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Officer (OBE)

Abrahams, Mrs. Sheila Ruth, JP, For serv the administration of Just in Inner London. Ainsworth, Bernard Francis, For serv the Millennium Dome. Aitken, Alistair Grant, Team Leader, Qualifications for Work Team, Scottish exec. Albery, Miss Christabel Jane, Lately London Film commr. For serv the Film ind. Allen, John, For serv Secondary Educ. Allen, William Ronald, For serv Dentistry and to the Brit Dental Association. Ansari, Mrs. Doris Martyna, Leader, Cornwall Cnty Ccl. For serv the commty in Cornwall. Anslow, Mrs. Hilary Margaret, Principal, King George V College, Southport. For serv Further Educ. Armstrong, Gary, For serv Rugby Union Football. Armstrong, William James, For serv Rural Development. Arwas, Mrs. Jennifer Rose, Headteach, Lea Infant School, Slough, Berkshire. For serv Educ. Astruc, Jacques Sylvian, Underwriting mgr, Export Credit Guarantee Dept, Dept of Trade and Indust. Austwick, Mrs. Dawn, Project dir. For serv the Tate Gallery of Modern Art.

Bader, Joan, Lady, For serv Disabled People. Bain, Kenneth John, Lately Headmast, Purcell School of Music, Hertfordshire. For serv Specialist Music Educ. Bainbridge, Prof Janet Mary, For serv the Promotion of Science and Technology. Ball, Mrs. Helen, Headteach, St. John The Evangelist Primary School, Clevedon, Somerset. For serv Educ. Banister, Mrs. Arlette, Dir, Ackergill Tower, Caithness. For serv Business and Tourism in the Highlands and Islands. Barber, William, Rector, Lossiemouth High School. For serv Secondary Educ. Bargh, Ms Liz, For serv Women in the Workforce. Barker, Prof Eileen Vartan, For serv INFORM. Barker, Peter, Member, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee. For serv the Mobility of Disabled People. Beales, Ian, Dir, Bristol Evening Post and Press Ltd. For serv the Regional Newspaper ind. Beatty, Prof Eric Kirkland, MBE, For serv Economic Development. Bell, Miss Susan, Chief exec, National Forest Company. For serv Forestry. Bellringer, Paul, For serv GamCare. Bennett, Peter James, Lately mgg dir, Port of Felixstowe. For serv the Port ind. Benson, Prof Gordon Mitchell, For serv Architecture. Bernard, Stanley Ian, mgg dir, Sco-Fro Foods Ltd. For serv the Food ind. Bisset, Raymond George, Convenor, Aberdeenshire Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Boulton, Prof Geoffrey Stewart, Regius Prof of Geology and Mineralogy, Univ of Edinburgh. For serv Science and to Higher Educ. Bowler, Mrs. Sarah, For serv Relate. Bradstock, Paul Alfred, Chief exec, Oxf Trust. For serv Economic Development and Innovation in Oxfshire. Braithwaite, Capt Anthony David, R.D. For serv the King Georges Fund for Sailors. Breen, Mrs. Jeanne Marion, exec dir, European Transport Safety Ccl. For serv Road Safety. Bridgeford, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dir of Social Work, Perth and Kinross Ccl. For serv Social Work Services. Brind, Roger, Headteach, Trelai Primary School, Cardiff. For serv Educ. Broughton, Frederick, Constable, Met Pol. For serv the Joint Central Committee of the Police Federation of Eng and Wales. Brown, Mrs. Eileen Elizabeth, For serv Children in Romania. Browse, Mrs. Barbara, Grade 6, MOD. Bunting, Robert John, For serv Home Start. Burgess, Miss Barbara, For publ serv. Burrington, Miss Gillian, For serv Librarianship and Information Provision, especly for Visually Impaired People. Busuttil, Prof Anthony, For serv Forensic Pathology. Butcher, David Charles, Clerk and Superintendent, Billingsgate Market. For serv the Fish ind.

Roberts-Cairns, Mrs. Patricia, Editor in ch, Good Housekeeping. For serv Journalism. Cameron, Prof Dugald, Lately dir, Glasgow School of Art. For serv Art and Design. Campbell, John Park, chm, Glenrath Farms Ltd. For serv the Poultry ind. Cardiff, Jack, For serv Cinematography. Carlowe, Melvyn, Chief exec, Jewish Care. For serv the Jewish commty. Carson, Derek John Lockhart, TD, DL, For serv Pathology. Caves, William James, For serv Educ. Chambers, John, Area Administrator, Crown Prosecution Service. Chew, Mrs. Jennifer Vere, English Teacher, Strodes Sixth Form College, Egham, Surrey. For serv Literacy. Conrad Cheyney, Alan, For serv the National Autistic Society. Chilingirian, Levon, Violinist. For serv Music. Clarke, Joseph, chm, Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority. For serv Public Transport and to the commty. Clegg, Richard Loris, MBE, mgr, Eng Internat Team. For serv Angling. Clements, Miss Judy, For serv commty Relations in the West Midlands. Owen Close, Robert, Dir, Group Payments Strategy, Barclays Bank plc. For serv the Euro Preparations. Clouston, William David, For serv Regeneration in the North East of Eng. Coady, Dean James, Detective Constable, Greater Manchester Police. For serv the Police. Cocks, Jeffrey Reginald, Chair, Fforwm. For serv Further Educ. Colwill, Douglas Martyn, Lately chm, Technical Committee of the World Road Association. For serv Highway Engineering. Conn, Mrs. Edith, For serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Manchester. Coomber, Mrs. Margaret Pauline, exec dir, Nursing and Human Resources, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. For serv Nursing. Cooper, David Alan, Project dir and Team Leader, Govt Office for the South East, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Corbett, Mrs. Mary, For serv Marriage Care. Corner, Mrs. Esme, Headteach, Heacham Middle School, Norfolk. For serv Educ and to the National Association of Headteachs. Coulter, John Hobson, For serv Development Awareness. Courtney, Mrs. Angela Maria, For serv Housing and to Womens Issues. Cousins, Mrs. Penelope Jane, For serv the Millennium Forests for Scotland Project. Craig, Robert, Dir, Scottish Library Association. For serv Librarianship. Craven, John Raymond, Presenter, Countryfile. For serv Rural and Childrens Broadcasting. Croft, Miss Phyllis Godby, Hon Veterinary Adviser, Phyllis Croft Foundation for Canine Epilepsy. For serv Animal and Human Welfare. Crowder, Malcolm David, Project Organiser and sec, Heritage of London Trust. For serv the Preservation of the Built Heritage. Darwin, Keith William, JP, chm, Lincolnshire Training and Enterprise Ccl. For serv Training, Business and the commty.

Daugman, John, Inventor. For serv Design and Innovation. Davies, Edwin, For serv ind on the Isle of Man. Davies, Ms Kathleen Mary, For serv Womens Issues. Davis, Steve, MBE, For serv Snooker. Davison, Graham John, Grade 6, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MOD. Day, Bernard Victor, For serv the Insurance ind. De San Lazaro, Mrs. Camille, For serv the Care of Sexually Abused Children. DeAth, Mrs. Erica, Chief exec, National Ccl of Voluntary Child Care Organisations. For serv Child Care. Dean, Christopher Colin, MBE, For serv Ice Skating. Dennis, Gerald, Vice chm, English Sports Ccl. For serv Sport. Dick, Paul Gerard, JP, Headmast, Kennet School, Berkshire. For serv Educ. Dicks, Miss Barbara Gladys, Chief exec, Mildmay UK. For serv Palliative Care in London. Don, Mrs. Mavis, For serv the commty in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Donald, Hugh Robertson, For serv Family Mediation, Scotland. Dovaston, Donald Frederick, QPM, Dep ch Constable, Derbyshire Constabulary. For serv the Police. Drabble, Ms Mary Jane, Lately dir of Educ, BBC. For serv Broadcasting and to Educ. Drake, Miss Jeannie, Dep Gen sec, Communication Workers Union. For serv Employment Relations. Drakeford, Philip, mgr and Company sec, Dyfed Educ Business Partnership. For serv ind and to Educ in Wales. Draper, Gerald John, Dir, Childhood Cancer Research Group, Univ of Oxf. For serv Childhood Cancer Research. Drury, Mrs. Sheila, Chair, North Wales Training and Enterprise Ccl. For serv ind Educ and Training in Wales. Duguid, David William, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Glasgow. Duncan, Mrs. Frances, JP, Provost, Angus Ccl. For serv Local Govt. Duncan, William Joseph, Grade 7, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Dutt, Miss Ratna, Dir, Race Equality Unit. For serv commty Relations. Dyer, Michael William Frederick, chm of Trustees, Usk House Day Hospice, Powys. For serv the NHS. Eastman, Michael Laurence, For serv the Frontier Youth Trust and to Disadvantaged Young People. Ellis, Frank, For serv the Development of Radiotherapy. Erwin, David George, For serv the Marine Environment. Evans, Anthony, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv the Shoe ind. Everton, Mrs. Pamela Mary, Lately dir of Nursing and Quality, Essex and Hertfordshire commty NHS Trust. For serv Nursing. Evison, Raymond John, For serv Horticulture on Guernsey.

Fairclough, Mrs. Patricia, For serv Basketball. Faulkner, David Alan, For serv the commty in Newcastle upon Tyne. Ferguson, Miss Joyce Cameron, Headteach, Abercromby Primary School, Tullibdy. For serv Primary Educ. Finnegan, Prof Ruth Hilary, Lately Prof in Comparative Social Insts, Open Univ. For serv Social Sciences. Fletcher, The Rev Canon Colin William, Co-chm, Lambeth Group. For serv the Millennium Celebrations. Freer, Richard William, Grade 7, MOD. French, Prof Herbert Alan, For serv Military Research. Fuller, Mrs. Anne Rosemary, JP, Lately chm, Magistrates Association. For serv the Administration of Justice. Furr, Barrington John Albert, Chief Scientist, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. For serv Cancer Drug Research.

Galton, Raymond Percy, Writer. For serv Television Comedy Drama. Garland, Mrs. Barbara Jean, For serv the Women Caring Trust. Garratt, Peter, chm, Brit Consultants Bureau. For serv Export. Garrity, Michael, Head, Dept of Nursing, Univ of Salford. For serv Nursing Educ. Geddis, Thomas Henry, For publ serv. Gilbert, Prof Richard John, Lately dir, PHLS Food Hygiene Laboratory. For serv Food Safety. Gilliland, Miss Muriel Elizabeth, For publ serv. Gipps, Jonathan Henry William, Dir, London Zoo. For serv the Web of Life Project. Godber, Colin, For serv Elderly Mentally Ill People. Grand, Stephen, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv the Computer Games ind. Grant, Albert Winfield, For serv commty Relations in Ipswich, Suffolk. Grant, Miss Sandra Mary, For serv the Scottish Health Advisory Service. Gray, Mrs. Rosemary Anne Jennifer, Member, Govt Panel on Sustainable Development Educ. For serv Sustainable Development. Greenbat, The Rev Alan, For serv Interfaith Dialogue and to Young People. Grieve, Prof Andrew Robert, For serv Dentistry. Griffiths, Miss Sian Meryl, For serv Public Health.

Hackman, Mrs. Gillian Ann, Grade 7, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Hall, Mrs. Aileen Oonagh, Insp of Taxes, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Halliday, Michael, Modernisation Programme Training mgr, HM Bd of In Rev. Hamilton, John Hector, For serv Sail Training for Young People. Hamon, Advocate Francis Charles, Dep bailiff of Jersey. For serv the commty. Hansell, John Reder Foy, Sen Natural Resources Adviser, Dept for Internat Development. Hardwick, Mrs. Penelope, JP, DL, For serv Youth Organisations in West Sussex. Harper, Miss Caroline Anne, For serv the Gas ind. Harvey, Daniel Edward, For serv Banking. Hayward, The Ven John Derek Risdon, For serv St. Lukes Hospital for the Clergy. Hewitt, Malcolm Suthon, JP, Lately National dir, National Educal Assessment Centre. For serv Educ. Hibbert, John Finlay, Lately Her Majestys Coroner for Cheshire. For serv the Coroners Service. Hickling, Mrs. Wendy Elizabeth, JP, DL, For serv the Administration of Justice and to the Fosse commty Health Services NHS Trust in Leicestershire. Hill, Alastair Malcolm, QC, For serv the Law and the Disability Law Service. Hill, Sir James Frederick, Bt, DL, For serv the commty in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Holloway, David, For serv the Tower Hamlets Summer Univ. Holmes, Christopher John, For serv St. Helenas Hospice in Colchester, Essex. Holt, Prof Stephen Campbell, Lately Rector and Ch exec, Roehampton Inst, London. For serv Higher Educ. Holtby, Christopher Bruce, Grade 7, MOD. Hopgood, Prof Frank Robert Albert, For serv Computer Science. Howell, John Michael, For serv Export in Central and Eastern Europe. Howse, Michael Gilbert James William, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv the Aerospace ind. Howse, Prof Philip Edwin, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv the Insect Control ind. Hughes, Prof John, For serv Prosthetics and Orthotics Educ and Training. Hunter, Colin Moffat, chm, Scottish Ccl, R College of Gen Practitioners. For serv Primary Health Care. Hunter, John Andrew Adam, For serv Rehabilitation Medicine for People with Disabilities. Hurst, Roy Edward, Lately Grade 7, Defence School of Languages, MOD. Husband, Charles McLachlan, New Deal Co-ordinator, Scotland Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Husselby, William Eric, DL, For serv the commty in the West Midlands. Inch, Thomas David, For serv Chemistry and to the R Society of Chemistry. Ive, Michael John, H.M. Insp Specialist Adviser for Design and Technology, OFSTED.

Jackson, Colin Ray, MBE, For serv Athletics. Jackson, Frank Stuart, Dir of Resources and Dep Ch exec, the Kings Fund. For serv the NHS. Jacobs, Steven Melvin Edward, Chief exec, Stratford Development Partnership. For serv Regeneration in East London. Jaffa, Mrs. Pip, For serv the commty. James, Mrs. Paulette, Pay Span 8, Court Service Agency, Lord Chancellors Dept. Jarvis, Martin, Actor. For serv Drama. Jennings, Robert, JP, commty Links Co-ordinator, St. George commty School, Bristol. For serv Educ. Jones, Clifford Layton, Dir, Tower Colliery. For serv Coal Mining in Wales. Jones, Peris Pritchard, Lately chm, Rail Users Consultative Committee for the Midlands. For serv Public Transport Users. Jouhl, Avtar Singh, For serv commty Relations and to Trade Unionism. Joy, Prof Michael, Hon Visiting consult Cardiologist, UK CAA. For serv the Aviation ind. Joynson, Dennis, Group dir, BNFL. For serv the Nuclear Generating ind. Katz, Michael Rudolf, For charitable serv the commty in Dorset. Kazi, Khalilur Rahman, For serv commty Relations. Kelleher, Ms Colette, Dir, Daycare Trust. For serv Child Care. Kelly, Anthony, Lately Compliance Team Leader, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Maxwell Kemp, Peter, For serv the Social Services in Cnty Durham. Kerr, Alan Grainger, For serv Otolaryngology. Kerr, Ian Henry, Chief Fire Offr. For serv the Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service. King, Mrs. Diana Mary, For serv Sport. Kirk, Michael David, chm, S.P.S. Technologies Ltd. For serv the Engineering ind.

Kirkham, Peter, Policy Adviser, VAT Policy Analysis and Formulation, H.M. Board of Customs and Excise. Kirkpatrick, Keith Allan, Dir of Manufacturing and Product Improvement, Babcock Rosyth Defence Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Knopfler, Mark, Guitarist and Songwriter. For serv Music. Knowles, Douglass Ian, Lately Grade 7, MOD. Laird, David Logan, chm, North East Regional Board, Scottish Natural Heritage. For serv the Environment. Lampl, Peter, chm, Sutton Trust. For serv Access to Higher Educ. Lavelle, John Bryan, For serv the Inst of Public Relations. Le Guen, Jean Marie Maurice, Grade 6, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env, Transport, and the Regions. Leeper, Donald Francis, Dir, Building Services Research and Information Association. For serv the Construction ind. Levy, Leonard Stephen, Head of Toxicology and Risk Assessment Group, Medical Research Ccl Inst of Environment and Health. For serv Health and Safety. Liddle, Marcus Allan, For serv Young People. Lindsay, George, Engineering Technology Projects mgr, AstraZeneca plc. For serv the promotion of Combined Heat and Power. Lisney, Robert Peter, Head of Management Resources, Environment Group, Hampshire Cnty Ccl. For serv Sustainable Waste Management. Little, Robert Frankland, For serv the NHS and to the commty in Nottingham. Llewelyn, Peter Huw, Member, Gwalia Housing Society. For serv the Housing Association Movement in Wales. Lloyd, Christopher, Journalist. For serv Horticulture. Longfield, Ms Anne Elizabeth, Chief exec, Kids Club Network. For serv Young People. Loretto, Prof Michael Henry, For serv Materials Science and to Technology Transfer. Lowe, Mrs. Eileen, For serv the Carers National Association in London. Lundie, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Maureen, JP, Lately Matron, Erskine Hospital, Scotland. For serv Disabled Ex-Service Personnel. Lunn, John Neville, For serv Anaesthesia.

