Mother begs IRA to spare her son's life

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A Belfast woman has made a desperate plea to the IRA to lift a death sentence on her son.

Jean Kennedy appealed to Direct Action Against Drugs, widely believed to be a cover for the Provisional IRA. A sentence was imposed on her son Paul, 21, a week ago after allegations of drug dealing.

She found out about the death sentence a week ago when graffiti was painted on walls near her home accusing her son of being a drug dealer. "I had no other choice other than to speak out, they've threatened my child's life," she said. "Once your name goes up on the walls that's it. I had to go public to let people know that my son's not a drug dealer."

Nancy Grecey, of the campaigning group Outcry, said: "It's taken a brave woman to do what she is doing. She is a very frightened lady."