Naval prang dents pride of woman commander

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A PATROL boat controlled by a woman who broke centuries of male supremacy at sea by becoming one of the Navy's warship commanders has been involved in a collision.

Just days after Lt Sue Moore took control of HMS Dasher, it collided with another ship as it was berthing in St Peter Port, Guernsey. A Navy spokesman said the collision was minor. "From what I understand, it was a berthing incident when Dasher pulled up alongside HMS Puncher. It is a very tight manoeuvre. We are working in a dynamic environment where things like this happen. It is not all that unusual."

Lt Moore, 26, from Bath, was selected for a command post after competing against male colleagues.

The Navy spokesman said Lt Moore's 49-tonne 68ft patrol boat was not damaged in the collision although HMS Puncher suffered minor damage. He added that both ships - which are used as training vessels - were now back at sea, and no action would be taken against Lt Moore.

"When something happens the commanding officers reports it. The authorities look at it and in some cases there would be action taken. But in circumstances like this one they recognise these things happen from time to time." About 30 such incidents are reported each year.