Mabey, Mrs. Christine, Lately sec and Clerk to the Governors, Birkbeck College. For serv Higher Educ. Machell, Mrs. Norma, Dep Headteach, Scarcroft Primary School, York. For serv Educ. Maclean, Colin William, Dir gen, Meat and Livestock Commn. For serv the Brit Meat and Livestock ind. Manuel, Jeremy Harold, For serv the Gauchers Association. Marr, Derek Shepherd, QFSM, Firemast, Tayside Fire Brigade. For serv the Fire Service. Masterson, William James, For serv Further and Higher Educ. Mawson, The Rev Andrew, For serv the commty in Bromley-By-Bow, London. Maxfield, John, JP, For serv the Administration of Justice in Bedfordshire. Maxwell, Peter Stewart, For serv the Research Ccls. Mayers, Mrs. Carole Ann, For serv the WRVS, especly for Disaster Relief. McCabe, Mrs. Anna, For serv Nursing. McClelland, Brian Godfrey, For serv the Police Service. McCormick, Peter David Godfrey, Vice pres, Duke of Edinburgh Award. For charitable serv. McCreadie, Mrs. Margaret Jean, Grade 7, DSS. McDonald, John Smith, For serv the Whisky ind, partic the Tomatin Distillery, Inverness-shire. McGill, Colin John Ignatius, Lately Offr in Charge, HM Bd of In Rev. McGinley, Mrs. Aideen, For serv the Northern Ireland Millennium Company. McGinnis, Edward Brian, Special Adviser, MENCAP. For serv People with Learning Disabilities. McGowan, Mrs. Mary Teresa, Sen Tutor, Univ of Warwick. For serv Continuing Educ. McGregor, Robert Barnett, For serv the New Deal in South Derbyshire. McGurrin, Francis Oliver, Dep Ch exec and ch Nurse. For serv the Mayday Hospital, Croydon, Surrey. McIntyre, John Edward, Lately hd of Preservation, National Library of Scotland. For serv Libraries and Archive Preservation. North- McNamara, Mrs. Marion, Dir, Laban Centre, London. For serv Dance. McNee, Ian, Lately chm, Parole Board for Scotland. For serv Criminal Justice. McQuiston, Ian Brice, For serv the National Trust and to Conservation. Mehta, Bharat, Clerk to the Trustees, City Parochial Foundation, London. For serv the National Schizophrenia Fellowship. Miller, Ian James, Lately sec, Napier Univ. For serv Higher Educ. Milligan, Thomas James, Field Operations mgr South, B.T. For serv the Telecommuns ind. Minto, Brian James Lundie, Vice-chm, Scottish Qualifications Authority. For serv Vocational Educ and Training in Scotland. Mistry, Ashwin Govindbhai, Dir, Leicestershire Training and Enterprise Ccl and Leicestershire Careers and Guidance Service Ltd. For serv Training and Careers Guidance. Mitchell, Geoffrey Bentley, For serv Financial Reporting. Montagu, Lawrence, Headteach, St. Peters High School, Gloucester. For serv Educ. Moore, Michael Oscar, Dir, Environmental Services, North Yorkshire Cnty Ccl. For serv Highways and Civil Engineering. Morgan, Denys Malcolm, For serv Local Govt and to Civil Engineering in Wales. Morris, Prof Alun Owen, Prof of Mathematics, Univ of Wales, Aberystwyth. For serv Higher Educ. Morris, David Roger, Lately Treasurer, Association of Charitable Foundations. For serv the Voluntary Sector. Morris, Miss Elizabeth Mary, For serv Polar Science. Moxon, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, Grade 6, Home Off. Muchatuta, Miss Angela Chiowoniso, Dir of Patient Services, Bedfordshire and Luton commty NHS Trust. For serv Nursing. Mukhamedov, Irek, Dancer. For serv Dance. Murphy, Edward, Chief exec, Liverpool Ccl for Voluntary Service. For serv Regeneration.

Neeson, Liam, Actor. For serv Drama. Nolan, Mrs. Shirley, For serv the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust. Norman, Barry Francis, Insp, Social Services Inspate, Dept of Health. Normanby, Grania Meve Phipps, Dowager Marchioness of, For serv the commty, especly the Capt Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby, North Yorkshire. Nuttall, Prof Patricia, Dir, Natural Environment Research Ccl Inst of Virology and Environmental Microbiology. For serv Environmental Science and Policy. Oakes, Miss Judith Miriam, MBE, For serv Athletics. Oates, Mrs. Gloria, DL, Chief exec, Oldham NHS Trust. For serv Health Care. Ovett, Steven Michael James, MBE, For serv Athletics. Owens, Mrs. Valerie, For serv the Probation Service. Pajares, Ramon, mgg dir, Savoy Group of Hotels. For serv the Hotel ind. Parker, Mrs. Ann, For serv the Development of Psychosexual Medicine in Wales. Scott-Parker, Mrs. Susan Anne, Chief exec, Employers Forum on Disability. For serv Disabled People. Pearce, John Brian, Dir, Inter-Faith Network. For Services to Inter-Faith Relations and to the Millennium Celebrations. Pentecost, Prof Brian Leonard, For serv the Brit Heart Foundation. Pepper, Simon, Head, World Wide Fund for Nature (Scotland). For serv Sustainable Development. Pillman, Miss Annabel Clare, Head, Millennium Unit, Dept for Culture, Media and Sport. Pine, Courtney, For serv Jazz Music. Plesch, Mrs. Traudi Gerta Regina, MBE, For charitable serv the commty in Staffordshire. Pollard, Mrs. Margaret McArthur, Headteach, Richmond Park, Glasgow. For serv Pupils with Special Educal Needs. Powell, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne, Practice Nurse, St. Helens and Knowsley HA. For serv Primary Care. Power, Jon Andrew, Grade 6, Dept for Educ and Employment. Preston, Simon John, Organist. For serv Music. Pritchard, Kenneth John, Chief Educ Adviser, West Sussex Cnty Ccl. For serv Educ. Purton, Peter John, For serv the Wine Standards Board of the Vintners Company. Rankin, John Andrew, Farmer. For serv Agriculture. Ransford, Mrs. Tessa, Poet. For serv the Scottish Poetry Library. Rata, Brian Martin Neville, For charitable serv Addenbrookes Hospital N.H.S. Trust. Ravey, David Alexander, For serv the Welsh National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting. Rees, Brian Idris, Consultant Surgeon, Univ Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. For serv Medicine. Reid, The Rt Rev Gavin Hunter, chm, Archbishops Millennium Advisory Group. For serv the Millennium Celebrations. Renwick, Prof Andrew Gordon, For serv the UK Medicines Licensing Authority and to Pharmacology. Reynolds, Keith Edmund, chm, Park Lane College Corporation, Leeds. For serv Further Educ. Richards, David William Hugh, Presdt, Welsh Ccl, National Farmers Union. For serv Agriculture. Richards, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne, Headteach, Manselton Primary School, Swansea. For serv Educ. Richards, William Samuel Clive, For charitable serv. Rickman, Andrew George, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv Home Computing. Ritchie, Miss Jennifer Storm, Grade 7, DSS. Roberts, Ms Rosemary, Dir, Peers Early Educ Partnership. For serv Early Years Educ in Oxf. Robinson, Roger Leon, JP, For serv the commty, partic Disabled People, in London. Roe, The Hon Mrs Susan, For serv the Woods on Your Doorstep Project. Rollinson, Colin Cyril, Assisting Team Leader, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Rossiter, Miss Ann, Proprietor, H. Bronnley and Company Ltd. For serv the Toiletries ind. Rundall, Mrs. Patti, Policy dir, Baby Milk Action. For serv Infant Nutrition. Rutter, Ian Paul, Gen Medical Practitioner, West Yorkshire. For serv Health Care.

Saunders, Stuart Courtney Lewis, Headteach, Ysgol Rhydygors, Carmarthen. For serv Special Educal Needs. Sayles, Alan, For serv the Farleigh Hospice and to the Hospice Movement. Scannelli, Miss Romilda, Mathematics Teacher, Uplands commty College, Wadhurst. For serv Educ. Scott, Mrs. Jill Audrey, JP, DL, For serv St. John Ambulance. Selio, Miss Veronica June, Registrar, Employment Appeal Tribunal, Dept of Trade and Indust. Seton, James, For serv the Scottish Agricultural College. Seymour, Brian Leonard Edward, For serv the Sea Cadet Corps in London. Shah, Samir, For serv Equal Opportunities in Broadcasting. Shapter, Brig Ian Richard Duff, DL, For serv the Territorial, Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association in North West Eng. Sharvell, Neville Anthony Donald, Dir and Company sec, IMS Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Shaw, Marcus David, Head of Operations, Central Unit, Home Off. Sheridan, Daniel Jude, Special Adviser, Market Regulation, the Stock Exchange. For serv the Stock Exchange. Sherlock, Ms Maeve, Dir, National Ccl for One Parent Families. For serv the elimination of Child Poverty. Shimmon, Ross Michael, Lately Ch exec, Library Association. For serv Librarianship and Information Provision. Shreeve, Martin William, Dir, Better Govt for Older People Programme. For serv Elderly People. Sigrist, Leslie Albert, Grade 6, MOD. Silverman, Prof Hugh Richard, For serv the Development of Cardiff Bay. Simpson, Alan Francis, Writer. For serv Television Comedy Drama. Simpson, Miss Jennifer Linda, For serv the Development of Medical Management in the NHS. Mitford-Slade, Capt Patrick Buxton, For serv the Offrs Association. Smith, Brian Albert, Sen mgr, R Mint. Smith, Ms Elizabeth, National Offr, TUC Learning Services. For serv Lifelong Learning. Holmes-Smith, Brig John Graham, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association and to Child Welfare. Smith, Roger Drummond, For serv the Millennium Seed Bank. Smith, Miss Susanna, For serv OXFAM. Snoddy, Matthew Raymond, Media Editor, The Times. For serv Journalism. Spall, Timothy Leonard, Actor. For serv Drama. Speed, Hugh David McConnachie, Non-exec dir, Northumbrian Water Group. For serv the Water ind. Spurling, John Damian, For charitable serv. Steadman, Ms Alison, Actress. For serv Drama. Stephenson, John, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv the Computer Animation ind. Stewart, Miss Anne, Headteach, Raploch Primary School, Stirling. For serv Educ. Stone, Ms Helen Elizabeth, chm, Construction ind Ccl Equal Opportunities Task Force. For serv Promoting Equal Opportunities in the Construction ind. Susskind, Prof Richard, For serv the use of IT in Law and to the Administration of Justice.

Tate, David Anthony, For serv the Business/commty Links in East London. Taylor, Prof Christopher John, For serv Foresight and to Health Care. Taylor, George, Lately Governor, H.M. Young Offenders Inst Dumfries, Scottish Prison Service. Terry, John Derek, Chief Fire Offr. For serv the Avon Fire Brigade. Tester, William John, Vice chm, The R Brit Legion Poppy Factory Ltd. For serv Ex-Servicemen and Women. Thomas, Mrs. Gillian, Chief exec. For serv the atBristol Project. Grey-Thompson, Mrs. Tanni Carys Davina, MBE, For serv Disabled Sport. Thurston, Miss Anne Catherine, For serv Public Administration in Africa. Torvill, Miss Jayne, MBE, For serv Ice Skating. Turner, Robert Brian, Technical dir, Graseby Dynamics Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Twining, Timothy Charles, Head, Clinical Psychology Service, Cardiff commty Healthcare NHS Trust. For serv Healthcare.

Underwood, Michael, mgg dir, GA Construction. For serv the Construction ind and to Building Standards. Vass, Mrs. Margaret Alison, Presdt, Chartered Inst of Housing. For serv Housing. Venables, Michael Alexander, polit Adviser, Kosovo, MOD. Vertue, Ms Beryl Frances, chm, Hartswood Films. For serv Independent Television Production. Vickers, Prof Michael Douglas Allen, chm, North Glamorgan NHS Trust. For serv Health Care in Wales. Villiers, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, Editor of Debates, House of Lords. Walford, Rex Ashley, Lately Lecturer in Geography and Educ, Univ of Camb. For serv Geographical Scholarship. Walker, Thomas Gordon, For serv Science. Wallace, Robin, Lately ch Engineer, Eagle Star Insurance. For serv ind Health and Safety. Watson, Garry Sanderson, Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman. For serv Users of Legal Services. Weller, Keith Leonard, Head, Qualifications Division, Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. For serv Educ. Wilkinson, Christopher John, For serv Architecture. Williams, Prof David Arnold, For serv Astrophysical Chemistry. Williams, David Michael, Chief exec, Swansea NHS Trust. For serv Health Care in Wales. Williams, Ms Mary, exec dir, Brake. For serv Road Safety. Williams, Ms Susan Elizabeth, Dir of Nursing, Greater Glasgow Health Board. For serv the NHS. Wilson, Denis Henry, JP, For serv Higher Educ. Wilson, Lt Col John Lawrence, DL, For serv the commty, especly the St. John Ambulance Brigade, in Leicestershire. Wilson, Mrs. June, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cancer Care and Chemotherapy Unit, Stoke Mandeville Hospital. For serv Cancer Care. Winfield, Ms Marlene Clair Blauer, Acting hd of Strategy, National Consumer Ccl. For serv Civil Justice Reforms. Wing, Mrs. Heather McNeil, Head of Inspection and Registration, Surrey Social Services Dept. For serv Social Services. Witts, The Reverend Canon Diana Katharine, Gen sec. For serv the Church Mission Society. Wondrausch, Mrs. Mary, Potter. For serv Art. Wood, Paul Evans, Presdt, National Association of Valuation Tribunals. For serv Local Govt. Woroncow, Miss Barbara, Lately pres, Museums Association. For serv Museums. Worrall, Peter Richard, Grade 6, MOD. Wrighton, Miss Judith Angela, Dep Ceremonial Offr, Cabinet Office. Wyrill, William Raymond, For serv Lincolnshire Cnty Ccl and to the commty in Lincolnshire. Zahedi, Saeed, Designer, Millennium Product. For serv the Prosthetics ind.

Member (MBE)

Adair, Daniel Charters, For serv Small Business. Adam, Roy Samuel, For serv the commty in Blandford Forum, Dorset. Adamson, Mrs. Jean, Author. For serv Childrens Literature and to the commty in Stretham, Cambshire. Adefioye, Mrs. Muibatu, Support Grade Messenger, Home Off. Adkins, Mrs. Kathleen Joy, For serv Elderly People in Hockley and Hawkwell, Essex. Afacan, Ahmet Siyami, Head, Medical Service, Brit Coal. For serv Occupational Medicine. Aiken, Mrs. Isobel, For serv Educ. Aitken, Rutherford John, For serv the Lapwing Lodge commty Centre and to Young People in Peesweep, Paisley. Alcock, Wilfrid Robert Lane, Constable, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. For serv Young People in Brixham. Allen, Brian, For serv Foxfield Light Railway Society Ltd. Allin, Ian Carter, Chief Technical Engineer, Agricultural Engineers Association. For serv the Agricultural Machinery ind. Allison, Arthur Raymond, Maintenance Joiner, Hartlepool and East Durham NHS Trust. For serv the NHS. Altham, Richard James Livingstone, For serv Young People and to Book Aid. Anand, Mrs. Indu, Lately Member, Harmondsworth Visiting Committee. For serv the commty. Anderson, Mrs. Farida, For serv the Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group. Anderson, Mrs. June, For charitable serv the commty. Anderson, Mrs. Meverly Judy, Pers sec, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Anderson, Michael John, For serv Agriculture and the Norfolk Agriculture Station. Anderson, Miss Vera Margaret, For serv Guiding in Aberdeen. Vivian Alexander Anderson, , For serv Association Football., Altrincham, Cheshire Andrews, Kenneth, For serv the Princess Marina Hospital, Northampton. Appelbee, Mrs. Elaine, For serv the Centenary to Millennium Award Scheme. Arbon, Ashley, For serv the Whittlesford Village Hall Project, Cambshire. Archer, Mrs. Joan Kathleen, Lecturer in Creative Studies, South Trafford College. For serv Further Educ. Archibald, Mrs. Margaret Mary Murray, For serv the commty in Inverkeithing, Fife. Aris, Mrs. Vanessa, chm of Governors, Belmont School, Cheltenham. For serv Educ. Armstrong, Brian, Lately Prison Offr, H.M. Prison Durham, Prison Service, Home Off. Armstrong, Leon Victor, For serv the Brit Pensacola Veterans Association. Armstrong, Mrs. Sylvia Elizabeth, For serv the Household and Farming Museum, Earle Hill, Northumberland. Arnfield, Mrs. Marjorie Helen, For serv Art in Nottinghamshire. Arnott, Mrs. Joan Lesley, Business mgr, Dept of Health. Ash, Kenneth, For serv Sport and to Young People in Guildford, Surrey. Ashby, Miss Mary Louisa, MVO, For serv Petworth Cottage Nursing Home and to the Brit Red Cross in West Sussex. Ashcroft, Mrs. Kathleen Muriel, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau and to the commty in Leeds. Ashcroft, Mrs. Mary, For serv Crown Green Ladies Bowls. Ashmore, Mrs. Dorothy Rose, Leader, Great Ryburgh Youth Club, Norfolk. For serv Young People. Aslam, Mohammed, BEM, For serv the Ethnic commty in West Yorkshire. Atkinson, Ms Angela Denise, Member, Leeds City Ccl. For serv the commty. Atkinson, Michael Broadbent, Volunteer Leading Firefighter, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service. Attwood, Arthur Harry George, Local Historian. For serv the commty in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Aulton, John Malcolm, Area Co-ordinator, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Walsall. For serv Young People. Austin, Rohinton Framoze (Ruby), Dental Practitioner. For serv the Anglo-Asian Odontological Group. Aylmore, Mrs. Anne, For serv the Baby Clinic in Angmering, West Sussex.

Baccus, Miss Joyce, JP, For serv commty Relations in Brent, London. Bailey, Roy, Folk Singer and Musician. For serv Folk Music. Baillie, Colin Andrew David, Assistant Rector, Millburn Academy. For serv Educ and to Schools Rugby in the North of Scotland. Baker, Miss Gwendolyn Ethel, JP, For serv the Lowestoft Hospital League of Friends, Suffolk. Ball, Alan James, Member, Eng Team, World Cup 1966. For serv Association Football. Ball, Anthony, Committee Services Offr, Environment Agency. For serv the Environment. Bandoo, Mrs. Opal, Client Adviser, Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Bannister, John Martin, Principal Lecturer and dir of Music, Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln. For serv Music Educ. Bannister, Mrs. Naomi Boodnie, Lately Sen Pers sec to The Lord ch Justice of Eng and Wales. Bannon, John, JP, Non-exec Trustee, North Glasgow Univ Hospitals NHS Trust. For serv Patient Care and to the commty. Barfield, Ms Julia, Architect. For serv the BA London Eye. Barker, George Michael Aldus, Co-ordinator, English Nature Urban Programme. For serv Nature Conservation.

