivener suggested going to a dinner where Mr Oyston was present was inconsistent with having been raped by him, she replied: "I was frightened of him."

The girl admitted earlier that she had been wrong when she had insisted that she was aged 17 when the rape happened, a claim she repeated during cross-examination and in an earlier trial at when the jury failed to reach a verdict on the rape charge.

She made her admission after the defence produced sales sheets from a fashion shop in her home town, where she agreed she had worked for nine months up to April 1989 before joining a modelling agency in Manchester, Model Team, run by Peter Martin, who introduced her to Mr Oyston.

She said: "I now realise it happened in 1989. I wasn't 17, I was 18."

Mr Scrivener accused her of being "caught out" by the defence evidence and told her: "If my client had been convicted at the last trial it would have been on the basis it happened in 1988, to a 17-year-old."

The case continues.