MP brandishes a gun during Jordanian TV debate

And you thought Question Time was dramatic

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After a fist fight on Greek television last month, Jordanian television upped the ante on Friday, when an MP brandished a pistol during a live debate.

Former MP Mansour Murad took exception when current MP Mohammad Shawabka alleged he was working as a spy for the Syrian regime.

The two began to exchange insults and Shawabka removed his shoe and threw it at his opponent. When the projectile failed to hit its target, Shawakbka pulled out a silver handgun.

The pair briefly came to blows, but the host successfully separated them before any shots were fired.

The debate, broadcast on Jo Sat TV, was intended to discuss Jordan’s policy on neighbouring Syria. Since the Syrian conflict began there have been a series of anti-Assad protests in the Jordanian capital of Amman.