Barker, Miss Susan, For serv Sport and to Broadcasting. Barlas, Joseph, For serv the Inverclyde Voluntary Ccl of Social Services. Barnden, Thomas George, For serv the R Naval Association in Kent. Barnes, Graham Grosvenor, Head, Electricity Trading (Scotland), Brit Energy. For serv the Nuclear ind. Barnes, Mrs. Sylvia Rose, For serv Show Jumping. Barnett, Mrs. Linda Diane, Lately Higher exec Offr, Benefits Agency, DSS. Barnsley, Michael Philip, Technical Specialist, Vehicle Management Systems, Smiths Industries Aerospace. For serv the Aerospace ind. Barr, Mrs. Frances Celia Ann, Lately chm, Pilning and Severn Beach Parish Ccl, Gloucestershire. For serv the commty. Barraclough, Michael, For serv the commty in the East End of London. Barrett, Hayden John, For serv The Princes Trust in Grampian and Shetland. Barrington, John Andrew Cecil, For serv the Leukaemia Research Fund in Richmond, Surrey. Barrow, Mrs. Yvonne, Hon sec, Carib Charitable Trust. For serv commty Relations. Bartholomew, Mrs. Anna Maria, mgr, Tourist Information Centre, Harwich Parkeston Quay. For serv Tourism in Essex. Bartlett, Miss Margaret Ann, For serv Sport and Recreation in Lightwater, Surrey. Bartlett, Trevor George, Founder, East Devon Wildlife Rescue Centre. For serv Animal Welfare. Barton, Mrs. Barbara May, For serv Mentally Ill People in Nottingham. Bates, Anthony Bruce, Lately Sen Professional and Technology Offr, MOD. Bates, James William, For serv the commty in Deighton, West Yorkshire. Batten, Miss Joan Elizabeth, For serv the R Brit Legion in Gwynedd. Battrick, Paul John, For serv the commty on Jersey. Baxter, Mrs. Ella, For serv the commty. Bayliss, Derek Ernest, For serv Young People, especly Scouting, in Bristol. Bazeley, Benjamin William, For serv Disabled People in India. Beasley, Patrick, For serv the commty in Bournville, Birmingham. Beasley, Ronald, Vice chm, Visiting Committee, Polmont Young Offenders Inst. For serv Prisoners Welfare. Beaugie, William McNicol, For serv Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers and their Carers in the Scottish Borders. Beaven, Trevor Lawrence, Station Supervisor, Great Western Trains. For serv Pewsey Railway Station, Wiltshire. Beck, Gerald Francis, Lt-Cdr, Training Ship Broadsword, Hendon. For serv Young People. Bedlington, John Scott, For serv the Sufferers of Asbestos Related Diseases. Belcher, Mrs. Edith Winifred, For serv the commty in North Bradley, Wiltshire. Belding, Robert Joseph, For serv the Carers National Association. Bell, Mrs. Elspeth, For serv the commty in Coldstream and Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland. Bell, Mrs. Isabella McArthur, For serv the War Widows Association in Cheshire. Bell, James More, JP, For serv Patient Care in Lanarkshire. Bell, John Robin Sinclair, Scottish Charities Nominee. For serv Scottish Charities. Bell, Mrs. Meredyth Cheryl, Dental Practitioner, Cumbria. For serv Standards in Dentistry. Benson, Arthur Rowland, For serv the 68th Nottingham (John Buchan Handicapped) Group Scouting Association. Benson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lately Production/Training Supervisor. For serv Remploy in Motherwell, Lanarkshire. Benson, Mrs. Gwenyth, For serv Relate in Staffordshire. Benyon, Mrs. Margaret, Holographic Artist. For serv Art. Berkovitch, Mrs. June Mary, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau Movement and to MENCAP. Berrington, Anthony, For serv the commty, especly to the Learning Disabled/Mentally Handicapped in Reading and Wokingham. Best, Mrs. Gwenllian Mair, Head of Therapies and Related Services, North Glamorgan NHS Trust. For serv Occupational Therapy. Best, Mrs. Sylvia Josephine, Administrative Support and Client Services Offr, Durham Constabulary. For serv the Police. Bettle, Mrs. Ruth Mary, For serv the commty in Havant, Hampshire. Capo-Bianco, Mrs. Stella Gwendoline, For serv the Ringing in the Millennium Project. Biddulph, Barrie John, National Treasurer. For serv the Police Federation of Eng and Wales. Billing, Brian Alfred, For serv commty Art in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Billingham, Mrs. Theresa Maureen, Home Care asst. For serv the commty in Cambshire. Birchall, Rodney Joseph, Professional Technical Offr, Daresbury Laboratory. For serv Scientific Research. Bird, Miss Elizabeth, Sen Lecturer in Continuing Educ, Univ of Bristol. For serv Higher Educ. Black, David Plunkett, BEM, For serv the Control of River Pollution in Scotland. Black, Miss Euphemia Stewart, Lately Headteach, Achaleven Primary School, Argyllshire. For serv Educ. Black, Prof Jeremy Martin, For serv the design of the Millennium Postage Stamps. Blackburn, Malcolm Harold, JP, For serv the commty in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Bland, The Rev John David, For serv the commty in Derby. Derby, Derbyshire Wedmore, Somerset Derbyshire Michael Richard Eric Blandford, Export Marketing consult. For serv Export., Blease, Mrs. Norma Gwendoline, Administrative Offr, MOD. Blomfield, David, For serv the commty in Richmond, Surrey. Boon, Michael, For serv Journalism in Wales. Booth, Mrs. Barbara Anne, Headteach, Shadsworth Infant School, Blackburn, Lancashire. For serv Educ and to the commty. Booth, Mrs. Mary Lorna, For serv the commty in Leadenham, Lincolnshire. Boreland, Miss Annie Marjory, For serv the Agriculture Research Inst. Bott, Mrs. Elizabeth, For serv commty Relations in Chester and Cheshire. Boulter, Hugh John, For serv the National Advisory Ccl of Boards of Visitors and H.M. Remand Centre Reading. Bowcock, Mrs. Sheila Elizabeth Millikin, For serv Fostering in Reading, Berkshire. Bowden, Gwilym Arthur, For serv the NHS and to the commty in Neath, South Wales. Bown, James Thomas, Client Adviser, Dorchester Job Centre. For serv Unempl People. Bowyer, Jesse Joseph, For serv the commty, especly the R Brit Legion, in Great and Little Wratting, Suffolk. Box, Stanley Walter, Stationery Stores Administration asst, H.M. Board of Customs and Excise. Boyce, Max, For serv Entertainment. Boyle, Ms Elisabeth, Sen Probation Offr. For serv the Inner London Probation Service. Boyles, Arthur John, For serv the Appledore Band, Devon. Bradbury, Christopher, For serv the commty in Great Haywood, Staffordshire. Bradley, Michael Carl, Gen sec, Gen Federation of Trade Unions. For serv Employment Relations. Bragg, Paul Weston, Sub Offr, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv Fire Safety Educ. Braithwaite, Mrs. Kate, For serv the Rural commty and to the Environment. Brame, Mrs. Dorothy Jill, For serv the Brentford and Chiswick Victim Support Scheme. Brand, Mrs. Ethelca, For serv commty Relations. Bray, Miss Janice Margaret, Dir, Cnty Durham Careers Service. For serv the Careers Service. Brereton, Colin, For serv Fire Prevention. Brewin, David, Water Quality mgr, Midlands Region Environment Agency. For serv Environmental Management. Brewster, Alan Arthur, For serv ind Training and to the commty in South Tyneside. Bridges, Kenneth Leslie, Governor, Camden Junior School, London Borough of Sutton. For serv Educ. Brierley, Mrs. Barbara, Customer Service mgr, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Briggs, Arthur, For serv Lancaster City Ccl and to the commty. Bright, Mrs. Ann Mary, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Braintree, Essex. Bristow, Maurice Michael, For serv Leeds Castle and to the commty in Leeds, Kent. Broad, Terence Malcolm, Teacher, Newquay Treviglas School, Cornwall. For serv Schools Cricket. Bronstein, Audrey, For serv OXFAM. Brown, Alan, JP, For serv the Voluntary Sector. Brown, Miss Ann, For serv Disadvantaged People. Brown, George Edward, Sen Planning Engineering, R Ordnance, BAe. For serv the Defence ind. Brown, Howard George William, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Crawley, West Sussex. Brown, Hugh Davey, exec Offr, MOD. Brown, Mrs. Kay, For serv the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship in Glasgow. Brown, Mrs. Margaret, School Crossing Patrol, Blackpool, Lancashire. For serv Road Safety. Brown, Mrs. Rebecca, Professional Development Nurse, Leicester Gen Hospital. For serv Nursing. Brown, Robert Alexander, For charitable serv the commty in Cranham, Gloucestershire. Brown, Simon John, Lately Principal Engineer, London Transport Buses. For serv London Transport. Brown, Stewart Lewellyn, For serv Promoting Race Relations in Sheffield. Browning, Mrs. Patricia, For serv the commty, especly the WRVS, in East Yorkshire. Buckler, Mrs. Frances, Business Improvement dir. For serv Rolls- Royce plc. Budd, Richard Charles, Surveyor, H.M. Board of Customs and Excise. Bull, Stephen George, For serv Association Football. Burgess, Mrs. Catherine Euphemia Simpson, For serv Patient Welfare at Lennox Castle Hospital, Dunbartonshire. Burke, Miss Patricia Lorraine, Pers sec, Home Off. Burn, Mrs. Doreen, Local Offr 1, Benefits Agency, DSS. Burn, Miss Ruby, Lately Requirements Team Leader, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Burnett, Gordon Robert, For serv the commty in Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Burns, Robert, Commandant, Queen Street Company, Glasgow. For serv the St. Andrews Ambulance Association. Burr, Thomas Patrick, Associations Liaison sec, National Trust. For serv Conservation. Burrows, Mrs. Margaret Frances, Payroll Services mgr. For serv London Transport. Burton, Mrs. Glenda, For serv Fostering in Penrith, Cumbria. Burton, Mrs. Joyce, For serv the Burton Music Festival, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. Burton, Mrs. Susan Ann, JP, For serv the Administration of Justice and to the National Autistic Society. Burton, Mrs. Velda Roseline, Station Warden, MOD. Bush, Anthony Edward, Station Offr, Auxiliary Coastguard Service, Winterton, Norfolk. For serv Marine Safety. Caldwell, Ms Kathleen, For serv the Voluntary Sector. Campbell, Miss Gertrude Anestasia, Resident Warden, Isleden House. For serv the commty in London. Cancela, Gesto Jose, Head Chef, Woking commty Hospital, Surrey. For serv the NHS. Cape, Mrs. Maria Therese, Sec, Campaign Against Drinking and Driving. For serv Road Safety. Carleton, Miss Margaret Mary, For serv the commty of Reconciliation and Fellowship in Hackney, London. Carling, Mrs. Irene, For serv MENCAP in South Hams, Devon. Carnarvon, Jean Margaret, Countess of, For serv the commty in Newbury, Berkshire. Carne, Mrs. Teresa Irene, For serv Stoma Care and Colerectal Nursing. Carrington, Capt Robert Sydney, For serv the Church Army in East Sussex. Carroll, Thomas Harry, mgg dir, Laing Partnership Housing. For serv Urban Regeneration and Construction Training in London. Carter, Mrs. Cora, Sec, Tenants and Residents Organisations of Eng. For serv Housing Tenants. Carter, Miss Jill, For serv the commty Practitioners and Health Visitors Association. Carter, Mrs. June Allinson, For serv Diabetic Nursing in West Yorkshire. Cartwright, Thomas William, For serv Cricket Coaching in Wales. Casey, Donal, For serv Housing. Chandler, Raymond Jack, For serv the commty in Wychavon and Bredon, Gloucestershire. Chandramohan, Arunasalam, For serv the Inst of Biology. Chapallaz, Mrs. Elizabeth Anne, Sen Nurse, Medicine Services, Lister Hospital, Stevenage. For serv Nursing. Chapman, Graeme Herbert, For charitable serv Children in Need. Chappell, Timothy Gavin Andrews, For serv the commty, especly the Wellbeing of Yeovil Association in Yeovil, Somerset. Charleton, Mrs. Eileen, For serv the Brit Red Cross Society. Chatfield, Christopher John, Administrative Offr, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Cheetham, Mrs. Joan Elizabeth, Chair, Shelford and Newton Parish Ccl, Nottinghamshire. For serv the commty. Bibby-Cheshire, Mrs. Margaret, For serv the RNLI and the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Norfolk. Chester, Geoffrey, Principal Offr, H.M. Prison Gartree, Prison Service, Home Off. Chopra, Hukam Chand, For charitable serv in Barnet, London. Christie, Michael Watt, For serv Patient Welfare at Woodend Hospital, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire. Christie, William Walker, Lately hd of Chemistry. For serv the Scottish Crop Research Inst. Clague, Ian, Musical dir, Manx National Youth Band. For serv Music on the Isle of Man.

Clark, Albert, For serv the commty in Leicester. Clark, Mrs. Jane Olwynne, Headteach, Clippens School, Linwood, Renfrewshire. For serv those with Special Educal Needs. Clark, Mrs. Margaret Phyllis, Special Educal Needs Co-ordinator, Christ Church High School, Ashford, Kent. For serv Educ. Clarke, Mrs. Beatrice, For serv the commty in Braybrooke, Leicestershire. Clarke, Mrs. Freda May, For serv Athletics. Clarke, Miss Kathleen Mary, For serv the commty, especly Disabled People, in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Clarke, Kenneth John, For serv the Newquay Victim Support Scheme, Cornwall. Cloke, Mrs. Virginia, For serv SENSE. Clough, Benjamin Allan, For serv the commty in Glusburn, West Yorkshire. Clough, Mrs. Mary, For serv the commty in Greater Manchester. Clouston, Alan Gray, For serv the Millennium Celebrations on the Orkney Islands. Clue, David Russell, Milkman. For serv the commty in Menheniot, Cornwall. Coates, Thomas Mason, mgr, Lincoln Urban Challenge. For serv the commty. Coffey, Richard Andrew, Project mgr. For serv the Millennium Dome. Cohen, George Reginald, Member, Eng Team, World Cup 1966. For serv Association Football. Colam, Miss Pamela Fickus, For serv the Chapel of St. Wilfrid, Church Norton, West Sussex. Coles, Maj Adrian Harcourt, TD, Vice-chm, South Shropshire District Ccl. For serv the commty. Coles, Mrs. Mavis Grace, Usher, Reading Crown Court, Lord Chancellors Dept. Collacott, Mrs. Valerie Marguerite, For serv Leprosy Relief. Connell, Robert Kenneth, mgr, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. For serv Animal Welfare. Cook, Frederic John, For serv the Natural Environment Research Ccl Airborne Remote Sensing Facility.

Cook, Peter John, For serv the Withernsea Milliennium Green Project, East Yorkshire. Cooper, Michael Sydney Mears, For serv the R Naval Association in West Yorkshire. Corbin, Leonard George, For serv the commty on Guernsey. Cossey, Mrs. Theresa, For serv the Big C Appeal, Norfolk. Cosstick, David John, Insp, West Yorkshire Police. For serv Life Saving. Cotter, Mrs. Elizabeth Faith, Member, Mental Welfare Commn for Scotland. For serv Mental Welfare. Cottington, Andrew George, exec Offr, MOD. Cowell, Gervase, For serv the Special Forces Club. Cowell, John David, For serv The Labrador Rescue Trust. Cowell, Thomas Stanton Jones, For serv the commty and the Church of Eng on the Isle of Man. Cox, Mrs. Margaret Dora, For serv Kingston Welcare and to Guiding in New Malden, Surrey. Raymond-Cox, Mrs. Philippa Farquhar, For serv Improving Access for Disabled People. Cox, Sheamus, For serv Further and Higher Educ. Cozens, David Charles, For serv the commty, especly the National Association of Boys Clubs, in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Cragg, David Beresford, Chief exec, Birmingham and Solihull Training and Enterprise Ccl. For serv Training and Educ. Craig, Leslie MacDonald, For serv Piping and to the commty in Inveraray, Argyllshire. Crank, Mrs. Maureen, Dir, After Adoption. For serv Adoption in Manchester. Cranmer, Bernard, For serv the Ingatestone Boys Own Club, Essex. Creighton, Mrs. Barbara, For serv the Health Service. Crisfield, Thomas William Derrick, For serv Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire. Crofts, Terence William, Sub Offr, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv Fire Service Training. Cross, David Eardley Cleave, Project mgr, Military Space UK Dirate, Matra Marconi Space UK Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Crossley, Alan, Collection Caseworker, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Cumming, Mrs. Valerie, For serv the commty in Sarratt, Hertfordshire. Cunningham, Mrs. Vanessa Sylvia, For serv Cardiff Univ. Cunnington, Peter Laurence, For serv Meteorology in Cheshire. Cuthbert, John Frederick, Sen Conservator, Guildhall Library, London. For serv Libraries and Archivism. Cutts, Mrs. Joan, For serv the Egg Crafters Guild of Great Britain.

Dale, Miss Sylvia Olive, For serv Dance in Hammersmith and Fulham, London. Daniels, Frank Harold, For serv the commty in Loughton, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Daniels, Mrs. Kathleen Marguerita, For serv the commty in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Daniels, Ms Maria, Sen Pers sec, Cabinet Office. Darlow, Alan Michael, For charitable serv the commty in South Wales. Davey, Mrs. Ann, For serv the commty in Ware, Hertfordshire. Davies, Keith Morgan, For serv Sport for Young People in Pontyclun, South Wales. Wynne-Davies, Mrs. Margaret Lesley, For serv the Friends of the Public Record Office. Davies, Noel Arthur , For serv No 68 Squadron Association. Davies, Peter, Capt, 2nd Sutton-in-Ashfield Boys Brigade Company, Nottinghamshire. For serv Young People. Davies, Cdr Roy Joseph, For serv the commty in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Davis, Neville, For serv Medicine. Davis, Mrs. Patricia, For serv hd Injury Patients in Dumfries and Galloway. Day, Duncan Hugh Terrett, For serv the commty in Newmkt, Suffolk. De Garis, Mrs. Marie, For serv the Promotion of the Guernsey loc language. De Rola Adams, Mrs. Margory, For serv the R Marsden Hospital League of Friends. Denman, Mrs. Eileen Mary, For serv the Sheffield Bach Society, South Yorkshire. Dennis, Mrs. Margaret Boulton, For serv the commty, especly Saint Catherines Hospice, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Denyer, Miss Jean Annamarie, For serv Homeless People and to the commty in Leicestershire. Devlin, Mrs. Pauline Elizabeth, Supervising Usher, Manchester Crown Court, Lord Chancellors Dept. Devlin, Thomas, For serv Public Transport and to charities. Dexter, Mrs. Margaret, Revenue Offr, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Dicks, Mrs. Elsie Maye, For serv Local Govt and the commty in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Dickson, Miss Mary Eileen Annals, For charitable serv the commty in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Dillow, Ian Anthony Patmore, JP, For serv Health Charities. Dixon, James, For serv ind. Dockney, Mrs. Betty Christine, Head, Faculty of Foundation Studies, The College of West Anglia. For serv Further Educ for People with Special Needs. Dolby, Mrs. Doreen, Nursing Auxiliary, Papworth Hospital. For serv Health Care. Doncaster, Miss Shirley Margaret, Local Offr 2, DSS. Doran, Mrs. Sylvia Patricia Marie, For serv Housing. Dorricott, The Rev Fr Andrew Gordon Alfonso, For serv the commty in Rayleigh, Essex. Douglas, Keith, Reactor Production and Refuelling mgr, Devonport Management Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Dow, William Ramsay, Dir, Scottish Coal Ltd. For serv the Mining ind in Scotland. Drake, Michael McMullan, For serv Journalism. Draper, John Winston, For serv Young People and to the Rotary Movement in Banstead, Surrey. Drinkall, Miss Eileen Joan, Payroll and Pensions Offr. For serv the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Driver, Miss Betty Mary, Actress. For serv Entertainment. Dudley, Mrs. Joan, For serv the WRVS at the Rutherglen Maternity Hospital, Glasgow. Dummer, Edward Stanley, For serv the commty in Midhurst, West Sussex. Dunbar, William Louis, For serv Educ. Duncan, Brian Suffern, Daffodil Breeder. For serv Horticulture and to the Daffodil and Tulip Committee of the R Horticultural Society. Duncan, James William Howieson, For serv Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers in Ayrshire. Dunlop, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane, Owner, Auchtermuchty Holiday Homes. For serv Tourism in Scotland. Dunn, Brian John, For serv the Noctorum Company, 1st Chester Battalion, Church Lads and Girls Brigade, Birkenhd, Merseyside. Dunn, Miss Hazel Mary, Sen Clerk, Hawkesford Ltd. For serv the Building ind. Dunne, Mrs. Valerie, JP, For serv the YMCA and to the commty. Durdy, Mrs. Jo, For serv the Acacia Road Home in Doncaster. Durham, Ian Langton, For serv the commty in Chew Magna, Somerset. Durkan, Miss Violet, For serv the commty. Dutton, Roy Walter, For serv the commty, especly Boys Clubs, in Worthing, West Sussex. Duverger, Xavier-Michel, For serv the commty in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Dye, Philip Desmond, AFC, Experimental Test Pilot, BAe. For serv the Defence ind. Dyer, Mrs. Jillian, Member, Wythall Parish Ccl, Worcestershire. For serv the commty. Dyke, Ms Scilla, Dance consult. For serv Dance. Dyson, Colin, For serv the commty in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

