MOTORING: The road-rage children

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Parents are raising a generation of road-ragers by setting a bad example in front of their children, a survey claimed yesterday.

Nearly three-quarters of children said their parents get angry while driving and more than half said mothers and fathers shout and swear at other motorists. A psychologist, Don MacLeod, said: "Parents are effectively creating a new generation of aggressive drivers because of their own bad habits."

The Autoglass survey of youngsters aged 10-16 found that: nearly two in three fathers (62 per cent) get angry while driving and more than half (52 per cent) shout and swear; 55 per cent of mothers get angry and 34 per cent swear; fathers are three times more likely to speed than mothers.

The research also showed drivers were most likely to have accidents on a Saturday between 4pm and 6pm.