Eadie, Paul James McGregor, For serv Export to Brazil. Eaton, John Wilson, Member, Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Ccl. For serv Inland Waterways. Ebdon, Mrs. Molly Frances, For serv WRVS in Hampshire. Edward, Colin, For serv the Gateway Club, Cheshunt and District, Hertfordshire. Edwards, Mrs. Avril, Nurse, City Hospital, Birmingham. For serv Nursing. Elliot, Mrs. Suzanne, For serv Disabled Sport. Elliott, Thomas, BEM, Driver, MOD. Else, James Herbert, For serv the Dunkirk Veterans Association. Emerson, Miss Ingrid Lesley, For serv the Raleigh Internat Millennium Awards. English, Peter Humphrey, Dome and Site Development mgr. For serv the Millennium Dome. Ennis, John Stuart, For serv the Police. Evans, Brian, For serv the Welsh Blood Service. Evans, Clifford Stanley, Farmer. For serv the Shropshire Rural Stress Network. Evans, Donald, For serv the commty in Fenton, Staffordshire. Evans, John Harold, For serv the commty in Powys. Eves, Lester, For serv the Urchfont Parish Church and to the commty in Urchfont, Wiltshire. Farn, Richard John, Dir, Brit Association for Chemical Specialities. For serv the Chemicals ind. Farquhar, Mrs. Nan, For serv Housing and to the commty in Edinburgh. Ferguson, James George, Support Grade Band 1, Dept for Educ and Employment. Ferris, Peter John, For charitable serv the commty. Fidler, Mrs. Ann, Prison Visitors Creche Co-Ordinator, H.M. Prison Camp Hill. For serv the Prison Service. Field, Peter Howard, chm, Windsor and Maidenhd Users Group. For serv Disabled People. Fielder, Mrs. Helen Mary, For charitable serv the commty through the Sydenham Singers in Beckenham, Kent. Figg, Mrs. Anne, For serv the Kent War Pensions Committee. Firth, Christopher John, Team Leader Fisheries, Environment Agency, Yorkshire. For serv Fisheries and to the commty. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Jenneth Mary, For serv the Millennium Tapestry, Guernsey. Fletcher, Peter Alfred, JP, chm, CLS Care Services. For serv Health and commty Care in Cheshire. Flett, Harry, For serv the Corrigall Farm Museum in Orkney. Flockhart, Miss Margaret, For serv People with Learning Disabilities and to Respite Care in Edinburgh. Foley, Mrs. Emily May, For serv George Thomas Hospice Care, Cardiff. Ford, Mrs. Carole Diane, Higher exec Offr, Child Support Agency, DSS. Ford, Tony, For serv Association Football. Forde, Mrs. Mary, School Nurse, Shropshire commty Services NHS Trust. For serv Childrens Health. Forsythe, Ronald James Hannah, For serv Rural Regeneration and to the commty. Foster, Colin George, Higher exec Offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Fotheringham, Allan, For serv the commty in Inverbervie, Kincardineshire. Fox, Mrs. Brenda, For serv the commty, especly Elderly People, in Rode Heath, Staffordshire. Fox, Gordon Louis, JP, For serv the Norwood Ravenswood Organisation in London. Frame, John Neil Munro, For serv the commty and to Sport for Young People., Edinburgh French, Albert Edward, For serv the commty in Dartmouth, Devon. French, Miss Christine, Local Offr 1, Benefits Agency, DSS. Fryer, Leslie John, For serv the commty in Buckland, Oxfshire. Fuller, Mrs. Cicely Prudence, Member, Special Educ Needs Tribunal. For serv People with Disabilities and to Children with Special Needs.

Gabb, Clifford, Porter. For serv the Accident and Emergency Dept, Solihull Hospital, Birmingham. Gannon, Stephen, For serv Prison Nurses. Gardner, Lance Kenneth, For serv Primary Care Nursing. Gates, Mrs. Patricia Mary, DL, For serv the commty in Berkshire. Gemmell, Andrew, For serv the commty in Baldernock and Balmore, Glasgow. Georgeson, Raymond Lawrence, exec dir, Waste Watch. For serv Sustainable Waste Management. Gilbertson, Mrs. Hilary Jane, JP, For serv the Board of Visitors, H.M. Prison Full Sutton. Gilbey, Miss Jeanne Constance Mary, For serv the Administration of Justice and to the commty in West Yorkshire. Gill, Geoffrey Munro, For serv Scouting in the Gordon District, Aberdeenshire. Gilleghan, John Anthony, Local and Natural History Teacher, Leeds. For serv Educ and to the commty. Gimson, Stanley Terence, For serv Elderly People in Chingford and Waltham Forest, London. Gittins, Stephen Barry, Station Offr, West Midlands Fire Service. For serv Link Romania. Goben, David, Firefighter, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund. Golding, James, JP, DL, Lately Member, Crewe and Nantwich Borough Ccl. For serv the commty. Goodridge, William Alfred, For serv the commty in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Goodwin, John Macleod, For serv the West of Scotland Water Authority. Goodwin, Leslie Albert, For charitable serv in Leicestershire. Gore, Miss Sylvia, For serv Girls and Womens Association Football. Gorick, Robert Lionel, For serv the Plastics ind and to the commty in Preston, Lancashire. Gosling, Seaton Constantine, Chairperson, Black commty Forum. For serv the New Deal and to commty Relations in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Cole-Graham, Mrs. Esther Elizabeth, JP, For serv the commty in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Grant, Mrs. Ann, JP, For serv the commty, especly the Magistracy, in Aylesbury and Wingrave, Buckinghamshire. Grant, Mrs. Gael Heather, For serv Higher Educ. Grassie, Alistair Duncan, Gen Medical Practitioner, Isle of Arran. For serv Health Care. Gravell, Mrs. Meryl, JP, For serv the commty in Trimsaran, Carmarthenshire. Gray, Mrs. Eleanor Ruby, For serv the Big C Appeal, Norfolk. Gray, Kenneth, For serv the commty, partic Age Concern, in St. Merryn, Cornwall. Gray, Peter Frank, For serv the commty in Windsor, Berkshire. Greaves, Mrs. Sybil Agatha, JP, For serv commty Relations in Peterborough, Cambshire. Greef, Desmond Frederick Moorhouse, For serv Music in Norfolk. Green, Mrs. Deseree Elizabeth Josena, commty Nursing Sister, Worcestershire commty Health Care NHS Trust. For serv Nursing. Green, Sidney Herbert, For serv Schools Association Football. Greenish, Mrs. Nancy, For serv Elderly People in Bedfordshire. Grey, Ralph James Michael, Maritime Journalist. For serv Safety at Sea. Grey, Sidney Richard, Sec, Frankley Neighbourhood Forum. For serv the commty in Frankley, Birmingham. Grimley, Mrs. Veronica, Lately B1, Scottish exec. Gundry, Mrs. Iris Ethel, JP, For serv the WRVS in Derbyshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire. Gunn, Miss Margaret Ann, JP, For serv the commty in Winchester, Hampshire. Gunn, Peter Barrington, For serv Disabled Sport. Guterman, Henry, For serv commty Relations in Manchester.

Hacking, Mrs. Mollie, Customer Services mgr, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Haigh, Joseph, Newsvendor, Yorkshire Evening Post. For serv the Newspaper ind. Haigh, Mrs. Joan Margaret, Lately Physiotherapy asst, Grantham and District Hospital, Lincolnshire. For serv Physiotherapy. Hain, Mrs. Yvonne Mary Keturah, For serv the commty in Cobham, Surrey. Haines, Norman Mitchelmore, For serv LINK in Wiltshire. Haire, Mrs. Harriet, For serv the Trafalgar Housing Co-operative, Dalmuir, Clydebank. Hall, Bruce Newman George, chm, Cotswold Canals Trust. For serv Canal Restoration. Hamid, Muhammad Abdul, For serv commty Relations. Hamill, Thomas Gardner, Technical mgr, Marconi Aerospace Systems, Marconi Avionics Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Hamilton, Edward Gerard, For serv the Police. Pinnock-Hamilton, Mrs. Natalie Elaine, For serv commty Relations in Huddersfield. Hamilton, Mrs. Norah Stanley Brady, For serv the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital League of Friends, Oswestry, Shropshire. Hampton, Edward J., Clerk of Works, Globe Trust. For serv the Construction ind. Harden, Mrs. Bettina Claire Lascelles, For serv the Millennium Celebrations in Wales. Hardman, Mrs. Phyllis Margaret, For serv the commty in Lancashire.

Harlington, Claude Charles, Lately Town Clerk, Bollington Town Ccl, Macclesfield. For serv Local Govt. Harmer, Ms Edna, For serv Voluntary Services Overseas. Harper, Miss Jacqui, For serv the Ethnic commty and to Mentoring. Harrington, James William Edward, Higher Linguist Offr, MOD. Harris, Miss Dorothy Katherine, For serv the commty, especly the Guides and Scouts, in Taunton, Somerset. Hart, Ronald Richard, Train Services mgr, London Underground. For serv London Transport. Harvey, Mrs. Margaret Joan, For serv the commty in Camborne, Cornwall. Hastie, Anne Louise, Gen Medical Practitioner, Surrey. For serv Health Care. Hayden, Anne, Gen Medical Practitioner. For serv the improvement of Mental Health in Children. Haworth, James Albert, For serv Music in Rossendale, Lancashire. Haynes, George Frank, Area Offr, Warwickshire Special Constabulary. For serv the Police. Hayward, Mrs. Kathleen, For serv the commty in Blackpool, Lancashire. Hayward, Mrs. Nicola, Proprietor, Seaview Hotel and Restaurant, Isle of Wight. For serv Tourism. Heaviside, Leslie, For serv Fire Protection Systems. Helsby, Kevan James, Leader, Horwich Town Ccl. For serv the commty in Horwich, Lancashire. Henderson, Mrs. Cecily, Clinical Services mgr, Care of the Elderly, Lothian Primary Care NHS Trust. For serv Elderly People. Henry, Mrs. Arlene Kay, Pers sec, Home Off. Hewitt, Mrs. Joan Mary, For serv the Norfolk Hospital Library Service and to the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Hewlett, Derek, For serv the National Dahlia Society. Hicks, Gordon Candsdell, For serv the London Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene Group. Hillan, Mrs. Sheelagh Elizabeth, DL, commty Pharmacist. For serv the Pharmaceutical Profession. Hillier, Francis Phelps, For serv the commty in Somerset. Hind, Miss Sheila Jean, Newsroom Organiser, BBC. For serv Broadcasting. Hirst, Arthur Douglas, Member, North Cornwall District Ccl. For serv the commty. Hobson, John Adrian, N.V.Q. External Verifier. For serv Librarianship and Information Provision. Hodgson, Roy William, For serv Tourism and to the commty in Sandwich, Kent. Holder, Neville John (Noddy) , Singer. For serv music. Hollands, Brian Ross, For serv the commty in Croydon, Surrey. Holmes, Frank Langley, For serv the Development of Astronomical Instruments. Honeyball, Mrs. Jennifer Eileen, Assistant hd, School of Science, Health and Care, Middlesborough College. For serv Further Educ. Honeywill, Samuel Richard Hooper, For serv the commty in Exeter, Devon. Hood, Mrs. Barbara, For serv Riding for the Disabled in Eastern Eng. Hood, Malcolm, chm and Organiser, Wroxall Minibus, Isle of Wight. For serv Disabled People. Hookings, Mrs. Freda Irene Peace, For serv the Tunley Athletic Football Club, Somerset. Hopgood, Terry, For serv the maintenance of Bexleyheath Cemetery, Kent. Hopkins, Mrs. Betty Nellie, For serv the commty in Twickenham, Middlesex. Horne, Mrs. Susan Ann, For serv the Space Science Programme and to Educ. Horton, Thomas Alfred, For serv Golf. Housego, George Thomas, For serv the Far Eastern Prisoners of War Association. Housley, Herbert, Hon Treasurer, Bethany House Trust and Worthwhile Occupational and Recreational Krafts Ltd. For serv the commty in Sheffield. Houston, Mrs. Janet Elizabeth, Planning mgr AIR2000 Ltd. For serv the Air ind. Howarth, Mrs. Phyllis, For serv the commty, partic Elderly People, in Poynton, Cheshire. Howell, John Gary, Chief Engineer, Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Ccl. For serv the commty in Shropshire. Hubbard, Wendy, Higher exec Offr, Fire Service College, Home Off. Hudson, Miss Josephine, JP, For serv Young People and to the commty in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Hudson, Eric, For serv commty Relations in Leicester. Huggard, Mrs. Dorothy Mary, For serv Young People, especly Guiding, in Hampshire. Hughes, Brian, For serv the Collyhurst and Moston Lads Club, Manchester. Hughes, George Walford, For serv the Burma Star Association. Hughes, Mrs. Gillian, Lately Sen private sec, The Crown Estate. Hughes, Oswald Edmund Branford, For serv the commty in East Sussex. Hunt, Roger, Member, Eng Team, World Cup 1966. For serv Association Football. Hunter, John Andrew Denny, Dir and vice pres, Marine Service, Standard Marine Services Ltd. For serv the Shipping ind. Hussain, Sabir, For serv the commty in Birmingham. Hutchinson, Charles Anthony, Cnty Adviser for 14-19 Educ, Suffolk. For serv Educ.

Irwin, Mrs. Maureen Wilson, For serv the RAF Association. Izard, Clive Harold, Lately Member, Mid Sussex District Ccl and Ardingly Parish Ccl. For serv the commty. Jackson, Arthur Stanley Roy, Member, North Wiltshire District Ccl. For serv Local Govt and to the commty. Jackson, Nicholas Lawrence, Zoological dir, Zoological Society of Wales. For serv the Advancement of Zoological Collections. Jagger, Christopher Roy, For serv the commty in Godalming, Surrey. Jarman, Derek George, For charitable serv in the commty in Ipswich, Suffolk. Jarman, Vivian Wyndham, For serv the RAF Association in Wales. Jay, Mrs. Felicity Vera Frances Effa, For serv the commty in East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire. Jefferis, Mrs. Christina Anne, For serv the Mount Edgcumbe Hospice in St. Austell and to the commty in Downderry, Cornwall. Jeffs, Raymond Oliver, For serv the commty in Southport, Lancashire. Jenkins, Colston Henry, Lately Post Master. For serv the commty in Osmington, Dorset. Jenkins, Edward Henry, Area Youth Leader, Herdings Youth Centre, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. For serv Young People. Jenkins, Neil Roger, For serv Rugby Union Football in Wales. Jenkins, Peter, commty Pharmacist. For serv Pharmacy and to the commty in Abercynon, South Wales. Jennings, Mrs. Marie Patricia, chm, Money Management Ccl. For serv Pers Finance. Jensen, Mrs. Christine Dorothy, For serv Trawler Safety and to the commty in Hull, East Yorkshire. Johnson, Mrs. Joan Esmonde, For serv the Guide Association and to the commty on the Isle of Wight. Johnson, Thomas Charles, Dir, Stevenage commty Trust. For serv the Millennium Celebrations in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Johnstone, Mrs. Karen, For serv the commty, especly the Woolstore Theatre, in Codford, Wiltshire. Jones, Allan William, Energy Services mgr, Woking Borough Ccl. For serv Energy and Water Efficiency. Jones, Mrs. Beatrice Evelyn, For serv the WRVS and to Elderly People in Flintshire. Jones, Mrs. Ceri, For serv the commty in Port Talbot, West Glamorgan. Jones, Dai Llanilar, For serv Entertainment in Wales. Jones, Derek Hambury, For serv the commty, especly the R Brit Legion, in Monmouth. Jones, Melvyn William, Lately Pay Band 8, Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Gwynn-Jones, Patrick Garner, For serv the Restaurant Association. Kahane, Mrs. Anne Merrilees, For serv Archaeology. Kane, Thomas, Court Office Steward. For serv the Univ of Glasgow. Kaur, Mrs. Amrit, For serv commty Relations in Blackburn, Lancashire. Kelly, Ms Eileen, For serv Educ for Adults. Kelly, Mark, For serv Employment Opportunities. Kelly, Moya Helen, Gen Medical Practitioner, Glasgow. For serv Health Care. Kennedy, David Ferguson, For serv the Boys Brigade. Kennedy, Miss Mary Margaret, Lately Principal Teacher of Chemistry, Holyrood Secondary School. For serv Educ in Glasgow. Kennerley, Amos John, For serv the Fingerprint Unit, Lancashire Constabulary. Kenwright, Burton Roy, DFC, For serv the commty, especly the YMCA, in Warwickshire. Kerr, Mrs. Elizabeth, For publ serv. Kerr, Miss Margaret Windrim, For publ serv. Kewley, Eric Christopher, For publ serv. Kidd, Alastair David Campbell, For serv Disabled Sport. Kidd, Mrs. Susan, Finance mgr, Site and Structures. For serv the Millennium Dome. Killip, Allan Wilfred, For serv Motorcycle Sport on the Isle of Man. Kilpatrick, Mrs. Jean Rigby, For charitable serv the commty in Morecambe, Lancashire. King, Mrs. Margaret Mary, Co-ordinator, Duke of Edinburghs Award Scheme, Merseyside. For serv Young People. Kinsella, Mrs. Ivy, Administrative Offr, Benefits Agency, DSS. Kissack, Edward Lawrence, Sec, Manx Regiment, Old Comrades Association. For serv Ex-Servicemen on the Isle of Man. Knapman, Mrs. Florence Selina, For serv the WRVS in Plymouth, Devon. Kolliari, Mrs. Adele, Cloakroom Attendant. For serv Scotts Restaurant, London.

Laing, Mrs. Muriel McKinlay, Headteach, Bishoploch Primary School. For serv Educ. Langer, Bernard, For charitable serv in Manchester. Langford, Mrs. Shiela, For serv the commty in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Larche, Mrs. Jennifer, For serv commty Relations in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Larter, Mrs. Linda, For serv the Great Baddow Millennium commty Centre Project, Essex. Lates, Mrs. Rosemary Jeanne, For serv Elderly People in Solihull, West Midlands. Latham, Philip Bryan, For serv the commty, especly Thwaite Mills and Schools Sport, in Batley, West Yorkshire. Laurie, Mrs. Rosemary Kathleen, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Lawler, Ivan, For serv Canoeing. Lawrie, James Alexander, Gen Medical Practitioner, London. For serv Health Care. Lazenby, Ms Susan Marion, For serv Neo-Natal Units in Great Britain and to charities in Lancashire. Lea, Thomas, Organist. and Choirmast, St. Werburghs Church. For serv the commty in Warburton, Cheshire. Leary, Richard Maurice, Detective Insp, West Midlands Police. For serv the Police. Leask, Capt John Norman Bairnson, Dep ch Pilot and Line Training Capt, Bristow/HMCG Search and Rescue Helicopter Unit, Shetland. For serv Marine Safety. Lee, Norman Samuel, For serv the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Nottinghamshire. Lees, Roger, For serv Action Aid. Leighton, Miss Barbara Jean, Lately Typist. For serv the Corporation of London. Leonard, George Patrick, For serv Flood Defence, the Environment and to London. Lever, Thomas, For serv the commty, especly Young People, in Lower Kersal, Manchester. Lewis, Arthur Frederick, For serv the Pensilva Century Square Project, Cornwall. Lewis, Mrs. Enid May, For serv the commty in Llantrisant, South Wales. Lewis, Mrs. Mina Elizabeth, For serv the voluntary sector. Liddle, Robert James, Trainer, Computer Programming. For serv the provision of Internet Access for the commty in Derwentside. Lilley, Robert James, For serv the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Lim, Mrs. Shu Pao, For serv the Camden Chinese commty Centre. Lindsay, Alexander John, Supervisory Technician, Mackie Academy. For serv Educ. Lipton, Gerald Julian, For serv Nightingale House and to the Jewish commty in London. Littlefield, Mrs. Peggy Dorinda, For serv the WRVS at Doddington Hospital, Cambshire. Lloyd, Mrs. Margaret Eileen, For serv Drama and to Blind People in Nelson, Lancashire. Logan, Mrs. Agnes, For serv Barnardos. Logan, Leroy Hugh, Insp, Met Pol. For serv the Police Service and to commty rels. Loney, Mrs. Mary, Access Tutor in Art and Design, Calderdale College Corporation. For serv Educ. Longstaff, Thomas Washington, For serv Rotary Internat. Lothian, Miss Margaret Waugh, For serv the Galloway Cattle Society. Low, Reginald James, Sen Investigation Offr, H.M. Board of Customs and Excise.

Luckett, Mrs. Margaret, Lately School Crossing Patrol, Prittlewell, Essex. For serv Road Safety. Ludlow, Derek Anthony, For serv Business and to the commty in Luton, Bedfordshire. Luper, Mrs. Cissie, For serv the Leukaemia Research Fund in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. Lush, Mrs. Ann, For serv the Childrens Society in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Lush, Dennis John, For serv the Childrens Society in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Lynas, The Rev Stephen Brian, For serv the millennium celebrations. Lynch, Miss Geraldine, For serv the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages. MacArthur, Miss Edith, Actress. For serv Drama. MacBeath, Mrs. Jean, chm, Cromarty Courthouse Trust. For serv the commty in Cromarty. MacDonald, John Norman, Retained Station Offr, Highland and Islands Fire Brigade. For serv the Fire Service and to the commty. MacDonald, Jonathan, For serv Crofting and to the commty in Kilmuir, Skye. MacKenzie, Mrs Alice Aitken, For serv Save the Children in Kirkintilloch. MacKintosh, Lawrence Ross, Lately hd of Secretariat, Arts Ccl of Eng. For serv the Arts. Maddix, Terence, Lately Site Agent, Grange School, Kempston, Bedford. For serv Educ. Magee, Samuel James, JP, For serv Local Govt. Magrath, Dr. Beryl Helene Doris, Medical dir and consult Anaesthetist. For serv South Bromley Hospicecare. Mahmud, Talat, Business Development mgr, Manchester Airport plc. For serv the Ethnic commty. Manning, Mrs. Phyllis, For serv the RSPCA. Manson, David Henry, Partner, Doig and Smith. For serv Surveying in the Construction ind in Scotland. Mantle, Gary Jonathan, Dir, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. For serv Wildlife Conservation. March, Mrs. Heather, DL, Member, OFWATs Customer Service Committee for Wales. For serv Water Customers. Markham, The Rev Canon Gervase William, For serv the Morland Choristers Camp in Cumbria. Marks, David J., Architect. For serv the BA London Eye. Marsden, Mrs. Gwendoline, Parish Clerk. For serv the commty in Richards Castle, Shropshire. Marshall, John James, QPM, For serv the commty in Hove, East Sussex. Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth, For serv the commty in Ayr. Martin, James Paterson, Chauffeur to the First Minr, Scottish exec. Martin, Mrs. June, For serv the commty in Windsor and Maidenhd, Berkshire. Martin, Paul Darnley, Coxswain Mechanic, Skegness Lifeboat, Lincolnshire. For serv Maritime Safety. Massey, Michael George, For serv the Wheelchair Dance Association. Matheson, Douglas Scott, For serv Art and Design Educ. Maude, Miss Patricia Mary, Head of Physical Educ, Homerton College, Camb. For serv Physical Educ. Maughan, Miss Valerie Mary, Local Offr 1, DSS. Maw, Mrs. Irene, For serv the Southwick Youth and commty Centre, Tyne and Wear.

Mayes, Mrs Anne, Member, OFWATs Customer Service Committee for the South West. For serv Water Customers. Maynard, Russell Guy, exec Offr, MOD. Mayston, Mrs Doreen Edwina, For serv the commty in Ditchling, East Sussex. McBlane, Robert Francis, JP, For serv Rolls-Royce and the commty in Derbyshire. McCaldin, Michael Desmond, For serv Water Recreation and Tourism. McCann, Thomas James, For serv Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Homeless People. McCarroll, Mrs. Myrtle Doreen, For serv the commty. McClelland, Mrs. Sadie, For serv the Womens National Commn. McClure, Joseph Robert, For serv the R Brit Legion in Tyne and Wear. McCluskey, Sister Philomena, For serv the Catholic Childrens Rescue Society. McCormick, Stewart Verrier, For serv Music in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland. McCoy, Miss Pamela Anne, Honours sec, Dept of Health. McCulloch, Mrs. Joy, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse, Memorial Hospital, Darlington. For serv Health Care. McDevitte, Thomas Page, Journalist. For serv the commty. McDonald, William, For serv the Scout Association. McElhinney, James Aubrey, For serv the Police. McGill, Mrs. Jane, Sergeant, West Yorkshire Police. For serv commty Relations. McGlone, Mrs. Anna, For serv St. Monicas Girls Club, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. McGuire, Donald Frank, For serv the commty in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. McKay, Douglas Scott, Special Constable, Lothian and Borders Police Force. For serv the commty. McKenzie, Kenneth Gordon, Principal Teacher of Guidance, Northfield Academy. For serv educ and schs sport in Aberdeen. McKinlay, Miss Violet Easton, Sec to the ch Constable, Strathclyde Police Force. For serv the Police. McLaughlin, George Brown, Lately Audio Visual Technician, Univ of Aberdeen. For serv Students and Educ. McMartin, William Neish, Sub- Offr, Central Scotland Fire Brigade. For serv the Fire Service and to the Internat Rescue Corps. McMunn, Mrs. Peggy Joan, For serv the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxf. McNab, Capt Niall A., Hon sec, Montrose Lifeboat Station, Angus. For serv the RNLI. McShane, Philip Sean, For serv the commty. McVay, Mrs. Elizabeth, For serv the commty of Pilton, Edinburgh.

Mead, Canon David, Lately Bursar, Coventry Cathedral. For serv to the Church of Eng. Meiklejohn, Andrew Crawford, For serv the Boys Brigade in Falkirk. Melvin, Mrs. Pamela Sylvia May, For serv the Port of London Authority Police Pensioners Association. Mendel, Paul David, Dir, Ccl of Christians and Jews. For serv Ecumenicalism. Meredith, Estyn Thomas Dodd, For serv the commty, partic Young People, in Powys. Meynell, Hugh Bernard, For serv the commty in Shropshire. Mian, Mrs. Shamshad Akhter, For serv the Pakistani Womens Welfare Association. Midgley, Mrs. Phebe Jane Elizabeth, For serv the commty in Allerton, Somerset. Midha, Mrs. Olive, JP, For serv Save the Children. Miller, Sebastian, For serv the Bristol Zoo Gardens. Mills, Mrs. Janet, Higher exec Offr, Benefits Agency, DSS. Milner, Trevor, For serv Chilterns Gateway Club, Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Miskimmin, Miss Helen Maureen, For serv Victims of Crime. Mitchell, Peter John, Leader, Viking Venture Scout Unit, Derbyshire. For serv Young People. Mitra, Mrs. Gopa, Head of Public Affairs, Proprietary Association of Great Britain. For serv the Pharmaceutical ind. Moates, Miss Janet Louise, BEM, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Devon. Modeste, Mrs. Ruth, Assistant Cashier, Gardner Merchant. For serv Catering in the Home Off. Mogford, Anthony Ernest, For serv Educ and to the commty in Buckinghamshire. Molland, Miss Rita Pamela, Teacher of Computer Studies for Visually Disabled People, Salisbury College. For serv Special Educal Needs. Moore, Arnold, For serv the War on Cancer Trust in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Moore, Ian Roderick Norton, For serv the Cumberland Toy and Model Museum, Cumbria. Moore, Milton James, chm, Peterborough Association for the Blind. For serv Visually Impaired People. Moore, Robert John, For serv Scientific Librarianship. Moore, Sidney Charles, For serv the commty in Frimley Green, Surrey. Moran, Miss Olive Rose, Lately B1, Dept for Internat Development. Moran, Peter, For serv the Regeneration of Rotherham, Yorkshire. Morrell, Robert William, Co-founder, Thomas Paine Society. For serv Historical Research. Morris, Mrs. Hilda Joyce, Hon Treasurer, Whitehaven Branch and St. Bees Lifeboat Station Branch. For serv the RNLI in Cumbria. Morris, James Victor Thomas, For charitable serv. Morrison, Andrew, For serv Educ. Morrison, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth, Occupational Health Nurse Adviser, Marconi Electronic Systems Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Mukit, Abdul Chunu, Youth and commty Worker, Tower Hamlets, East London. For serv Young People. Mullineaux, Mrs. Claire, VAT Assurance mgr, H.M. Board of Customs and Excise. Mullineaux, The Rev John, For serv Homeless People in Lancaster, Lancashire. Mummery, David John, BEM, For serv the Service Inst Fund at RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire. Murphy, Miss Georgina, For serv Handicapped Children in Glasgow. Murray, Herbert, Musician and Composer. For serv Traditional Scottish Music.

Naik, Deepak Ghelabhai, For serv the Churches and Other Faiths Millennium Group and to commty Relations. Neil, Henry Charles, For serv Choral Music in Perthshire. Nelson, Mrs. Frances, Chair, Dundee Federation Tenants Association. For serv Housing Tenants in Dundee. Nelson, Mrs. Ruth Phyllis, For serv Counselling People with Eating Disorders on Jersey. Neumark, John, For serv the Elham Village Hall Project, Kent. Nicholl, Mrs. Elizabeth, For serv Netball. Nicholson, Miss Bridget Mary, Sen Pers sec, H.M. Bd of In Rev. Nicol, Mrs. Judith, Dir, Tweed Foundation and Clerk, River Tweed Commrs. For serv Fishery Management. Nie, Mrs. Anna Maria, Support mgr 3, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Nightingale, Robert, For serv Justice. Nix, Mrs. Sheila Mary, Sec, Pocklington Canal Amenity Society and vice chm, Inland Waterways Association North East Region Committee. For serv Inland Waterways. Nixon, Samuel, For publ serv. Nobes, Miss Maureen Ann, Pers sec, MOD. Norris, Mrs. Olive Elizabeth, For serv the commty in Thompson, Norfolk. Noyes, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, For serv Music in Kew, Surrey. Jay-OBoyle, Mrs. Fionnula Mary, For serv Conservation.

ODonnell, Mrs. Mary, mgr, Appledore. For serv Children with Difficulties in Birmingham. ONeil, Reginald, For serv the RAF Association in Essex. ONeill, Francis, Telecommuns mgr, Argyll and Clyde Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. For serv Telecommuns in the NHS. ORourke, Terence David, For serv Town Planning. Oliver, Miss Jean, For serv the R Star and Garter Home, Richmond, Surrey. Orridge, Mrs. Juliet, For serv the Earlswood Secure Unit, Birmingham. Orriss, Brian Edmund Victor, Lately Handyman, R Naval College, MOD. Ovens, Mrs. Nancy Lilias Genevieve, For serv Vocational Educ and Training in Sport, Recreation and Playwork. Ovenstone, Miss Sybil Gwynne, For serv Univ College, Oxf. Ovington, Derrick, National pres, Federation of Master Builders. For serv the Construction ind. Ovnik, Mrs. Linda, Chief exec, Island Volunteers. For serv Volunteering and Regeneration on the Isle of Wight. Owen, Christopher, Higher exec Offr, MOD. Owens, Andrew William, chm and mgg dir, Greenergy Internat Ltd. For serv the Environment and the promotion of City Diesel. Owens, James Andrew, Firefighter, Strathclyde Fire Brigade. For charitable serv in Port Glasgow. Owens, Robert Dennis, For serv the Mid-Sefton Victim Support Scheme. Oxenham, Miss Anne Claire, Deptal Map Librarian and Curator, Dept of Geography, Univ College London. For serv Archivism.

Pacey, Mrs. Margaret, Home Care asst. For serv Elderly People in Bottesford, Leicestershire. Packham, John Leslie, Advanced Driving Examiner, Inst of Advanced Motorists. For serv Road Safety. Page, Mrs. Pamela, For serv Fostering in London. Page, Wallace Barrie, For serv Scottish Agricultural Wages Board. Palmer, The Rev Michael Christopher, For serv the Friends of the Freshfield Association in Truro, Cornwall. Park, Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Lamberton, For serv Grampian Health Board. Parker, Mrs. Constance Leslie, JP, For serv the Independent Meals on Wheels Scheme in North Somercotes, Lincolnshire. Parker, John Ritchie Sproat, For serv the commty in Borgue, Kirkcudbright. Parker, Noel Francis, For serv to Scouting in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. Parry, Andrew Francis, Greenwich Liaison and Visitor Centre mgr. For serv the Millennium Dome. Parsons, Raymond Frederick, Farm mgr, Easton College, Norwich. For serv Agriculture and to Agricultural Educ in Norfolk. Parton, William Frederick, JP, For serv the commty especly Scouting, in Telford, Shropshire. Patterson, Mrs. Ruth Carmel, For serv Health Care and to the commty. Pattinson, Dennis Albert, For serv the commty, partic the Frome Cheese Show, in Frome, Somerset. Paxman, Mrs. Barbara Jean, Sec, Hertford College, Oxf. For serv Higher Educ. Payne, Mrs. Susan Vickie, For serv Dyslexic Children and Adults in Plymouth, Devon. Peacher, Arthur, For serv the commty in Broadbottom, Cheshire. Peake, Ms Sandra, Dir, WAVE. For serv People Bereaved and Traumatised. Pearce, Colin Ivor Harry, Assistant District Offr 1, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Pearce, Michael John, For serv the commty, especly Scouting, in London. Pearce, Mrs. Pamela, For serv the National Osteoporosis Society in West Sussex. Pearce, Peter Russell, Special Needs Adviser. For serv South Western Electricity Board. Pearl, John Roland, Member, Holbeach Parish Ccl. For serv Local Govt and the commty in South Lincolnshire. Peberdy, Prof John, Dep hd, School of Biological Sciences, Univ of Nottingham. For serv Entrepreneurial Training for Scientists. Pengilly, Mrs. Pamela, For serv Elderly People in Wonersh, Surrey. Perowne, Francis William, chm of Governors. For serv Fakenham High School, Norfolk. Petty, Mrs. Anne Christine, Sister, Plaster Room, R Infirmary, Bradford. For serv Health Care. Phillippo, Miss Hazel, For serv the Youth Centre, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire. Phillips, Mrs. Cynthia Bernadette, Sub Offr, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service. Phillips, James Thomas Raymond, For serv the commty in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. Phillips, Leslie Malcolm, For serv the commty in Dorchester, Dorset. Philp, John Stanley, Links Superintendent, Carnoustie Golf Club. For serv Golf. Pigott, Bryan, For serv the commty in Sheringham, Norfolk. Pile, Mrs. Pamela, Chair of Governors, Rodborough Secondary School and Milford Infants School, Surrey. For serv Educ. Pilgrim, Miss Irene Gwendolin, For serv the commty, especly the Brit Red Cross, in Thorpe St. Andrew, Norfolk. Pilsbury, Miss Joan Margaret, For serv the Crown Office. Pipes, Miss Susan Jennifer, For serv Disabled Sport. Hanley-Place, Mrs. Susan, For serv the Millennium Celebrations in Liverpool. Plater, Miss Eileen, For serv the Wisbech Hospitals League of Friends, Cambshire. Platts, Brian Ernest, For serv the Manor Operatic Society in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Platts, Miss Margaret, Dep Headteach, Greenhd Grammar School, West Yorkshire. For serv Educ and to the commty. Plews, James William, For serv Electrical Engineering. Pollok, Mrs. Audrey Rose, Pers asst to the mgg dir and chm, Three Valleys Water plc. For serv the Water ind. Pool, Mrs. Sylvia Francise, Lately Administrative Offr, MOD. Pooley, John Benjamin, For serv the Hertford Motorcycle Training Centre. Porter, Brian, JP, mgr, Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Potter, David Edward, For serv Bellringing in York. Potter, Mrs. Dorothy Enid, For serv Heritage Conservation in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Price, Richard Shirvell, Founder, Primetime Television. For serv Independent Television. Prow, Victor Macdonald, UK Marketing mgr, Scotch Quality Beef and Lamb Association. For serv the Scottish Meat ind. Prowse, Dave, Actor. For serv chty and to Road Safety. Pryde, William Dick, For serv Kingdom Housing Association, Fife. Pugh, Mrs. Elizabeth Mabel Coates, For serv the Builth Wells Cottage Hospital League of Friends, Powys. Pulford, Harald Rhys Gordon, For serv the commty in Bungay, Suffolk. Quinlan, Mrs. Margaret, For serv the commty in Birmingham, West Midlands. Rae, Brian Andrew, Research mgr, Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust. For serv Psychiatric Patients. Rainey, Allan George, For serv the commty and to Local Govt. Ramsay, Alistair Woodrow, Dir, Scotland Against Drugs. For serv the Prevention of Drug Misuse. Randall, John Frederick, Member, Chester City Ccl. For serv the commty in Chester. Randall, Peter John, GM, For serv the commty and to MENCAP in Leicester. Randle, Mrs. Mollie, Founder, Midlands Art Centre. For serv commty Arts. Ranson, Harry Christopher, Governor, Sixth Form College, Farnborough. For serv Further Educ. Ratcliffe, Arthur Cecil, For serv the commty, especly Young People in Leeds. Ratcliffe, Leslie, For serv the commty in Bury, Lancashire. Rawlings, Raymond Keith, Lately Dep Operations mgr, Group 4 Total Security Limited. For serv the UK Immigration Service. Rayner, John Albert William, mgg dir, Tendring Hundred Water Services Ltd. For serv the Water ind. Reason, Mrs. Iris Mary, For serv Elderly People in Hockley, Essex. Reddington, Mrs. Pauline Therese, Administrative asst, DSS. Reddington, Ms Susan, For serv the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm Project, Leeds. Redmond, Matthew, For serv the commty in Fox Hollies and Acocks Green, Birmingham. Rees, Col Gordon David, TD, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in West Glamorgan. Reeve, Michael James, Dir, Fareport Training Organisation Ltd. For serv Training in Hampshire. Reid, Hugh, Sen ch Dental Technician, Lanarkshire Healthcare NHS Trust. For serv Dentistry. Reid, Kenneth, Sub-Offr, Fife Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service and to the commty in St. Andrews. Reid, Nicholas Noel, Prison Visitor, H.M. Prison Durham. For serv to Prisoner Welfare. Reid, Miss Sonia Iona, Pers sec, Patent Office, Dept of Trade and Indust. Reilly, John David Lynn, For serv Young People through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Rensch, Dennis George, Chief insp, Essex Police. For serv the commty. Reynolds, Geoffrey Michael, For serv Schools Football. Reynolds, Mrs. Margaret Patricia, Office mgr, H.M. Treas. Rhodes, Miss Elizabeth Anne, Dir, Shell Technology Enterprise Programme. For serv Training and Educ in Business. Richardson, John Geoffrey, Member, Easingwold Town Ccl, North Yorkshire. For serv the commty. Richardson, Lt Cdr Macdonald, R.N.R.. For serv the Sea Cadet Corps in Manchester. Richardson, Miss Margaret Ellen, For serv Housing. Riddell, Donald, For serv the Wessex Youth Orchestra. Ridley, Matthew, For serv the R Brit Legion in Wiltshire. Robbie, Mrs. Margaret Needham, Lately Pers sec, Scottish exec. Roberts, Mrs. Myrna Katrina, Higher exec Offr, MOD. Roberts, Staveley, For serv Yachting. Robie, Mrs. Elaine Evelyn, Lately Administrative Offr, DSS. Robinson, Mrs. Glenys Maude, Organiser, Potteries and District Motorcycle Training Group. For serv Road Safety and to the commty in Leek, Staffordshire.

Robinson, Mrs. Joyce, For serv the commty on the Cruddas Park Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland. Roddy, Gerard, Dir, Sports Development and Recreation, Univ of Bath. For serv Higher Educ. Rodger, William Edward, Lately Court Diversion commty Psychiatric Nurse. For serv Psychiatric Nursing in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Rodgers, Leslie, For serv the Police. Rose, Frederick John, Limb Fitter. For serv Limbless People. Ross, George Robertson, For serv the Newcastle Breweries Charity Fund. Ross, Mrs. Joan Elizabeth, JP, For serv Business and to the commty in Alness, Ross-shire. Rosser, Mrs. Jenny, Sec and Pension mgr, BA Pension Scheme. For serv BA Pensioners. Rosser, John Edward, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in West Glamorgan. Rothery, Mrs. Jane Mary, For serv Blind and Visually Impaired People in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Round, Mrs. Doreen, Catering Supervisor, Bede College and Cleaner, St. Michaels School, Billingham, Teeside. For serv Educ. Rowe, Mrs. Christina, School Crossing Patrol, Huyton, Liverpool. For serv Road Safety. Rowe, Mrs. Doris Taylor, Lately Typist, MOD. Rowland, Dennis, For serv Young People in New Brancepeth and Ushaw Moor, Cnty Durham. Rual, Reginald George, For serv the commty, partic Young People, in the Rhondda Valley. Runyeard, Robert Maurice, Coxswain, Weymouth Lifeboat, Dorset. For serv Marine Safety. Russell, Mrs. Marjory, Chairperson, Visiting Committee, Cornton Vale Young Offenders Inst. For serv Prisoner Welfare and to the commty. Rycroft, Donald William, Lately Railway conductor, Regional Railways, North East. For serv the Railway ind. Ryder, Mrs. Marlene Viola, For serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Brent, London. Rymer, Mrs. Elizabeth Carol, JP, For serv the commty in Driffield, East Yorkshire.

Sally, James Noel, For serv the Police. Salthouse, Ronald James Whiteside, TD, For serv Fire Safety and Crime Prevention in Greater Manchester. Samuels, Milton, Probation Services Offr. For serv the South Yorkshire Probation Service and to commty Relations. Sanders, Mrs. Glennys Avery, For serv the Guillain-Barre Syndrome Support Group UK. Sandford, Miss Irene, Singer. For serv Music. Sandland, Christopher John, For serv Elderly and Disabled People in Battersea, London. Sanigar, Barry, Probation Offr. For serv the Devon Probation Service. Saunders, Andrew John, Constable, Dorset Police. For serv Safety. Saunders, Arthur James, For serv the commty in Brill, Buckinghamshire. Saunders, Mrs. Jean, For serv the commty in Holywell, North Wales. Savage, John Edward, For serv the commty, especly Young People, in West Sussex. Sayer, John, For serv Hill Farming and to the conservation of the Yorkshire Dales. Schweitzer, Mrs. Pamela Kay, For serv the Age Exchange Reminiscence Centre, Blackheath, London. Scopes, Mrs. Margaret Heather, For serv the commty in Barnwell, Cambshire. Scott, Alexander, For serv Local Govt and to the commty in Galashiels. Scott, Mrs. Anne, chm, Old Hastings Preservation Society. For serv Conservation. Scott, Miss Kim Wendy, Head of Exhibitions, Society of Brit Aerospace Companies. For serv Farnborough Internat. Scott, Malcolm Ramon, For serv People with Learning Disabilities, especly through Sport, in the West Midlands. Scott, Miss Margaret, For serv the Boys Brigade. Seaton, Mrs. Pamela Dorothy Maud, DL, For serv the commty, especly Young People, in Dorset.

Sen, William Herbert, For serv Local History and to Educ in Yorkshire. Sennett, Mrs. Mary, For serv the commty in Frimley, Surrey. Seward, Mrs. Barbara Ruth, Chair of Governors, Joydens Wood Infants School, Bexley, Kent. For serv Educ. Shah, Mrs. Pannakumari, Pers sec, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Shattock, Ms Julie, Administrative asst, DVLA, Dept of Env, Transport and the Regions. Shaw, Victor George, QPM, For serv the Police. Sheard, Brian, Lately Level B Administrator, Crown Prosecution Service. Shearman, Mrs. Joan, For serv the commty, especly to WRVS, in Hazel Grove, Cheshire. Sheffield, Mrs. Sandra Ann, For serv Cancer Sufferers in Peterborough, Cambshire. Sheikh, Saleem Ullah, For serv commty Relations in Merton, London. Sheikh, Mrs. Yasmin, For serv commty Relations in Croydon, Surrey. Sheldon, Mrs. Hilda Mary, For serv Biddulph in Bloom in Staffordshire. Sheldon, Joseph, For serv the commty, especly Elderly People, in Farnham, Surrey. Sheward, Michael William Gordon, Milkman. For serv the commty in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Shields, Mrs. Agnes, For serv Educ. Shipley, Andrew Michael, Pay Band 8, Employment Service, Dept for Educ and Employment. Simmonds, Peter John, Retired Offr 1, MOD. Simmons, Keith William, For serv Deaf People in Bournemouth, Dorset. Simpson, David Clark, For serv the commty in Johnshaven, Kincardineshire. Simpson, Norman Murray, Trustee and Hon Treasurer, Seagull Trust. For serv Disabled and Disadvantaged People. Sims, Mrs. Pauline, Site mgr, Cynon Valley Support Hospitals. For serv the NHS. Sixsmith, Mrs. Jane, For serv Hockey. Skeeles, Victor Douglas, Lately Member, Long Ashton Parish Ccl, Bristol. For serv the commty. Skelton, Mrs. Frances Patricia Lavinia, For serv Nursery Educ. Skeys, Mrs. Nora Elisa Amelia, For serv the commty, especly Scouting and Guiding, in the Upton-upon-Severn District. Slaney, Owen Michael, For serv Music and to the commty in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. Sless, Herzl, For serv the commty in Hove, East Sussex. Smart, Iain Masson, For serv the commty on the Isle of Skye. Smith, John Edgar, For serv the St. John Ambulance Brigade in Surrey. Smith, Peter William, Higher Scientific Offr, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MOD. Smith, Charles Philip, Bookbinder. For serv Art. Smith, Robert Rennie, Team Leader, Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team. For serv Mountain Rescue. Smith, Stephen David, For serv the Beth Shalom Holocaust Memorial Centre, Nottinghamshire. Smoker, Ambrose William, Instructor, Boys Brigade, London. For serv Young People. Somerset, Gareth Eyre, Sen Principal consult, Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd. For serv the Defence ind. Sowerby, Mrs. Lilian, For serv the commty in Ushaw Moor, Cnty Durham. Sparks, Michael John, For serv Young People, especly the Boys Brigade, in Barnet, Hertfordshire. Speers, James Alexander, For polit and publ serv. Spence, Mrs. Doreen Thelma, Member, Ripon City Ccl. For serv the commty in Ripon. Spence, Edward Millar, For serv the Sugarcraft Guild and ind. Staddon, Edgar John Brewis, For serv the commty in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Stafford, Mrs. Theresa, Catering mgr. For serv the Millennium Dome. Stamp, Mrs. Joan, Clinical Nurse Specialist. For serv the Rheumatology Educ and Practice. Standen, Mrs. Pamela Mary, For serv OXFAM in Cranleigh, Surrey. Stansfeld, John Raoul Wilmot, For serv the YMCA in Montrose, Angus. Starling, Roger Ernest, Administrative asst, DSS. Stead, Tim, For serv the Millennium Celebrations in Scotland. Steedman, Miss Iris, For serv the St.Mary Magdalene and Holy Jesus Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne. Steel, Keir Frederick, Constable, Met Pol Service. For serv the Police Federation. Steele, John, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Derbyshire. Steele, Mrs. May, JP, For polit and publ serv. Steer, Norman William, Lately Probation Health Co-ordinator, H.M. Prison Blundeston. For serv the Prison Service. Stentiford, Michael John, For serv Nature Conservation, especly the RSPB, on Jersey. Stephenson, John David, For serv Drama and Music on Guernsey. Stewart, Alastair James, For serv the Grampian Fire Brigade. Stewart, Mrs. Kathleen Marr, Headteach, Barry Primary School, Carnoustie. For serv Educ. Stewart, Mrs. Mavis Victoria Powell, For serv the commty in South East London. Stidever, Mrs. Jillian, For serv Disabled Sport in Leicestershire. Stiles, Norbert, Member, Eng Team, World Cup 1966. For serv Association Football. Stocks, Frederick, JP, For serv the commty in Great Glen, Leicestershire. Stott, Rodney Hargreaves, For serv the commty in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Surtees, Mrs. Audrey, For serv Elderly People, especly at Bishop Creighton House, in Fulham, London. Suttle, Mrs. Daphne Grace, JP, For serv the commty and to Elderly People in Penicuik, Midlothian. Swift, Mrs. Nellie Doreen, For serv the West Hartlepool Old Age Pensioners Welfare Association, Cleveland. Swinscoe, Peter John, For serv the commty in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Szembel, Nigel, TD, Head, Corporate Affairs and Press, Corporation of London. For serv the City of London.

Tait, Hamish, For serv the Water Service in Glasgow. Taylor, Fred, For serv the commty, especly the R Brit Legion, in Bilston, West Midlands. Taylor, Frederick William Surry, For serv Mental Health and to the commty in Worthing, West Sussex. Taylor, Jack Leonard, JP, For serv the commty in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Taylor, Mrs. Judy Alison, For serv Critical Care in the UK and Nepal. Taylor, Mrs. Marjory Primrose, For serv the Wrens Association in Hampshire. Taylor, Mrs. Rosalind, For serv the Courtyard Project, Goole, East Yorkshire. Taylor, Warwick Harry, For serv the Bevin Boys Association. Ternent, Mrs. Maureen Ann, For serv the Local Educ Authority in Northumberland. Teulon, Alan Edward, For serv the Millennium Greens Initiative and to Countryside Management in Northamptonshire. Thacker, Martin Edwin, For serv the Chesterfield Deaf Society, Derbyshire. Thirst, Gerald Seymour, For serv the Stalham Brass Band, Norfolk. Thomas, Miss Mary Henrietta Agnes Somerville, For serv the Dark Horse Venture. Thomas, Meirion, For serv the commty in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire. Thompsett, Clive, For serv the Littleton and Harestock Village Hall Project, Hampshire. Thompson, Mrs. Gillian, For serv the commty in Lynemouth, Northumberland. Thompson, William, For serv the Millennium Dome. Till, Mrs. Dorothy May, For serv the commty, partic SCOPE, in Worthing, West Sussex. Timmis, Arthur Kenneth, JP, For serv the Coronary Care Unit, New Cross Hospital. Titchmarsh, Alan Fred, Gardener and Television Presenter. For serv Horticulture and to Broadcasting. Todd, Martyn John Robert, For serv the Strangford Stone. Todd, Ms Muriel, For serv the commty. Tomlinson, Cyril Edward, For serv the commty in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Trevett, Kelvin Michael, For serv the commty in Poole, Dorset. Trewern, Donald William Foster, Member, St. Levan Parish Ccl. For serv the commty in Penwith, Cornwall. Tribble, Miss Mildred Jane, For charitable serv in Holsworthy, Devon. Trim, Mrs. Irene Dorothea, For serv the Samaritans Prison Volunteer Scheme, H.M. Prison, Liverpool. Trotter, Mrs. Mary Virginia, JP, For serv the commty in Staindrop, Cnty Durham. Truefitt, Alison, For serv the commty in Llanbadarn Fynydd, Powys. Tsang, Hing Yu, For serv the Chinese commty in Scotland. Tubb, Graham Frederick, Lately Acting Regional Offr, South East Eng Regional Assembly. For serv Regional Governance. Tubman, Glenn, For serv the commty in Cumbria. Tunstall, Derek Fletcher, Volunteer Warden. For serv the Lake District Park. Turner, Mrs. Joyce, For serv the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship and the Civil Service Pensioners Alliance in Plymouth, Devon. Twitchett, Ms Marion Joyce, exec Offr, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Twitty, Mrs. Queenie, For serv Basildon Hospitals League of Friends, Essex. Tyson, Mrs. Joyce Margaret, For serv Lifesaving in Nottinghamshire.

Urquhart, Mrs. Agnes, For serv Health Charities and to the commty in Glencarse, Perth. Utting, Nicholas John, For serv Agriculture and to the commty in Cumbria. Valentine, Mrs. Pearl, For serv the Library Service. Van Weerdenburg, Andreas Johannes Hendricus, JP, For serv Norweb plc. Vanstone, Mrs. Marian May, For serv the Dame Hannah Rogers School for Physically Handicapped Children in Ivybridge, Devon. Vent, Jeffrey Barry, Appeal sec, Coventry School Foundation. For serv Educ. Vernon, Douglas, TD, For serv the commty in Consett and Derwentside, Cnty Durham. Wadforth, Mrs. Rosaleen Dolores, Debt Management Unit Caseworker, H.M. Board of Customs and Excise. Wain, Mrs. Kathleen, For serv the commty in Burford, Oxfshire. Wainwright, Martin, For serv the National Lottery Charities Board in Yorkshire and Humberside. Wakeham, Antony Charles, For serv the Equestrian ind and to Equestrian Safety. Waldman, Mrs. Annette Dorothea, For serv Arthritis Care in the Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames. Walker, Miss Eileen Myfanwy, For serv the commty, especly Guiding, in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire. Walker, George, Governor, Emley First School, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. For serv Educ and to the commty. Walker, Mrs. Margaret Scott, For serv the commty in Eyemouth, Berwickshire. Walker, Michael John, Technologist BAe. For serv the Defence ind. Wall, Robert Reginald, For serv the commty, partic Educ in Station Town, Cnty Durham. Walton, Mrs. Susan Gay, Lately ch Steward, School of Management Studies for the Service Sector, Univ of Surrey. For serv Higher Educ. Warner, Michael, For serv Business and to the commty in Lincolnshire. Watson, Mrs. Anna Manwah, For serv Ethnic Minorities. Watson, David, Catering mgr, Univ College, Durham. For serv Educ. Watson, Lex Blyth, For serv Scouting, partic for Handicapped Young People, in Scotland. Watson, Robert McLellan, For serv Meteorology in Dumfries and Galloway. Watt, Mrs Jessie Lovie, Lately Crofters commr. For serv Crofting and to Agriculture in Shetland and Orkney. Watt, Norman, Lately Sen Steward, Edinburgh Castle, Scottish exec. Watters, Mrs. Julie Bernadette, Health Visitor. For serv Health Visiting and to the Promotion of Breastfeeding in Lanarkshire. Watts, Barry, For serv the Mind Millennium Award Scheme. Way, Mrs. Doreen Winifred Fennell, Head of Operations, The Learning and Business Link Co. Ltd. For serv Investors in People in Kent. Wearmouth, Mrs. Beryl Faith, For serv the commty in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Webb, Prof Colin Edward, FRS, For serv the UK Laser ind. Webster, Sydney, Firefighter, Merseyside Fire Brigade. For serv Fire Safety Educ. Welch, Miss Jean, Lately Support Grade Band 1, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Welsh, Mrs. Ann Pauline, Sen Pers sec, Dept of Trade and Indust. Whalley, Mrs. Margaret, Founder, Pen Green Centre for Early Years, Corby, Northamptonshire. For serv Young Children. Whalley, Mrs. Susan Patricia, Information Technology mgr, William Austin Junior School, Luton. For serv Educ. White, Colin Gordon, Hon sec, Association of Retired HMI in Eng and Wales. For serv Educ. White, Miss Jennifer Susan, For serv the National Disability Ccl. White, Mrs. Mavis Ena, For serv the Benefits Agency and to the commty in Bridgwater, Somerset. White, Mrs. Patricia Ann, For serv the Glan Hafren NHS Trust. White, Roger Arthur, For serv Nursing. White, Walter Edwin, For serv Agriculture in Babworth, Nottinghamshire. Whitehouse, Donald Brian, For serv Food Safety. Whitfield, Miss Lavina, For serv Homeless People in Chester, Cheshire. Wilkins, Leslie Albert, For serv the R Mail in Andover, Hampshire and to Humanitarian Relief. Wilkinson, Robert Henry, Lately Commnaire, Sheffield Hallam Univ. For serv Higher Educ. Williams, Miss Cherie, For serv the New Millennium Experience Company. Williams, Edward Gordon, Chair of Governors, Birkenhd Sixth Form College. For serv Educ and to the commty. Williams, George Richard Lindsey, For serv Forestry and to the Forestry Commn. Lister-Williams, Mrs. Margaret Leita, DL, For serv the commty in West Sussex. Williams, Vivian Edward, For serv the commty in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan. Williamson, Douglas G., Member, Rail Users Consultative Committee for Scotland. For serv Consumers in Scotland. Willsher, Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron, For serv the Recording of Scotlands Graveyard Monuments. Wilson, John, JP, For serv Local Govt and to the commty on the Isle of Mull, Argyll. Wilson, Mrs. May Catherine, For serv War Pensioners and War Widows. Wilson, Mrs. Peggy, For serv the commty in Hartley, Kent. Wilson, Peter Stafford, Theatre dir, Theatre R, Norwich. For serv Drama. Wilson, Ray, Member, Eng Team, World Cup 1966. For serv Association Football. Windle, Alan Keith, For serv the Electronics ind. Windsor, Miss Barbara Anne, Actress. For serv Entertainment. Windsor, Mrs. Bernadette Elizabeth, Telephonist. For serv the Chartered Inst of Management Accountants. Wingrove, Gerald Amery, For serv Model Engineering. Winter, Albert Charles, For serv the commty in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Womersley, Mrs. Hazel Elizabeth, Higher exec Offr, Home Off. Wood, David Ernest, Firefighter, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. For serv the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund. Woodhd, Terence, For serv the Grassington Millennium Project, North Yorkshire. Woodhouse, Lt Col Ronald Geoffrey, DL, For serv War Pensions Committees. Woods, Edward James, Constable, Norfolk Constabulary. For serv Young People. Wood, George, JP, For serv the commty in Preston, Lancashire. Woof, Mrs. Eunice Anna Mary, For serv the commty, especly through Music, in Aughton, Lancashire. Woolley, Robert Alfred, For serv the Manufacturing Sector in the West Midlands. Wouhra, Kuldeep Singh, Founder, East End Foods. For serv the Ethnic Food ind. Wright, David William Robert, For serv the commty in Harlow, Essex. Wright, Ian, For serv Association Football. Wright, Richard Eric, For charitable serv on Merseyside. Wylie, Donald Nichol, For serv the Dumfries Rugby Club. Wyllie, Mrs. Helen Elizabeth, chm, League of Hospital Friends, Inverclyde R Hospital. For serv Patient Welfare. Wynn, Mrs. Carole Ann, Head, Careers Service, Univ of Portsmouth. For serv Careers Educ. Yates, Bernard William, For serv the Brit Limbless Ex-Service Mens Association in the West Midlands. Young, James, Health and Safety Offr. For serv the Bonas Machine Company Ltd. Young, Kenneth Joseph, Cnty Internat Adviser, Cheshire Scouts. For serv Scouting and to Young People. Young, Noel, For serv the commty, especly People with Learning Disabilities, in Torfaen.

Royal Victorian Order

Knight Commander (KCVO)

Merifield, Anthony James, CB, Ceremonial Offr, Cabinet Office.

Commander (CVO)

Jenkins, Surgeon Rear Adml Ian Lawrence, Overseas Tour Doctor to The Prince of Wales. MacLean, The Hon Sir Lachlan Hector Charles, Bt, Lately Adjutant, R Company of Archers. Mitchell, The Hon Dame Roma Flinders, DBE, A.C., ltly Governor of South Aust. Woodhouse, Ronald Michael, Trustee, The Princes Trust.

Lieutenant (LVO)

Bull, Miss Deborah Jean, Sec to the UK Trustees, The Duke of Edinburghs Commwlth Study Conferences. Corbett, Simon Mark, Lately HSBC Investment Management. De Bellaigue, Sheila Loraine, Lady, MVO, Registrar, R Archives, Windsor Castle. Kitchener-Fellowes, Mrs. Emma Joy, Lady in Waiting to Princess Michael of Kent. Ferguson, Col Iain Alexander, OBE, Lately vice chm and dir, R Tournament. Grapes, David Alan, Farm consult to Sandringham Estate and the R Farms, Windsor. Haywood-Trimming, Superintendent Colin Leslie, MVO, Lately Rty Protection Dept, Met Pol. Walker, Graham Arthur James, Lately Treasurer, The R Jubilee Trusts and The Princes Trust.

Member (MVO)

Bettles, Insp Trevor Christopher Raymond, Rty Protection Dept, Met Pol. Copeman, Mrs. Patricia Anne, Bookshop mgr, St. Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle. Duggan, Terence Edwin, Pilot, The Queens Helicopter Flight. Hamilton, Robert Gray, RVM, Yeoman of the R Pantries, R Household. Lane, Mark James, Head Gardener, Buckingham Palace. Lavery, Cdr John Patrick, R Navy, ltly Equerry to The Prince of Wales. Porter, Mrs. Marilyn Jean, Assistant Clerk to the Lieutenancy, Dorset. Purefoy, Jeremy Patrick Bagwell, Insignia Clerk, Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood. Robinson, Miss Charlette Helen, Administrator, Privy Purse Office. Sillars, Miss Clare Margaret, Information Offr, Press Office, Buckingham Palace. Smith, Alan John, Lately The Princes Trust. Stevens, Mrs. Jacqueline Mary, Sec to the Comptroller to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Thomlinson, Insp Andrew Wallace, Rty Protection Dept, Met Pol. Walford, Peter Ludlow, Lately R Household Liaison Offr, Rover Cars. Ward, Miss Rosemary, Sen asst ch Accountant, R Household.



Lewis, Ronald John, RVM, Travelling Yeoman, Household of The Prince of Wales.


Bull, Malcolm Joseph, Craftsman Fitter, Crown Estate, Windsor. DArcy, Brian James, Chief Exhibitor, The Jewel House, HM Tower of London. Eldridge, Leonard Byron, Building Supervisor, Property Section, Buckingham Palace. Goldsmith, Nigel George, Dep asst to the Master of the Household, C Branch. Hamilton, Mrs. Doris Gay, Housekeeper, Frogmore House, Windsor. Holt, Mrs. Dora Ann, Daily Lady, Windsor Castle. Key, David Edward, Chauffeur to The Duke of Edinburgh. Moyses, Miss Hilary Sybil, Lately Sen Housemaid, Windsor Castle. Stanley, Brian Alan Ernest, Stud Groom, R Paddocks, Hampton Court.

Diplomatic and Overseas List

Knights Bachelor

Bellamy, The Hon Judge Christopher William, For serv the devel of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities. Jonas, John Peter Jens, CBE, Gen dir, Bavarian State Opera. Stringer, Howard, chm and Ch exec Offr, SONY Corporation of America.

Order Of St Michael and St George

Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Wood, Sir Andrew Marley, KCMG, HM Ambassador, Moscow.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Logan, David Brian Carleton, CMG, HM Ambassador, Ankara. Richardson, Thomas Legh, CMG, HM Ambassador, Rome. Wilson, Robert Peter, For serv Brit intrsts overseas.

Commander (CMG)

Cook, Michael Edgar, High Commr, Kampala. Davies, Robert, Dir, The Prince of Waless Business Leaders Forum. Drewienkiewicz, Maj Gen Karol John, CB, Lately ch of Operations, OSCE Kosovo. Verification Mission. Henderson, Victor Joseph, HM Ambassador, Sanaa. Ingle, Alan Richmond, Head, Joint Diplomatic Service Management Office, Brussels. Lewis, Miss Ann Walford, Counsellor, FCO. Linden, Ian, exec dir, Catholic Inst for Internat Relations. Nash, Stephen Thomas, HM Ambassador, Riga. Ramsay, Robert, Lately Dir- Gen, European Parliament. Wallace, Prof Helen Sarah, For serv the devel of European studies. Westmacott, Peter John, LVO, Dir, FCO. Wiseman, Julian Paul Geoffrey, Counsellor, FCO.

Order of the

British Empire

Dame Commander (DBE)

Andrews, Miss Julie Elizabeth, For serv act and entertainment. Taylor, Miss Elizabeth Rosemond, For serv act and chty.

Knight Commander (KBE)

Christopher, Duncan Robin Carmichael, CMG, HM Ambassador, Jakarta. Wiles, Prof Andrew John, FRS, For serv science.

Commander (CBE)

Aaronson, Michael John, Dir, Save the Children Fund. Fenby, Jonathan Theodore Starmer, For serv jrnism. Griffiths, Martin John, For serv internat humanitarian assistance. Heard, David George, OBE, For serv the oil ind and the Brit commty in Abu Dhabi. Owen-Jones, Lindsay Harwood, For serv Brit intrsts, France. Marsh, David Wayne, For serv Anglo-German rels. Moir, David George, For serv Brit fin intrsts overseas. Pick, Miss Hella Henrietta, For serv jrnism. Porral, Col John Joseph, OBE, ED, JP., Stephen, Alistair Macaulay, For serv aviation engring. Williams, Dr. James Roland, For serv Brit-Aust rels. Woods, Donald James, For serv human rights.

Adams, Barry Thomas, For serv Brit busnss in Brazil. Askew, Albert Dennis, For serv leprosy relief. Barber, Francis Parton, MBE, Hon Brit Consul, San Pedro, Sula. Bird, Michael George, Dir, Br Ccl, Ukraine. Blake, Capt Christopher Andrew Hervey, For serv youth and sail trg. Carroll, Patrick Thomas, For serv Brit expts to Japan. Clayden, Dr. Timothy, Counsellor, FCO. Close, Prof Francis Edwin, For serv res and the publ understanding of science. Coleman, Hywel, For serv educ in Indonesia. Crawford, John McIntosh, For serv Brit-Brazilian rels. Cripps, Mrs. Carolyn Louise, For serv childrens charities in Russia. Earl, Col Timothy James, Lately sec, Govt Hospitality Fund. Frankel, William Henry, For serv human rights. Gibbard, Christopher Paul, For serv prison reform in the Caribbean Overseas Territories. Hammond, Albert Louis, For serv music and songwriting. Harrison, John, For serv social devel in the Caribbean. Houlton, John Ogilvy, MBE, Dir, Brit Film Office, Los Angeles. Howick, Mrs. Judith Eileen Hemery, Dir of Schools and Professional Development, Br Ccl. Hughes, Anthony Ashby, For serv global seismology. Jennings, Jeremy Nicholas Wain, For serv Brit- Belgian trade. Joscelyne, Col Andrew Hubert, Lately Dep hd, European Commn Monitoring Mission, Belgrade. Seymour Keach, Miss Jane, For serv act and entertainment. Killick, Dr. Robert Graham, For serv archaeology overseas. Landsman, Dr. David Maurice, Lately D.H.M., Brit Embassy, Belgrade. Maisner, Alexander John, Economics asst, Bonn. Mason, Barnaby, For serv broadcasting. Misick, Charles Washington, For commty serv, Turks and Caicos Islands. Monk, Richard Gordon, QPM, Lately hd of UN Internat Police Task Force, Bosnia. Moon, Dr. Jane, For serv archaeology overseas. Mulcahy, Colin Paul Peter, First sec, Brit High Commn, New Delhi. Neal, Richard John Beresford, For serv Brit-Japanese trade. OBrien, Timothy William, For serv Brit-Malaysian trade. Oakervee, Douglas Edwin, For serv civil engring overseas. Ramsay, David Ian, Sec, Brit Group, Inter-Parliamentary Union. James-Roach, Mrs. Claudia Cynthia, For serv publ administration, Montserrat. Ros, Edmundo, For serv entertainment. Rose, Sister Gillian Margaret, For serv commty hlthcare in Bangladesh. Saward, Miss Michele, Dir E.U. Relations, Br Ccl, Brussels. Shaw, Prof Jeffrey Jon, For serv the study of leishmaniasis. Slinn, David Arthur, Lately First Sec, Brit Embassy, Belgrade. Smith, Clive Adrian Stafford, For humanitarian serv in the legal fld. Smith, Dr. Daniel Orlando, MBE, Lately Chief Medical Offr, Brit Virgin Islands. Todman-Smith, Mrs. Eugenie Etheline, MBE, For commty serv, Brit Virgin Islands. Stevenson, Benjamin, Artistic dir, Houston Ballet. Taylor, Derek Hugh, Chief Minr, Turks and Caicos Islands. Teden, Michael David, For serv Brit-American trade. Webster, Edward Ernest, Head, Brit School, Antwerp. Westnedge, Anthony, For serv Brit-Latin American rels. Whitech, John Robert Leigh, For serv the loc commty, Nigeria.

Member (MBE)

Alves, Stuart, For serv hlthcare in Bulgaria. Azumah, Shemaiah Chukwunyere, Commercial Offr, Port Harcourt. Bainbridge, Miss Katherine, For serv hlthcare in Romania. Baker, Mark Robert, For serv agric in China. Carbonell-Bamford, Charles George, For serv Brit intrsts in Colombia. Barron, Gerard, Hon Brit Consul, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Bertolaso, Victor John, Lately Head, Visual Aids Centre, N.A.T.O. Bothamley, Miss Valerie Ann, For serv hlthcare in India. Bowerman, Michael George, For serv educ, Cayman Islands. Bullock, Christopher Adrian, Second Sec, FCO. Casey, John Patrick, For serv Brit intrsts, Cyprus. Cassant, Mrs. Janice Laura, Pers asst to HM Consul-Gen, Marseilles. Cave, Mrs. Felicity Mary, For serv Brit-Russian rels. Channel, Mrs. Dorothy Dawn, For serv the Brit commty in California. Crowther, Maj Ian Allan, For serv Brit ex-servmen in South Africa. Currie, Gilbert Ferguson Park, For serv hlthcare in Kenya. Dublin, Neville Antonio, For serv communs, Montserrat. Dytham, Mark Jeremy, For serv Brit archture and culture in Japan. Fletcher, James, Chief Security Offr, Brit High Commn, Nairobi. Goodwin, Jennifer Mary, For serv childcare overseas. Graham, Andrew Martin, Brit Hon Consul, Cagliari. Harris, Dr. Edward Cecil, For serv archtural, maritime and cultural history, Bermuda. Hasler, James Edward, For serv the children of Brit Forces, Cyprus. Hill, Hilton Gray, For commty serv, Bermuda. Hofmaier, Mrs. Margaret Isobel, For serv the Brit commty in Vienna. Homewood, Mrs. Elizabeth, For welf serv the Brit commty, Costa Blanca, Spain. Hughes, Mrs. Winifred, For welf serv the Brit commty, Sao Paulo. Jackson, Paul Michael, Lately Attache, Brit Embassy, Belgrade. Jones, Mrs. Joan Ann, For serv the commty, Botswana. Lessing, Simon, For serv triathlon. Lewis, Miss Felicity Manuella, Lately Translator, European Commn. Magor, William Wavell, Lately First sec, HM Embassy, Tel Aviv. Matthews, Mrs. Daphne Yolande, For serv the Brit commty, Pau, France. McGurk, Gerard, Management Offr and vice-Consul, HM Embassy, Skopje. Mena, Mrs. Janet Ann Dolder de, For welf serv the commty, Chile. Milne, Christopher Avison, Brit Hon Consul, Surabaya. Moring, Mrs. Muriel Susan, First Sec, FCO. Morris, Miss Elizabeth, Lately pers asst to the exec Sec, UN Economic Commn for Europe. Morrissey, Mrs. Caroline, Dir, Br Ccl, Switzerland. Mumford, Geoffrey Michael, For serv internat youth adventure trg. Clements- Nichols, Mrs. Pamela Jean, For serv the Brit commty in Brussels. Owen, Mrs. Carol, For serv the commty, Cayman Islands. Packer, John Edward, For serv Brit intrsts in Sweden. Pitaluga, Mrs. Lillian Josephine, For serv the commty, Gibraltar. Pitt, Philip Marcus, MC, For serv the Brit commty in Malawi. Powell, James Prentice, For serv sport and the commty, Cayman Islands. Raymond, Dr Raymond Charles, Vice Consul, Brit Consulate- Gen, New York. Razek, Mrs. Judith Ann, For serv the arts in Oman. Reeve, Brian Frederick, Lately pres, Churchill Statue Association, France. Rheims, Dr. Leon William, For welf serv the Brit commty, Sao Paulo. Rossi, Viviano Domenico, For serv Brit intrsts in France. Roulston, Michael William, Headmast, Brit School, Tokyo. Scrimgeour, David John, Dir, Locate in Scotland, Germany. Shackleton, Richard David, Lately Third Sec, H.M. Embassy, Bogota. Simpson, Michael David, For serv archture in Papua New Guinea. Swain, Clive Patrick, For serv the Brit commty in Chile. Toynton, Thomas, Security Offr, Brit Embassy, Manila. Tucker, Mrs. Dalton Eileen, For serv educ, Bermuda. Tylee, Miss Lisa Jane, For serv charitable organisations, Caracas. Wallum, Mrs. Jennifer, For serv the loc commty in the Philippines. Walton, Susana, Lady, For serv Brit intrsts, Italy. Warren, Patrick John, For serv commty welf, Sierra Leone. Weineck, Mrs. Jennifer, For serv the Brit commty in Oporto. Williams, Bishop Franklyn Rudolf, For serv commty welf, Turks and Caicos Islands. Worringham, Mrs. Cynthia Mary, Economic Assistant, Brit High Commn, Canberra.

Royal Navy

Order of the Bath

Knight Commander (KCB)

Haddacks, Vice Adml Paul Kenneth, West, Vice-Adml Alan William John, DSC,

Companion (CB)

Gough, Rear-Adml Andrew Bankes.

Order of the

British Empire

Commander (CBE)

Hance, Commodore John Rowland, ADC, R Navy. Turner, Capt Robert Milligan, R Navy. Watterson, Capt Keith, R Navy.

Broadbent, Cdr James Howard, R Navy. Elkington, Cdr Herbert David Hume, R Naval Reserve. Harrap, Cdr Nicholas Richard Edmund, R Navy. Lye, Cdr David James, R Navy. Madgwick, Cdr John Edward Vicary, R Navy. Manchanda, Acting Cdr Keith Sajiv, MBE, R Navy. McFarlane, Cdr Andrew Lennox, R Navy. Scott, Maj Christopher Ralph, R Marines. Stone, Cdr Robert Benjamin, R Navy.

Member (MBE)

Barker, Lt John Wilson, R Navy. Britton, Lt Cdr Nicholas John, R Navy. Brotherwood, WO David Charles, Cahill, WO Michael Frederick, Collier, CPO Marine Engineer Mechanic Leslie Simon, Cooper, Capt Robert Terence, R Marines. Course, Lt Cdr Andrew James, R Navy. Cunningham, Lt Cdr Richard Alister, R Navy. Foster, Lt Cdr Jeremy Stephen, R Navy. Giles, Lt Cdr David William, R Navy. Hall, CPO Kevin, Hallowes, PO James Andrew Timothy, R Naval Reserve. Hodgson, Lt Cdr Timothy Charles, R Navy. Hubbard, WO Martin Jan, Jarrett, Lt Cdr Owen, R Navy. Johnston, CPO Ian, R Fleet Auxiliary. Lloyd, WO Graham Frank, Lowe, Lt Cdr Stanley Alan, R Navy. McKie, Lt Cdr Andrew, R Navy. Millar, Colour Sgt Paul, R Marines. Munday, Lt Cdr Ian Vernon, R Navy. Newbitt, CPO Weapon Engineering Artificer Robert Stephen, Notley, WO John Marwood, Phillips, WO Paul Richard Albert, Porter, Capt Matthew Edward, R Marines. Robbins, Maj Jeremy Matthew Francis, R Marines. Sharp, Band Colour Sgt David, R Marines. Shaw, Lt Cdr Philip Andrew George, R Navy. Shipman, Lt Cdr Stephen Alan Christopher, R Navy. Sneyd, Lt Cdr Eric Patrick Bartholomew, R Navy. Whetton, Lt Cdr Anthony Graham, R Navy. Will, Lt Cdr Andrew Watt, R Navy.

The Army

Order of the Bath

Knight Grand Cross (GCB)

Walker, Gen Sir Michael John Dawson, KCB, CMG, CBE, ADC, Gen, late The R Anglian Regiment.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Willcocks, Lt Gen Michael Alan, CB, Late R Regiment of Artillery.

Companion (CB)

Dobbin, The Rev Dr Victor, MBE, QHC, R Army Chaplains Dept. Jenkins, Maj Gen David John Malcolm, CBE, Late The Queen's Own Hussars.

Order of the

British Empire

Commander (CBE)

ODonoghue, Col Michael, Late Army Air Corps. Stephenson, Col David Hamilton Rex, Late The Light Infantry. Winfield, Brig Christopher Raymond, Late R Army Medical Corps.

Barrons, Lt Col Richard Lawson, MBE, R Regiment of Artillery. Blessington, Acting Col Christopher David Anthony, Sussex Army Cadet Force. Cary, Lt Col Geoffrey James, R Corps of Signals. Douglas, Lt Col Gavin Allan, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Eccles, Lt Col David Charles, R Tank Regiment. Taylor-Firth, Lt Col John Nigel, R Tank Regiment, Territorial Army. Heminsley, Lt Col William John, Corps of R Engineers. Knyvett, Lt Col Anthony David, R Regiment of Artillery. Malcolm, Lt Col Alexander James Elton, Welsh Guards. Moore, Lt Col Timothy Clive Reginald, Adjutant Gens Corps. Naylor, Lt Col Philip Mark, Corps of R Engineers. Pullinger, Lt Col John Ronald William, The Parachute Regiment. Radcliffe, Lt Col Julian Guy Younge, TD, The R Yeomanry, Territorial Army. Straker, Lt Col Matthew Adam, The Light Dragoons. Williams, Lt Col Richard Harvey, Corps of R Engineers. Workman, Lt Col Anthony, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Member (MBE)

Amlot, Capt David Christopher James, Army Air Corps. Ashwell, Maj Jeffery James, R Corps of Signals. Atherton, Maj John Leonard, The R Logistic Corps. Bell, Maj Keith, R Corps of Signals. Bellingall, Maj Andrew David, Corps of R Engineers. Betteridge, Maj Adrian John, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Blake, WO Class 1 Karen, Adjutant Gens Corps. Brown, Capt Timothy Edward, The R Logistic Corps. Bushnell, Staff Sgt Stephen Dennis, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Cocks, Sgt Sara Helen, Adjutant Gens Corps. Cox, Acting Lt Col Frank Morton Frederick, Middlesex and North West London Army Cadet Force. Crawshaw, Maj Nicholas Charles, Army Air Corps. Crewdson, Maj Charles William Nepean, 9th/12th R Lancers. Croker, Lance Cpl Royston, The R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Cross, Capt Michael Frank, R Army Medical Corps, Territorial Army. Davies, Acting Maj Derrick Alfred, Hereford and Worcester Army Cadet Force. Davis, Maj Michael, R Corps of Signals. Deas, Maj Alistair John, The R Logistic Corps. Donald, Capt Wallace Rennie, Corps of R Engineers, Territorial Army. Feehily, WO Class 2 Michael Patrick, R Army Medical Corps, Territorial Army. Forrest, Maj Rupert Angus, The Black Watch. Fox, WO Class 2 Michael Peter, Coldstream Guards. Frost,, Capt James William Leslie, R Corps of Signals Territorial Army. Fullman, WO Class 2 David Michael, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Gagen, Maj David, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Goodwin, WO Class 1 Paul, Corps of Army Music. Gosling, Capt Christopher Melvyn Paul, Corps of R Engineers. Gouldstone, Maj Michael Peter Hugh, The R Gurkha Rifles. Grassick, WO Class 2 Duncan Ian, Grenadier Guards. Griffiths, Capt Stephen Thomas, The East of Eng Regiment, Territorial Army. Hamilton, Lt Col David Norman, Corps of R Engineers. Hands, WO Class 2 Anthony Frederick, The R Green Jackets. Harrison, WO Class 2 Nicholas Mark, 9th/12th R Lancers. Henderson, Acting Maj Alexander, The Queens Own Highlanders Battalion Army Cadet Force. Hendrickson, WO Class 2 Gary Charlton, Army Physical Training Corps. Hitchings, WO Class 1 Bruce James, BEM, The Highlanders. Horner, Maj Richard Henry, R Regiment of Artillery. Howitt, WO Class 2 Christopher David, Adjutant Gens Corps. Hutchinson, Maj Simon George, R Corps of Signals. Jones, Maj Michael Cyril, The R Logistic Corps. Kingston, Acting Capt Peter Francis, Shropshire Army Cadet Force. Ley, Acting Lt Col Anthony James, Devon Army Cadet Force. Licence, Maj Ian Patrick, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Lomas, Capt Carl Harry, BEM, The R Logistic Corps. Lonnen, Capt Steve Trevor, The R Logistic Corps. Loughborough, Capt Helen Margaret, Intelligence Corps. Mann, Sapper Christopher Jeffrey, Corps of R Engineers. Marcham, Maj Stephen Douglas, Grenadier Guards. Mason, WO Class 2 Michael Edward, The R Regiment of Wales. Masters, Maj David, The R Logistic Corps. McDermott, Lance Bombardier Michael Joseph, R Regiment of Artillery. McGuire, Cpl Alice Croy, The R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Mitchell, Maj Gerald Ian, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Mogford, WO Class 2 Martin Colin, Corps of R Engineers. Morgan, WO Class 1 Michael John, The R Rifle Volunteers, Territorial Army. Murray, Maj Alan William, Adjutant Gens Corps. OGrady, Staff Sgt Timothy Francis, Corps of R Engineers. Osborne, WO Class 2 David, The R Logistic Corps. Owsley, Maj Ronald Michael, The R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Padley, WO Class 1 Peter Alleyne, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Parr, WO Class 2 Robert Michael, The Parachute Regiment. Pearson, Colour Sgt David John, The R Anglian Regiment. Perrett, Maj Richard Charles, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Platts, WO Class 2 Hedley Lawrence, QGM, Intelligence Corps, Territorial Army. Pratt, Acting Capt Susan Elizabeth, Norfolk Army Cadet Force. Prowse, WO Class 2 Simeon Irving, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Quinn, Maj Laurence Thomas, Corps of R Engineers. Ralph, Capt Felix Anthony, The R Anglian Regiment. Ransom, Capt Brian Dennis, R Regiment of Artillery. Robinson, WO Class 1 Alan David, Adjutant Gens Corps. Russell, Maj Anthony Wetherall, Sayer, Capt Christopher John, The R Yeomanry, Territorial Army. Seddon, Maj Keith, BEM, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment. Simpson, Maj Harold Alexander, Adjutant Gens Corps. Smart, Maj Michael John, R Regiment of Artillery. Smith, Capt Albert Edward, Irish Guards. Crichton-Stuart, Maj Jerome Niall Anthony, Scots Guards. Thomas, Staff Sgt Fitzroy Anthony, R Regiment of Artillery. Tritton, Lt Col Ian Gordon, The R Welch Fusiliers. Vaughan,, Maj Timothy Derek, Corps of R Engineers Wakeman, Maj Anthony John, Corps of R Engineers. Welch, Maj Jonathan Andrew Hallam, Corps of R Engineers. Whittle, Capt Alan, Army Air Corps. Wilkinson, Maj Adrian Edward Alan, The R Logistic Corps. Williams, The Rev John Strettle, R Army Chaplains Dept, Territorial Army. Williams, WO Class 2 Michael John, R Tank Regiment. Wilson, Capt David, BEM, The Light Infantry. Woodman, Maj Timothy George William, The R Logistic Corps.

Royal Air Force

Order of the Bath

Knight Commander (KCB)

Coville, A M Christopher Charles Cotton, CB, R Air Force.

Companion (CB)

Henderson, Air Vice-Marshal Peter William, MBE, R Air Force. Sturley, Air Vice-Marshal Philip Oliver, MBE, R Air Force. Thompson, Air Vice-Marshal John Hugh, R Air Force.

Order of the

British Empire

Knight Commander (KBE)

Norriss, A M Peter Coulson, CB, AFC, R Air Force.

Commander (CBE)

Day, A Cdre Nigel James, R Air Force.

Baber, W Cdr George Albert, R Air Force. Garside-Beattie, W Cdr Leslie, R Air Force. Darrant, W Cdr John George, R Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Mawby, W Cdr Alan John, R Air Force. Meade, W Cdr Simon Charles, R Air Force. Oxland, W Cdr Christine Julie, R Air Force. Rycroft, Gp Capt Peter William, R Air Force. Smith, W Cdr Barry, R Air Force. Young, W Cdr Julian Alexander, R Air Force.

Member (MBE)

Anderson, Chief Technician Eric Grant, R Air Force. Angood, WO David Andrew, BEM, R Air Force. Beach, Sq Ldr Philip James, R Air Force. Bettridge, Flt Lt Adrian Vincent Roland, R Air Force. Brown, Sq Ldr Peter Charles, R Air Force. Bruce, Sq Ldr Gordon James, R Air Force. Cairns, Sq Ldr Terence Patrick Michael, R Air Force. Calvert, Sq Ldr David Peter, R Air Force. Coll, F Sgt Paul, R Air Force. Da Costa, Sq Ldr Frederick Allister, R Air Force. Cryer, Sq Ldr Nigel Gillman, R Air Force. Dooley, Sq Ldr Colin Frederick, R Air Force. Eaton, W Cdr Julian Gregory, R Air Force. Emery, F Sgt Paul Richard, R Air Force. Forsyth, Cpl Leslie Allan, R Air Force. Galloway, Cpl Neil, R Air Force. Yew Kong Ho, Sq Ldr Mark, R Air Force. Hurt, WO Peter John, BEM, R Air Force. James, Sq Ldr Warren Austin William, R Air Force. Jebbett, Cpl Ian Michael, R Air Force. Jerry, Master Air Electronics Operator David Ian, R Air Force. Johnston, Sq Ldr James Bruce, R Air Force. Massey, F Sgt Deborah, R Air Force. Melville, WO Anthony David, BEM, R Air Force. Murray, Sgt John, R Air Force. Roberts, Sq Ldr Mark Lee, R Air Force. Robinson, Flt Lt David Andrew, R Air Force. Scott, Sgt Steven John, R Air Force. Smith, Flt Lt Godfrey, R Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Sparks, WO Christopher John, R Air Force. Speed, Sq Ldr David Ronald, R Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Tytheridge, Sgt Sheena, R Air Force. Unwin, Master Air Loadmast Clive, R Air Force. Williams, Sq Ldr Gareth David Vernon, R Air Force. Wills, Cpl Darren John, R Air Force. Wood, Flt Lt Phillip, R Air Force.

Kosovo Awards

Order of the Bath

Companion (CB)

Moore, Rear Adml Simon, Pringle, Maj Gen Andrew Robert Douglas, CBE, Late The R Green Jackets. Reith, Maj Gen John George, CBE, Late The Parachute Regiment.

Order of the

British Empire

Barker, Cdr Richard John Demetrious, R Navy. Cochrane, Cdr The Hon Michael Charles Nicholas, R Navy. Herman, Cdr Thomas Rolf, R Navy.

Member (MBE)

Anthony, Capt Nicholas Mark Kenwood, R Marines. Goldhill, PO Caterer Lee Richard, Hall, WO Martin Robert, Johnson, Sub Lt Kevin, R Navy. Newey, Leading Operator Maintainer Andrew John, Skeer, Lt Cdr Martyn Robert, R Navy.

Commander (CBE)

Brown, Col Christopher Charles, Late R Regiment of Artillery. Cross, Brig Timothy, Late The R Logistic Corps. Rollo, Brig William Raoul, Late The Blues and Rs. Tadier, Col Colin William, Late R Regiment of Artillery.

Alexander, Lt Col Ian Charles, The R Logistic Corps. Clifford, Lt Col Robin Charles Lucas, MBE, The R Dragoon Guards. Crane, Lt Col Sean Dennis, The R Gurkha Rifles. Nield, Lt Col Geoffrey Andrew, Corps of R Engineers. Powe, Lt Col Jonathan James, The Kings R Hussars. Rowan, Lt Col Jeremy Francis, R Army Medical Corps. Stagg, Lt Col Charles Randle Montagu, The R Scots Dragoon Guards. Taylor, Lt Col Glyn, Corps of R Engineers.

Member (MBE)

Bale, Cpl Wayne Raymond, Corps of R Engineers. Barrett, Maj John Michael, The Parachute Regiment. Carleton-Smith, Maj Mark Alexander Popham, Irish Guards. Crofts, Capt Stuart Michael, 9th/12th R Lancers. David, Sgt Carl Tudor, Welsh Guards. Davis, Maj Alister Timewell, The R Logistic Corps. Farrell, Maj Benedict Charles, Irish Guards. Ferris, Capt Antony Paul, R Corps of Signals. Gaughan, WO Class 2 John Paul, BEM, Corps of R Engineers. Hankinson, Maj Piers David Prothero, The Queens R Lancers. Hudson, Maj Derek John, R Regiment of Artillery. Jenkins, Capt Gillian Anne, The R Logistic Corps. Lambert, Capt Andrew Philip, The R Logistic Corps. McLane, Capt Graham Stuart, The R Logistic Corps. Petrie, Maj John Christopher, Adjutant Gens Corps. Price, Maj Geoffrey Cyril, R Regiment of Artillery. Roberts, WO Class 2 Adrian Leslie, Adjutant Gens Corps. Sorbie, Staff Sgt James Timothy, Adjutant Gens Corps. Stanton, WO Class 1 Nigel Christopher, The R Logistic Corps. Tomlinson, Maj Robert Keith, Corps of R Engineers. Turner, Cpl Karen Yvonne, R Corps of Signals. Wilford, Maj James Graeme, The Parachute Regiment. Willett, WO Class 2 Sonia Louise, Intelligence Corps.

Commander (CBE)

Morris, A Cdre Richard Vaughan, AFC, R Air Force. Torpy, A Cdre Glenn Lester, DSO, R Air Force.

Dixon, W Cdr Carl William, MBE, R Air Force. Elliott, W Cdr Robert Ian, R Air Force. Teakle, W Cdr Ian David, R Air Force. Wright, W Cdr Graham Alan, R Air Force.

Member (MBE)

Butt, WO Mohamed Anwar, R Air Force. Corbett, Sq Ldr Anthony Shaun, R Air Force. Davis, Junior Technician Steven Clarke, R Air Force. Fallon, Sq Ldr Robert David, R Air Force. Laws, Sq Ldr Andrew Philip, R Air Force. McClean, Sen AC Scott Christian, R Air Force. McConnell, Cpl Laurie-An, R Air Force. Moss, Sq Ldr Simon Andrew, R Air Force Walker, Sq Ldr Timothy William, R Air Force. Wood, Sq Ldr Neil Cameron, R Air Force.

Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service

Gulliver, CPO Airman Stephen John, Hewitt, Lt David Leslie, R Navy. Steel, Cdr David George, R Navy. Benfield, Maj Carl Cheswick, Corps of R Engineers. Cannon, Staff Sgt Ricky Mark, Adjutant Gens Corps. Carney, Staff Sgt Paul Jason, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Clissitt, Lt Col Nicholas Anthony, R Regiment of Artillery. Cross, WO Class 2 Jeremy Francis, The R Logistic Corps. Dannatt, Maj Gen Francis Richard, CBE, MC, Late The Green Howards. Duff, Staff Sgt Matthew Christopher, R Corps of Signals. Freer, Brig Adrian Robert, OBE, Late The Parachute Regiment. Fuller, Maj Peter Joe, Corps of R Engineers. Harrison, Col Ritson Indolph, OBE, Late The R Logistic Corps. Harrison, Lt Col Stephen John Derek, MBE, R Tank Regiment. Hickson, Lt Col Michael Guy, The R Logistic Corps. Jackson, Maj Andrew Timothy David, The Parachute Regiment. Jamieson, Sgt Karen Dorothy, Queen Alexandras R Army Nursing Corps. Jefferies, Maj Ian David, MBE, Intelligence Corps. Kirby, Signaller Darren Paul, R Corps of Signals. MacLachlan, Sgt James Anderson, Adjutant Gens Corps. Mallett, Pte Gordon Ashley, Adjutant Gens Corps. Mercer, WO Class 2 Raymond Francis, The R Logistic Corps. Montgomery, Brig David Wyndham, Late The R Dragoon Guards. Mullin, Lt Col Jonathan Graeme, MBE, Corps of R Engineers. Nelson, Cpl David John, Corps of R Engineers. Norris, Capt Andrew David, Corps of R Engineers. Phillips, Lt Col Antony William, MBE, The R Logistic Corps. Pilgrim, Capt Janet Mary, Queen Alexandras R Army Nursing Corps. Simonini, Maj Steven Paul, BEM, Corps of R Engineers. Sinclair, Lt Col Ian Robert, R Regiment of Artillery. Skeat, Maj Callum Norman Robert, Corps of R Engineers. St Mart, WO Class 2 Joseph Colley, The Parachute Regiment. Tomlyn, Capt Matthew Thomas Hedley, Intelligence Corps. Walton-Knight, Capt Matthew Paul, Corps of R Engineers. Warren, Maj Roger Patrick, R Regiment of Artillery. Wilson, Maj David, Corps of R Engineers. Wolsey, Col John Noel, OBE, Late Adjutant Gens Corps. Wright, Maj Andrew Mark, The Parachute Regiment. Almond, W Cdr Timothy, MBE, R Air Force. Banham, Cpl Russell Steven, R Air Force. Collins, Flt Lt Luke, R Air Force. Davies, Sgt Michael John, R Air Force. Dick, Flt Lt Graham Jeffrey, R Air Force. Eagles, Sq Ldr Michael Ernest, R Air Force. Eccleston, Flt Lt Andrew Michael, R Air Force. Leonard, Flt Lt Adrian Robert, R Air Force. Marshall, Sgt Gordon David, R Air Force. Pitchforth, Flt Lt Nigel Anthony, R Air Force. Reeves, Flt Lt Stephen Edward, R Air Force. Shell,, Sq Ldr Stephen Jeffrey, R Air Force